Sunday, May 31, 2015

Weekend Bust

Next Swim:  TBD, maybe a 6AM morning swim later this week when it calms down and warms up a bit

Saturday it was cold windy and raining hard.  Sunday was cold and windy but at least it was sunny. But the high winds and waves had stirred up a lot of sand and silt and the normally enticing sparkling blue lake was a most unpleasant shade of brown, not just near shore but almost to the horizon.  Capt'n measured the water temp at 46 and still falling before he couldn't stand it anymore.  Four of us threw down a Pitsch and called it a day.  Perhaps we've been over anxious in swimming this early.  Better days can't be far away!

Friday, May 29, 2015

No Kahuna, it doesn't get any easier

Next Swims:  Saturday and Sunday May 30th and 31st, 1:00 PM both days

Last Swim:  Friday May 29th 6AM
Water Temp: 46!
Waves:  A little chop
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew:  Nanook, Showgirl, Jamie, Chris, Diablo, Patriarch
Skin/Wetsuit 1/5

I beg to differ with Kahuna who commented on yesterday's blog.  Talking about cold water he wrote, "Every day I go in, it gets a little easier".  

There were no wimp-outs today, everyone gave it a shot.  If you can get past the first couple minutes it usually gets better, but today the water was so painfully cold that I couldn't swim more than a few strokes without standing up to get my face and hands out of the water.  After four or five attempts I finally gave up and turned back.

But three brave souls, Showgirl, Nanook and Jamie, made an "official" distance swim to downspout and back, so it is possible.  Maybe I need more neoprene.  No, what I really need is warmer water.  The good news is that if you look at the big picture of lake temps, it is definitely warming up, especially the southern end, it just hasn't quite made it here yet.  Maybe this weekend.

Here's a fun event:
Lee Kass Memorial Splash and Dash
Although it's not open water, it's a good time, I've done it several years and always had fun.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Friday 6AM

Next Swims:  Friday May 29th 6AM
Also, there will be weekend swims but the forecast for Saturday is iffy, hopefully we'll find a window of calm between storms, check back for times

Last Swim:  Thursday May 28th 6AM
Water Temp: 47
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity:  Excellent
Swimmers:  Kahuna/Nanook
Skin/Wetsuit: 0/2
Watching from shore with tails between our legs:  Mr. Anonymous, Diablo, Patriarch

A beautiful warm sunny calm morning on the beach.  But that was deceptive.  Icicles of pain went up my feet and legs as I waded in to take the temp.  But that didn't stop Nanook and Kahuna, who made an official swim to the north sewer pipe and back, showing up the rest of us who could only watch ruefully from shore.

I'm not deterred.  Today's sunny warm calm weather is sure to warm the water (right?), so we'll try again Friday morning.    

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Thursday 6AM

Next swim:  Thursday May 28th 6AM

Looking at the forecast, it appears Thursday morning will be the best bet for a few days, so let's give it a shot.  It should be calm if not warm.  We're adapting, pretty soon 60 will seem warm.

By the way, the National Weather Service has launched a new "Beach Forecast" page for Lake Michigan beaches.  I'ver added the link to our list.  Check it out:


Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorable Memorial Day Swim

Next Swim:

Last Swim:
   Monday May 25th @ 1pm
      Water Temp:  53
      Air Temp:  Low 70's & Sunshine
      Waves:  Gentle Rollers from Southeast
      Clarity: slightly cloudy
      Crew:  The Patriarch, Diablo, Kahuna, Gumdrop, Showgirl, Panini, Neo, Mr. Anonymous, Jamie, Monica, Capt'n with special guest appearances by Crash and Gigi
      Suit / Skin Count:  10 / 1
      Pitsch Count:  10

Despite the rainy / dreary start to the day it turned out to be a dandy of an afternoon to be at Klode Beach.  Plentiful sunshine, warm humid air and a Caribbean Blue hue of the lake made walking the plank an irresistible challenge.   The recorded water temp reading at 10:30am by the Macho-meter 2000 measured only 49.5 but we were all pleasantly surprised when the Patriarch-o-meter registered 53 at 1pm....a reading which moments later was affirmed by Kahuna's Magnito-meter 10000.

