Monday, August 10, 2020

Pink Marks Explained*

Next Swims:
     Mon-Fri 6AM and 5PM
     Saturday/Sunday 8AM and Noon

Last Swim: Monday 6AM
Water Temp: 65
Air Temp: hi 70's
Clarity: Meh
Waves: Swells/current out of the south, but much calmer than yesterday

Kru: Patriarch, Showgirl, Ala, Cindy, Marci, MaryJo, Magic Mike, Panini, Pool Noodle, Chris, Stephanie, Diablo early

It was another lovely morning at the beach, and the bonanza of amazing summer swimming continues.

I was running a bit late, but still everyone was chit-chatting on the beach when I arrived, apparently awaiting anyone with the authority and equipment (i.e. fish tank thermometer) to take a temperature reading: 65.

Same as yesterday, we swam south. There were swells and definite current, which made the return trip much easier.  The sun illuminated the shoreline, and the waning moon was also present.

We continue to speculate about the purpose of the evenly spaced marks on the eroded shoreline... some of them made on piles of sticks, so definitely not made to last.  It would have been nice if they had spiffed up Love Rock while they were out there with the spray paint, but, as if we needed further evidence, we don't control everything.

Speaking of one thing you can control:  tomorrow is election day.  You still have time to return your mail-in ballot (use your community's drop box, NOT the post office) or... be a renegade and vote in person.

*haha, I kid. We still have no idea what the purpose of the pink marks on the south shoreline are.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

What's in a name?

 Next Swims:  

     Mon-Fri @ 6 am and 5 pm, 
     Saturday/Sunday @ 8 am and Noon  
Last Swim: Sunday @ 8 am
Water Temp: 65
Air Temp:  low 80s
Clarity:  Nope
Waves: Wavier than yesterday, maybe 12-18"

Kru:  Patriarch, Handyman Hank, North Shore Nancy, Lieutenant MJ, Cindy, Linda the Lamprey, Showgirl, Panini, Lydia the Tattooed Lady, Chris, Amanda, Laura, Dragonfly, Magic Mike (think he was there yesterday too) perhaps others?

For the record and posterity, I was not among the 5 who swam to Big Bay and back yesterday.  That would be Brik, Itch, Capt'n, Rosie & Sandy.  I did however provide shore support.

The sky looked rather gray and unpromising, and the water a bit forbidding as the 65 degrees was announced.  Chris did not hesitate, he skinned into his wetsuit and plowed straight in to the North.   The rest of us dithered and procrastinated along more slowly.  A few went wetsuit, others committed to skin.   Then we saw Chris, beyond the rocks changing direction and heading South, so that decided the rest of us, and it was a good call.

There was a distinct chill compared with previous days, especially nearer the rocks. On paper the waves don't look that high - 1 footers to 1.5 - but in reality there was a lot of up and down and I felt  I was being slopped toward shore.  I had to keep angling out to compensate.  A number of us went to the South Sewerpipe, others went beyond.  Just as Showgirl and I turned, the sun broke through the clouds in a very dramatic and satisfying way.  The sun makes everything so much better.  Suddenly the black and white movie is in gorgeous living technicolor! The way back seemed a little easier, even though I ended up further out.  A couple times I felt a nice surfing action getting at one with the waves.  

Yesterday the topic of nicknames came up again....How DOES one get a nickname?  My advice is....Just. Keep. Swimming.  Eventually something uniquely "you" in will develop...and stick.  Some people take longer than others to acquire names.  Stickler for example took an entire season with some of our best minds working on it.

The other weird phenomenon from yesterday - two different people had seen someone that "looked just like me" at events in recent days.  Fortunately I had an answer, as this happens to me fairly frequently:  "My doubles are everywhere!"  

This Great Privilege

 Next Swims:  

     Mon-Fri @ 6 am and 5 pm, 
     Saturday/Sunday @ 8 am and Noon  
Last Swim: Saturday @ 12 am
Water Temp: 67
Air Temp:  mid-80s, brilliant sun
Clarity:  not much
Waves: wind & current out of the south

Kru:  Diablo, Wet Taco, early shift.  Capt'n, Itch, Brik, Rosie, Sandy, Mr. Anonymous, Dave, Not Dave's wife, Other Dave, Abby, Chris, Dragonfly, others too numerous to name

Walking down I was explaining to Abby that I couldn't make the 8 a.m. swim but noon was "better than nothing."  Even as the words were out, I wanted to snatch them back.

