Sunday, January 1, 2012

3rd Annual Polar Bear Swim Summary

Last Swim: Sunday January 1, 2012 12PM
Water Temp: 35
Air Temp: 34, mostly cloudy, windy
Waves: small
Water clarity: cloudy
Crew: Gumdrop, Bubba, Crash, Lil' Sista, Bob, Sam, Don, P-Higgie, Alex, Igor, Scott, Capt'n

Below are some picture from today's most excellent Polar Bear (viking) swim adventure. Bubba, Gumdrop clad in a special New Year's swim outfit (see pics) and I all braved the strong westerly winds gusting occasionally over 40mph to log a viking swim.

Reports indicate that all crew members who walked the plank today successfully returned but noticeably absent from our Post Plunge Pitsch Celebration was Bubba...the last we saw of Bubba (...that I can recall...) is the picture below of Bubba successfully returning from his swim.