Thursday, July 24, 2014

Operator Error

Next Swim:  Friday July 25th 6AM followed by breakfast at Solly's.  Even if we don't swim we will still go to breakfast

Also, I will stop by the beach tonight (Thu 7-24) at 5:30 but I'm not optimistic that it will be warm enough to swim.

Last Swim:
Thursday 7/24 6AM
Water Temp: 49
Waves: One Foot
Water Clarity:  Terrible, with lots of gunk washed up on shore from yesterday's big waves.
Crew:  Diablo and Gumdrop, with me and Kahuna shivering on shore
Wetsuit/Skin Count: 1/1

Today we added another misadventure to our long list of skulduggeries.  I drove to the beach expecting warm water because that's what the NOAA maps showed.  I arrived at the beach and waded in as usual to take the temperature.  The water felt very cold but my thermometer read 60.  It didn't seem right so I took another reading and got the same thing.  So I prepared to do a skin swim, but the water still felt very cold and after three attempts to get in the very cold water I finally gave up.  I couldn't figure out why 60 degrees was such a problem.

Then I finally realized what was going on.  My thermometer takes two temperatures, air and water, but it only displays one of them.  I always set it to display the water temp, but I must have accidentally somehow toggled the button to read the air temperature.  So I took a third reading and got 49, which finally made sense.

Capt'n was conspicuously absent from the beach this morning but there is an item in the morning paper that may explain it: "a male was arrested for drinking and possession if both marijuana and drug paraphernalia at Klode Park at midnight".  Donations to his bail fund can be handed directly to me (cash only in a plain envelope).  

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Well I'll be Dipped

Next Swim: Thursday 7/24 6AM

Surprised again!  This morning the water temp was 49, this evening it is 63.  That means it's time for a dip.  See you on the beach at 6AM.

Apparently there is some disagreement in the Crew on the best day for Breakfast at Solly's.  Some want Friday morning after our 6AM swim.  Others would prefer Saturday morning so breakfast won't interfere with work.  But that would mean an early swim Saturday (7AM?).  If you have a preference and have not already commented please do so.  I'm fine with either options, there's never a bad day to have breakfast at Solly's.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Next Swim:  ???  Whenever it warms up again, I will be monitoring

Update Monday evening 7/22 - water temp has fallen even further, 46 at 8PM

Last Swims:
Monday 7/21 6PM
Water Temp: 54
Waves:  Choppy
Water Clarity: Good
Crew:  Mike, Mike, Andy, Gumdrop

Tuesday 7/22
Water Temp: 49!
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: Good
Crew:  Monica, Gumdrop, Diablo (others, including myself wimped out)

Yesterday I was predicting warmer water, so I adopted a "skin or bust" strategy for last nights swim.  It was a total bust.  Not only was my prediction wrong, it was spectacularly wrong.  The water temp was 56 yesterday morning, 54 yesterday evening, and 49 this morning.

What an unusual year.  It's not unusual to have some days of very cold water, even on the hottest days of summer.  But what's unusual this year is the lack of any warm days.  In past years we've seen many days with water temps in the high sixties or even low seventies by now.  But this year is different.  My raspberries and tomatoes are 3-4 weeks late this year, and so is the lake.

Maybe instead of whining about it I just need to adopt a new strategy, the "Diablo Strategy": swim no matter what.  Today's 49 degree water did not stop him from swimming to the picnic table and back without a wetsuit!  Wow!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Cooling Down. Warming Up?

Next Swims:  Mon 7/21 6PM
Tue 7/22 6AM

Last Swim:  Monday July 21st 6AM
Water Temp: 56
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew: Panini, Showgirl, Diablo, David, Capt'n, Kahuna, Patriarch, and GG giving her legs an ice bath
Wetsuit/Skin: 6/1

The last few days the pattern has been the same.  The water cools into the upper fifties overnight, and then warms to the low 60's during the day.  Today should be the same.  It's hot humid and sunny, with a southeasterly breeze, and that usually (but not always) means warmer water.  It could also mean choppy water. I'll be back on the beach at 6PM for a "skin or bust" swim,  meaning I intend to swim without a wetsuit, and let the water temperature dictate how far I will go.  Please join us, you can bring your wetsuit if you want.

Coming Highlights:  Later this week, probably Thursday or Friday or whatever day works best for people we'll have breakfast at Solly's following the morning swim.  There are no bad choices at Solly's (but few healthy ones).  I recommend the large stack of Door County Cherry Pancakes, smothered in butter and real maple syrup.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Morning Swims Begin

Next Swims: Monday & Tuesday 7/21 & 7/22, 6AM
We might also do evening swims if it appears the conditions will be good, stay tuned

Last Swims:
Sunday 7/20 1PM
Water Temp: 60
Waves:  Choppy
Water Clarity:  Excellent, large schools of fish visible
Crew: David, Panini, Showgirl, Gumdrop, Diablo, Capt'n, Patriarch
Plus:  Showgirl's son David, Scooby on his jet ski and Crispy was just leaving as we got there.
Wetsuit/Skin: 3/4
Pitsch Count: 7

Saturday 7/19 8AM and noon
Water Temp: 56 at 8AM, 62 at noon (amazing how quickly it can change!)
Waves:  Choppy
Water Clarity:  Excellent
8AM Crew:  Capt'n, Gumdrop
Noon Crew: GG, Neo, Diablo, Patriarch, Panini, Showgirl
Wetsuit/Skin: 3/5
Pitsch Count: 5

60 degree water could hardly be considered warm, but it sure seems that way after all the cold water we've experienced thus far this season.  And it's warm enough for some amazing swimming, with crystal clear water full of large schools of fish.  It's also warm enough to begin morning swims again.  See you on the beach at 6AM.

Friday, July 18, 2014


Next Swims:  On Saturday 7/19 we couldn't find a good time for everyone so we'll have two swim times, 8AM and Noon.
Sunday 7/20 swim will be at 1:00PM

Last Swim:  Friday July 18 6PM
Water temp: 63
Waves:  Very Choppy
Water Clarity:  Good
Crew: Jeffery, Gumdrop, Capt'n, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin 1/3
Pitsch Count:  3

This morning we vowed "skin or bust" at 6PM and our strategy paid off as the water temp at 6PM was a full seven degrees warmer than 6AM (56 versus 63).  It was our first "double dip" day of the season. We had a delightful skin swim, it was so nice to finally ditch the wetsuit.  Hopefully the warming trend will continue.  The weather and wind forecasts look favorable, but of course the lake is unpredictable.

Sick of It

Next Swims:  Today Friday July 17th 6PM
Tomorrow Saturday July 18th noon
Sunday July 19th 1:00PM

Last Swim: Friday July 17 6AM
Water Temp: 56
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew: Diablo, Bubba, Gumdrop, Kahuna, Showgirl, Cap'n, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin: 6/1

We're getting pretty sick of this cold water.  It's such a pain in the butt to put on and take off our wetsuits, and they feel so restricting in the water.

But, since we are eternally (perhaps foolishly) optimistic we believe that today's sun and favorable winds will warm up the water at least a little bit, and therefore Capt'n and me will be returning to the beach at 6PM without our wetsuits.  Skin or Bust!  Please join us, even if you bring a wetsuit.