Sunday, July 19, 2009

Super Sunday

AM Beach:  North Beach (Spirit of Racine Tri)
Water Temp: 63
Waves: None
Crew: Robin, Mike, Patriarch, and a few hundred triathletes
Water Clarity: Good

PM Beach: Klode
Water temp: 62
Waves: One foot rollers
Crew: Cap'n, Sandie, Scott, Patriarch
Water Clarity:  Very good away from shore

Next Swims: Monday 4:30PM Klode; Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday 6AM Klode

 Two great swims today.  The first was the swim leg of half-ironman.  Mike was also the swimmer on a relay, and Robin did the whole tri.  Luckily for the organizers the lake was quiet today and warm enough to be comfortable in a wetsuit.  There were many swimmers who seemed to struggle even in the near-perfect conditions.  I wonder what they would do if it was cold and wavy?  Anyhow, I had a fantastic swim, two minutes faster than last year.  It feels so good when you get a nice rhythm going.

But I was plenty tired, and to be honest I wasn't really sure what I was thinking when I promised Cap'n I'd meet him at Klode this afternoon.  I figured I would do a nice easy ten minutes or so, but of course Cap'n badgered me into a rockpile swim.  So overall I swam two and a half miles today, and amazingly enough I'm no worse for the wear.  I must be getting in shape.  

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