Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lake Michigan Dreaming

It's the middle of April.  The daffodils are blazing, my cross country skis are put away, and my wax bench has been replaced by my bike stand.  It can't be long before we're swimming in the lake again, can it?   

I can't believe how many people have asked if we're in the lake yet.  Dude!  Lake temp is only 40 degrees!  It's a big lake, it will take a while to warm up.  Late June, maybe. 

Meanwhile, I'm playing ping pong with myself (swimming laps) in the pool.  Fun enough, but not the same as the cool embrace of our lovely Lady of the Lake.

Incredibly, the Captain, who NEVER used to swim in a pool, is now actually swimming with me and the rest of the Schroeder masters.  Some say it's just because of the many attractive lady masters, but I'm SURE that can't be it (can it?).  Whatever the reason, the practice and coaching is doing him good - he's getting darn fast, I won't be able to keep up with him.

Speaking of ladies, while we're waiting for the Lady to stop giving us the cold shoulder, I've been planning ahead, patching the wetsuit, and I actually bought a water thermometer so we can give scientific reports, rather than subjective impressions (e.g. It wasn't too bad today, my hands and toes took almost ten minutes to go completely numb).

And dreaming.  Yes, I actually do dream about swimming.  I can't wait!