Memorable moments from today's swim:
  • Diablo continuing his amazing streak of Lake Michigan skin swims...I think it's been more than 4 years now since I've seen Diablo not swim skin...and he rarely misses a day!
  • Neo officially became the first Kru member this year to reach the Silver Spring down spout.
  • 11 Kru members logged official swims today...first double digit Kru swim of the year!
  • Kahuna's lesson on how to meet the cute girls on the beach 
  • Meeting the owner of Pizzanetto....stay tuned for a future Pirates Pizza Night soon!
  • Showgirl's amazing pre swim warm-up show in her banana pants...
  • A hearty round of Pitsch that included a very special Memorial Day toast by Kahuna
  • Crash's'll need to friend her on FB though if you want to see them all...but here's a couple of them...

Saturday, May 23, 2015

2015 Klode Kru Swim Season is Officially Open!

Next Swims:
    Sunday May 24th @ 1pm
    Monday (Memorial Day) May 25th @ 1pm
Last Swim:
    Saturday May 23rd @ 1pm
        Water Temp:  49.4 (macho-meter-2000) / 50.0 (Patriarch-o-meter)
        Air Temp:  Sunny 68 & light SE winds
        Waves:  slight to moderate chop from SE
        Water Clarity:  crystal clear
        Crew:  The Patriarch, Kahuna, Gumdrop, Showgirl, Panini, Mr. Anonymous, Andy, Jamie, Capt'n
        Suit / Skin Count:  9 / 0
        Pitsch Count:  8

Brilliant blue and crystal clear water along with sunny skies greeted the Klode Kru this afternoon for our first official swim of 2015.  Both the Lady of the Lake and Mother Nature appeared to be delighted to see us.  The Lady of the Lake's playful chop challenged our southward swim progress and tested our determination to reach our 'official swim' marker at south-south beach and Mother Nature teased us by hiding the sun on those instances where the warmth of the sun was needed most to provide a respite from the Lady's bone chilling embrace.  Despite the challenges, all Kru members succeeded in accomplishing an official swim.

For those interested in stats & records....Today's official water temp reading of 49.4 set a record as the coldest recorded season opening swim temp.  Also, today's Kru size of 9 was a record for a season opening swim.  Thinking that season opening swims are always bone chilling cold?  Think again....last year the Kru swam skin with a water temp nearing 60...and that was after a really, really cold winter!  Coincidentally the 2010 water temp for our season opening swim was 60.

Here are a few pictures from today's adventure:

Saving 2014 Counts:
Total Lake Swims: 141
Streak: 94 days
Skin Streak: 4 days (was 64 days)
Swim Days: 113
Wetsuit Plank Counter: 426
Skin Plank Counter: 544
Shots of Killepitsch poured: 262

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Klode Kru Swim Season Officially Opens Saturday May 23rd 1PM

Next Swim:  Saturday May 23rd 1:00, meet in the parking lot overlooking Klode Beach

Depending on what happens Saturday, and the forecast, we may swim again Sunday and/or Memorial Day at 1:00PM, or at least gather for a round of Killepitsch and to tell tall tales of swims past, check back on this blog Saturday afternoon

I can't believe I'm writing this, but I, Patriarch of Klode Kru declare the 2015 Lake Michigan Swim Season Open on Saturday!  Even though water temperatures are in the forties, an irresistible restlessness has taken hold and the Kru is anxious to escape the tyranny of the black line, sick of playing human ping-pong ball in the pool.

Crazy for sure. Our resolve will be severely tested.  Personally, if I actually swim it will be my coldest ever, as the coldest water I can recall is 52 degrees.  Bring every piece of neoprene you've got and probably go buy more.

If we fail at least we'll have a round of Pitsch and renew of old friendships.  But if we succeed it will be a day we talk about for years.  

Monday, May 4, 2015

Memorial Day or Bust

Reason #587 for not drinking:  You commit to things you regret.   I'm not sure how it happened exactly, but at Showgirl's birthday party, after some beers and a shot of Killepitsch, one thing led to another.  Eagerness to swim led to bold talk about swimming in May and pretty soon Capt'n and Gumdrop and Showgirl and Panini and me were committing to swim by Memorial Day, even though it's only three weeks away and the current water temp is barely 40.

Now you might say that pledge doesn't count because we were drunk, but that excuse doesn't work for pirates, we're pirates precisely because we keep promises made while we were smashed out of minds.

Or those of you who weren't there might think this reckless pledge doesn't apply to you, but it doesn't matter that you had no say, you're members of our Kru and on board, right?

See you in three weeks.