Thursday, October 19, 2017


Next Swims:
* Thursday Oct 19, 5:30PM
* Friday Noon
* Friday 5:330PM
* Saturday 1PM
* Sunday Noon

Last Swim:
Wednesday 11:30 AM
Water: 62, 1ft swell
Crew: Panini, Handyman Hank, Patriarch

I wasn’t at the Wed PM swim, so I have no report.

Can this really be October?  Panini, Hank and I had a delightful mid-day swim yesterday.  The warm sun really helped.  And mid-70s and sun is predicted for tomorrow.  It’s too good to pass up.  Join us at noon Friday if you can.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Swim Mid-Day Wednesday

Next Swims:  Another warm sunny day is predicted for tomorrow (Wednesday) so Panini and I want to try a mid-day mid week swim at 11:30.  Join us if you can.
* Wednesday 10/17 5:30PM
* Thursday 5:30PM
* Friday 5:30PM

Last Swims:
Tuesday 5:30 PM
Water: 54 gently rolling
crew: Handyman Hank, Drangonfly,

Monday 5:30 PM
Water: 53
Crew: Capt’n, Mr. Anonymous, Itch, Handyman Hank, Wet Taco

The water temp is still OK, but it’s cool and dark when we finish swimming at 6PM.  But tomorrow should be warm and sunny so Panini and I will take advantage of it by swimming at 11:30AM Wednesday.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Patriarch Sandwich

Next Swims:
* Monday October 16th 5:30PM
* Tuesday 5:30PM
* Wednesday 5:30PM

Last Swims:
Sunday 10/15 Noon
Water: 57 degrees, 2 ft swells building to 3-4 feet while we there
Crew: Itch, Wet Taco, Drangonfly, Diablo, Patriarch

Saturday 1PM:  rained out, although Itch told me he swam later.

Special thanks to Capt’n for another GREAT Halloween Bash!  I wonder how long it takes him to put out all those decorations?  Outstanding job!

Believe it or not the water is still very swimable.  The only problem: when you emerge from the water it’s so damn cold and windy on the beach.  Despite a couple layers of clothes I was still shivering but the ladies took pity and warmed me up with a “Patriarch Sandwich”.  Eat your heart out guys!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Walking the Plank, Literally

Next Swims:
* Friday 10/13 5:30PM
* Saturday 10/14  1PM (if it’s not raining)
* Sunday 10/15 Noon

And don’t forget:  Saturday at 7PM Captn’s annual Halloween bash
5692 Sunnypoint Rd., Glendale
See his Facebook page for more info.

Last Swim: Thursday 5:30PM
Water: 55 small waves
Crew: Itch

Never say die!  The water temp yesterday was a very swimmable 55.  Perhaps the lake will give us one more weekend.  And even if she doesn’t we still have the 13th Annual Terror at Ted’s to entertain us.  Warning:  Diablo told me he was coming as a skinny dipper.  Yewwwwwww!

Even though the season is on it’s last legs it’s not too late to make improvements to our daily routine. The latest upgrade allows Itch to measure the water temp without gettin his feet wet.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Bueno, Bonito, Barato

Aunque El Patriarca siempre quiere tener la razón, hay ocasiones en las que está equivocado. Nadar en temperaturas de 12 grados no solo es bueno para el corazón y la circulación también es bueno para el cutis.

The above paragraph is from Diablo.  Loosely translated, it says Patriarch is full of mierda.

Anyhow nobody swan last night as the waves were too big, 4-5 footers.  We’ll try again tonight and tomorrow night, the conditions should be better.

Next Swims:  Thursday 10/12,  5:30PM
Friday 10/13, 5:30PM

Monday, October 9, 2017

Don’t Be A Die-Hard

Next Swim: Tuesday 10/10 5:30PM

Last (non) Swim:  Monday 5:30PM - No one brave enough to endure 47 degree water.

In yesterday’s post I listed the swimmers I consider to be “Die-Hards” because they keep swimming even when the water is icy cold.  Wet Taco objected to being left off this list, and there may be others who felt I was unfair to them.

But hear me out dear friends.  Not being on the Die-Hard list is a good thing, not a bad thing.  The term Die-Hard does have some positive connotations :  persistent, tough, gritty, macho.  But it has many more negative connotations: obstinate, stubborn, pig-headed, dumbkoph, estupido, loco, idiot, lacking sense, triathlete, ultramarathoner.

So my friends Non-Die-Hard friends, feel good that I see you as a person with the good judgement to say, not swim during a thunderstorm, as opposed to someone who somehow sees virtue in violent shivering.

The Diehards Keep Swimming

Next Swims:
* Monday 10/9 5:30PM
* Tuesday 10/10 5:30PM

Last Swims:  I wasn’t at the beach Monday morning or Sunday afternoon so I have no report for those swims.

Saturday 1PM
Water: 50 with 1-2 foot swells
Crew: Itch, Drangonfly, Moondawg, Magic Mike, Panini

Friday 5:30PM
water: 53 with 1 foot waves
Crew: Itch, Magic Mike, Drangonfly, Handyman Hank

I’m just going day by day now hoping for water temps above 50, my personal limit.  But I’m a wimp, a few die yards keep going: Itch, Diablo, Mike, Showgirl, Drangonfly, Moondawg etc.