Saturday, July 21, 2018


Next Swim:  Sun 7/22 noon

Last Swim:  Sat noonWater Temp: 57 between rocks, 62 away from shore?Waves: High on shore; offshore amplitude size of wave 2'?Water Clarity: Not
Crew:  Dragonfly, Patriarch, Itch, Magic Mike, Handyman Hank, Kahuna

Water Color:  Brown/Black on shore; pretty blue out there 

Pretty big water out there today.  Lorraine helpfully posted in the comments section before today's swim the National Weather Service beach forecast for Milwaukee County, which is liberally sprinkled with (in all capital letters) such inviting terms as “BEACH HAZARDS," “HIGH WAVE ACTION,”  “STRONG STRUCTURAL CURRENTS,” “STRONG LONGSHORE CURRENTS,” “RIP CURRENTS," "SHARKS." (OK, maybe that last one is not true, but it is Shark Week, so you never know.)

It was one of those days, when you are swimming along, then suddenly you are lifted up, and then "SLAP" your head comes down and hits the water.  

We made our we slowly to downspout, then got on the convey belt back, before carefully choosing our approach between the rocks.  Good times.  

Speaking of good times, mark your calendar for this Thursday night, as my group (Greater Shorewood Bikers) is hosting Bike Night at Three Lions Pub.  Thanks to the outstanding performance of "Team America" at the Shorewood Criterium (including Handyman Hank and me, see below), we won a quarter barrel from Three Lions.  So show up at 7:00, we'll tap the keg, and any one with a bike helmet who knows the password drinks for free until the quarter barrel runs out.


We're also conducting a raffle to benefit World Bicycle Relief , a very worthy charity.  Hope to see you then.  

Friday, July 20, 2018

Saturday Noon

Next Swim:  Sat 7/21 noon

Last Swim:  Friday 5:30PM
Water Temp: 56
Waves: 1 ft rolling
Water Clarity: fair
Crew:  Itch, Mr. Anonymous

Thursday, July 19, 2018

S I X T Y - S I X

Next Swims:  Monday-Friday 6am and 6pm

Last Swim: Thursday 07/19 6am
Water: 66.  SIXTY-SIX. S I X T Y  S I X
Waves: tiny swells
Clarity: cloudy
Crew: Mr. A, Forger, Laguna, Panini, Showgirl, Julie

Did I mention the water temperature was 66?

It was sunny, the water was pretty calm, and Panini is back. It was so great.

There was one non-swimming moment of note that left me wishing for a camera: in the back of Forgers van was a roll of toilet paper bundled together with a finisher's medal.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Beach Magic (spoiler alert: warm water is back)

Next Swims:  Monday-Friday 6am and 6pm

Last Swim: Wednesday 07/18 6am
Water: 63+
Waves: biggish swells
Clarity: cloudy
Crew: Showgirl, Barbie, Flipper Guy

I heard the waves hitting the beach from the parking lot, so I was feeling a bit pessimistic about the swim. The complete absence of other swimmers did not help the situation.

Then I put my feet in the fantastically warm water. Then Flipper Guy arrived.

I put on my cap, goggles, and barbie, and swam. It was so great. The blue sky peeked around small fluffy clouds. The sun shone. The slow-moving waves slanted towards shore giving the feeling that you were on the high ground above the shore.

When I got back to the beach I noticed a weird beach-magic kind of thing:  in the center of the beach was a 10 foot swath of rocks pushed to shore by the waves, bordered on both sides by smooth sand.

Proving once again that it's always worth getting up for the swim.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Next Swims:  Monday thru Friday 6AM and 6PM

Last Swim: Tuesday July 17th 6am
Water Temp: 53, from top to bottom
Waves: Flat
Water Clarity:  Crystal
Crew: Laguna Mike, Magic Mike, Showgirl, Flipper guy

As of this morning, the top 1/2" of warm water, and any warm spots had completely disappeared into Patriarch's ice moon, and the water was uniformly COLD.

But... the sunrise was lovely, and the water was flat and clear, and the beach was deserted. So it was still an awesome swim.

Monday, July 16, 2018

The Ice Moons of Pluto

Next Swims:  Monday thru Friday 6AM and 6PM

Last Swim: Monday July 16th 6PM
Water Temp: Irrelevant, wide variations from spot to spot, and from the top inch to 12 inches below
Waves: Gentle
Water Clarity:  Incredible
Crew: Kahuna, Handyman Hank, North Shore Nancy, Stephanie, Itch, Julie, Sir James, Synchro, Super Hera, Patriarch

The trick today was to swim in the top inch and manuever from one relatively warm spot to another between the bone chilling spots.  As usual the very coldest spot was right in front of the rock pile.  I’m beginning to suspect that rock the pile lies atop the wormhole gateway to the Ice Moons of Pluto.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Don't Call Me Shirley

Next Swims:  Monday-Friday 6am and 6pm

Last Swim: Sunday noon
Water: Still mostly cold, 55-ish but with a thin layer of warmer water on top, though definitely not near the rockpile or inside the rocks
Waves: flat
Clarity: crystal clear
Crew: Itch, Magic Mike, Drangonfly, Davida, Michael (NOT Mike!), Handyman Hank, Mr. Anonymous, Showgirl, Stephanie, Cool Hand Luke, Mr. Bubble (Mitch's new nickname) and a Linda the Lamprey sighting as I left the area at 2-ish

It was a weird weather day. As I biked over, there was plenty of wind, so I was expecting waves, but at beach level the air was calm and the water was flat. As we went down the ramp there was so much fog that the water was mysteriously invisible.

The thermometers yielded wild temperature variations, but the bottom line was........ cold.  Again. Some suited up, others went skin, and we headed north into the fog. The warm air makes it a lot easier to get into cold water, but there was still plenty of shrieking about the cold. Or that could have just been me.

It was food truck Sunday again at Klode, so my whole swim was powered by thoughts of what I was going to eat afterward.

Back at the beach, nearly everyone who exited the water made the same comment about how breathtakingly cold the water was just off the rockpile. However, if you managed to achieve escape velocity past the insanely cold water, you were rewarded by several patches of warmer water. 

Finally, please allow me to offer some clarity on a few swimmer names:  Davida is David with an A, Ara is R-a not Air-a, our newest swimmer is Michael not Mike, and Mitch has achieved nickname-hood as Mr. Bubble.

To the best swim of the season.