Itch's ears twanged and he shook an admonishing finger.  "This great privilege!" I amended.  "And I am really excited to be here!"  True.

I reflected on this exchange as we swam South.  What's up with the pink spray paint on the rocks at intervals, as if some construction or power line is planned?  A struggle against the current, a little easier on the return.

A group of five swam all the way to Big Bay....and back....a distance of some 4,000 yards.  Brik popped out of the water and immediately headed over to his cooler, sharing some homemade hot sweet pickles.  Their cool crunchiness was a perfect recovery snack.

He, Sandy & Rosie also shared shots of "non-alcoholic Pitsch" - Pickle Pitsch, I suspected.

The rest of us had the real thing.  I made the toast:  "To this great privilege."

The twinkle in Itch's eye rewarded me.

On the way up, I was describing to Brik the side effects I experienced from a Shingles vaccine shot earlier in the week:  "Chills, muscle aches, headache..."

Sandy overheard.  "Covid?!" she asked, visibly backing away.

"No!"  I assured her, but certainly understood.

Thank you to everyone who continues to mask up and socially distance, even outdoors.

Friday, August 7, 2020

The Odds Are Ever in Our Favor

 Next Swims:  

     Mon-Fri @ 6 am and 5 pm, 
     Saturday/Sunday @ 8 am and Noon  
Last Swim: Thursday @ 6 am
Water Temp: 68.4 per mitch-o-meter, 67.something per duck-o-meter  
Air Temp:  63
Clarity:  getting there, 6-7/10 maybe, still can't see bottom
Waves: flat

Kru:  Diablo (early shift), Moondaug, Scooby, Forger, Mr. Bubble, Mr. Anonymous, Handyman Hank, North Shore Nancy, Magic Mike, Ala, Kahuna, Mad Titan, Pool Noodle, Showgirl, Marcy.  plus an anonymous swimmer who comes down to join us regularly - gotta introduce myself next time.  Apologies if I missed any regulars - really challenging to remember everyone when now that the morning swims are so popular.  

Big news this morning is the public service announcement I just posted - Left Behind Lava Pants

What else can you say?  Beautiful sunny morning, no clouds, water warmer than the air.  I still get excited whenever I put the mitch-o-meter in the water and watch the numbers start increasing!

So, once again - we hit that perfect beach!  and of course, that reminds me of another rockin' 80s song


by the Bronski Beat

PSA: Left Behind Lava Pants


A pair of Lava Pants was left behind on the pipes this morning.  I brought them home with me to foster them until the legal guardian is identified.

NSN has confirmed that Handyman did bring his back home, so I'm thinking they belong to Mr. Anonymous, who was with us this morning.  

So, of course, this situation, like so many things in life, remind me of one of my favorite 80's songs, 
Know Your Rights, by the Clash.  
"This is a Public Service Announcement...with Guitar!"

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Inspired by "Sunrise and Moonset"... this "Moonrise and Sunrise."
Since I do not know how to put photographs into a comment (or I don't feel like puzzling over it) I thought I'd add this: 

One photo taken Tuesday night as the moon rose.

The next taken Wednesday morning as the sun rose. 

Heavenly bodies coming out of the water are a wonderful thing! 

Sunrise and Moonset

Next Swims:
     Mon-Fri 6AM and 5PM
     Saturday/Sunday 8AM and Noon

Last Swim:  Thursday 6AM
Water Temp: over 70
Air Temp:  60's
Clarity:   Improving, but not good yet
Waves:  tiny swells out of the south, but mostly flat

Kru: Patriarch, Mr. Anonymous, Mr. Bubble, Brett, Showgirl, Dragonfly, Ala, Luna Laguna, Linda the Lamprey, Cindy & Co, Handyman Hank, Magic Mike & Co, Scooby, and probably others, sorry I'm slacking on getting names

The warm water brought out another record crowd of swimmers for a 6am swim.  

Sunshine cast long shadows on the beach.  The recent big waves deposited a swath of nice soft sand above the waterline, which is different than Klode's usual gravelly beach.

The super cool part of today's swim was having the nearly full moon in the west, and the rising sun on the east as we began our swims.

We swam north into the warm water.  Many swam past New Mudslide, and were still getting back as I left the beach at 7ish.