Tuesday, July 21, 2009

...three fish, four fish...

PM Beach: Klode
Water temp: 62
Waves: rippled surface with occasional roller
Current: very slight from the south
Crew: The Patriarch, Robin, David, Capt'n
Water Clarity: great!
Next Swim: Wednesday 6AM Klode (maybe a 'no wetsuit or bust at 4:30 Tuesday?)

Gone this morning were the choppy waves from yesterday afternoon. Standing on the beach the lake gave the illusion that there was a current from the south...and another one just off of Klode's north east rock pile that was moving south... Once in the water though, the lake surface was virtually calm with an occasional rolling wave rippling the lake surface.

As was the case yesterday we were greeted by a school of fish (smelt?) just off the Klode shore. Swimming north this morning I did come across a school of several hundred little fishies swimming along the lake bottom. They appeared curious at first but when I stopped to admire them they quickly darted for deeper waters.

With the slightly cooler water temps this morning we walked the plank clad in our wetsuits. Our journey this morning took us from Klode's southeast beach up to the rock wall and back. It was a delightful morning for a swim and perfect for a little sightseeing of the lake bottom along the way.

There's an outside chance The Patriarch and I may venture down for a 'no wetsuit or bust' swim at 4:30 this afternoon. If not, we will most certainly be back at 6am Wednesday morning.

See you on the beach!

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