Friday, May 29, 2015

No Kahuna, it doesn't get any easier

Next Swims:  Saturday and Sunday May 30th and 31st, 1:00 PM both days

Last Swim:  Friday May 29th 6AM
Water Temp: 46!
Waves:  A little chop
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew:  Nanook, Showgirl, Jamie, Chris, Diablo, Patriarch
Skin/Wetsuit 1/5

I beg to differ with Kahuna who commented on yesterday's blog.  Talking about cold water he wrote, "Every day I go in, it gets a little easier".  

There were no wimp-outs today, everyone gave it a shot.  If you can get past the first couple minutes it usually gets better, but today the water was so painfully cold that I couldn't swim more than a few strokes without standing up to get my face and hands out of the water.  After four or five attempts I finally gave up and turned back.

But three brave souls, Showgirl, Nanook and Jamie, made an "official" distance swim to downspout and back, so it is possible.  Maybe I need more neoprene.  No, what I really need is warmer water.  The good news is that if you look at the big picture of lake temps, it is definitely warming up, especially the southern end, it just hasn't quite made it here yet.  Maybe this weekend.

Here's a fun event:
Lee Kass Memorial Splash and Dash
Although it's not open water, it's a good time, I've done it several years and always had fun.

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meddle said...

Two heads up re events I'm promoting:
-- Saturday June 13th: Shorewood Men's Club Hosts the Chicken and Ribs Bar-B-Q. I'm selling tixs ($13 for 1/2 Rack Ribs Dinner, $10.50 for 1/2 Chicken Dinner). Ribs and beer taste wonderful after a swim out to the Wreck of the Appomattox.
-- Monday, June 8th, 7:00 a.m. Celebrating Wisconsin Bike Week, Greater Shorewood Bikers (GSB) in conjunction with the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation is presenting The Great 2015 Greater Milwaukee “Rider vs. Driver” Commuter Challenge. What’s the best way to get to work, bike or car? Which way is faster, healthier, more economical, and better for the environment? Join us Monday, June 8th as GSB and its panel of celebrity riders, drivers and experts answer these and many other questions. This year, it’s a “bike dealer vs. car dealer” slap fest, as our rider is U.S. Olympic Silver Medal Winner Cyclist Brent Emery (owner Emery Cycle) vs. Jim Tolken (President, Automotive Dealers Association of Mega Milwaukee). Join us at the starting line (Colectivo Coffee, Shorewood), or the finish line (the Sunburst statue, O’Donnell Park), to cheer on the competitors.