Saturday, May 30, 2020

N is for Neoprene

Next Swims: Noon Sunday, 6 am and 4 pm Mon-Fri
Last Swim: Saturday Noon
Air Temp: mid 60s, partly sunny, beautiful puffy cloud sky
Water Temp: 49 per itch o meter, 47 per macho-meter, call it 48
Clarity: Nice, 2.5/10.  
Waves: some ripples
First Shift: Linda the Lamprey, Itch, Brick, Brick's friend Sandy, Mr. Bubble, Kahuna, Drangonfly, IceDawg, Cap'n, Diablo, Fred
Second Shift:  Tatoo Lady Amelia, Moma Linda and their friend Cathy (Kathy?)
Shore Support:  Ziggy

Diablo in the foreground
Nice turnout again today!  Especially for such a cold water day.  Beautiful puffy cloud sky and water was pretty clear.  Welcome back guest of honor today was - Reid, aka Fred. 

Reid is the man who abandoned his lava pants at the beach one day, so I have been fostering them ever since.  The lava pants have been feeling lonely and abandoned for months now.  They've been singing to me non-stop - Give Me Back My Man!

Reid also reminded me I gave him the Klode Kru nickname, Fred, because he was supposed to be Fred III in his family. 

So, despite the harsh enforcement of the Second Law of Thermodynamics - increasing disorder in our lives and the universe as a whole - the Klode Kru is defying that law and establishing an orderly structure in the universe -twice daily swims at regular times, more and more willing participants, waiting until the church bells can be heard before walking down the hills.  The familiar routines are re-establishing themselves. 

Kahuna also has a suggestion for restoring order - he pointed out that some vandal had cut down a sapling that has a plaque next to it, saying that it was planted in memory of someone.  Kahuna's suggestion - we could chip in to replace the tree, to honor the dearly departed person and their loved ones who planted the first tree. Kahuna made the point that we do a lot to beautify the park and the beach - we beautify the place just by walking around in our swim suits!  But we can always do more to serve our community.  Pretty soon, people will think that the park was named after the Klode Kru, instead of the Kru being named after the park.  But seriously...I'd be willing to chip in for this. 

Friday, May 29, 2020

Welcome home, Patriarch!

Next Swims: Noon Saturday/Sunday, some deviants at 7 or 8 am
Last Swim: Friday 4pm 
Air Temp: 65, partly cloudy, little windy
Water Temp: 51 per itch o meter
Clarity: Nice, 2 or 3/10.  
Waves: some ripples, some current
Kru: Linda the Lamprey, Synchro, Mr. Anonymous, Itch, Brick, Mr. Bubble
Shore Support:  Patriarch, Diablo 

Nice turnout this evening.  The Patriarch was the masked man guest of honor!  Pleasant surprise. 

Many things are changing now with the "re-opening".  As Showgirl noted, the parking lot is not barricaded any longer, and even more impressively - Itch trimmed his beard and got a haircut!  I was really digging Itch's Grizzly Adams look - I've never been able to grow a beard anywhere near that long.  Mucho macho!

Another pleasant surprise - Mr. Anonymous brought a bottle of Killepitsch!  I gather from Itch's reaction that this was an unusual event.  So, I captured it on film - pics or it didn't happen, right?  Brick brought some, too.

Mr. Anonymous brought the Pitsch
btw - check out that beautiful bike in the background!

In celebration of Mr. A's benevolence, Itch treated us to a second round, of  Goldschläger
This is exactly what it looked like
According to WikiPedia, 
Goldschläger is a Swiss cinnamon schnapps, liqueur with very thin, yet visible flakes of gold floating in it. The actual amount of gold has been measured at approximately 13 mg in a one-litre bottle. As of December 2019 this amounts to or $0.65USD on the international gold market.  

Doing the math - 65 cents worth of gold in a one-litre bottle works out to 1.95 cents per 30 ml shot glass.  Dozens of articles out lately saying investing in gold is the smartest thing you can do right now.  Many thanks again Itch for your wisdom and generosity...thanks for making it possible for all of us to add some gold to our portfolios!  btw - it tasted good, too. 

Another discovery this evening...Brick is a veritable encyclopedia of "historical" (read: old) TV commercials.  He was teaching me the dialog and limericks from Mr. Bubble commercials and coming up with other ad lines no one had ever heard before.  A true scholar!  
Professor Brick, TV commercial historian and scholar
That's all for today - more fun beach adventures to come

Cool Clarity, Watermelon Rainbows, and other Big News

Next Swims: Friday 4pm? Saturday 8am (me), Sunday 7am, other weekend times TBD, post to the comments if you have a preferred time

Last Swim: Friday 6am, Thursday PM

Air Temp: low 60s
Water Temp: 48.5
Clarity: near perfect
Waves: like glass
Kru: Showgirl, Pool Noodle, with Linda the Lamprey and and Diablo on the early shift, Magic Mike and four-legged companion on shore support

the watermelon rainbow shoes persist

PN and I were headed down the ramp as Linda was heading up. She was suffering from frozen lip syndrome, so chit-chat was minimal. (That's foreshadowing.)

The lake was like glass and the beach empty. The logs floating inside the rock piles have either traveled elsewhere or been dragged to shore.

We suited up before taking the temperature, which, if you really want to swim, is probably a good idea.  48.5. 

In spite of yesterday's rain, the water was nearly completely clear and totally flat. I swam to the kayak and PN went further.

When we got back to shore Magic Mike and his dog showed up.

Here's the Big News:  the Klode parking lot is open for business, so keep it safe up there.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Water Logged

Next Swims: Thursday 4pm? Friday 6am (or 5:45AM with NSN)
Last Swim: Thursday 6am, plus other rogue swims

Air Temp: low 60s with some fog
Water Temp: 50.3
Clarity: not great
Waves: flat and beautiful
Kru: Mr. Anonymous, Showgirl, Drangonfly, Pool Noodle,Magic Mike, Ben, Eric, and Diablo on the early shift

Abandoned footwear at the beach is NOT weird, and this pair is exceptionally cute.

Hello Friends!  And welcome back!  This is my first blog post of the 2020 swimming season, and reports of my demise (side-eye at Kahuna) are greatly exaggerated.

Everything is weird about this year, and Klode is no exception.  I used to arrive and move those flimsy WFB po-po barricades, but no more. On the bright side, it's nice to have a wide-open parking lot to meet up in, in a socially distant way, of course.

The beach is also weirdly covered in driftwood. Drift trees.  All manner of wood, with several floating within the rock piles.  I swam into one on my return trip and it freaked me out.  I hauled it back to shore. It was so heavy I was surprised it still floated.  I can say the same about myself these days.

But this blog is about the swimming.  We hugged the shoreline in the fog this morning.  Ben and Eric headed off to Sheboygan, and the rest of us swam a bit less.  Drangonfly and I made it to my new favorite landmark, the kayak just north of garage.  Magic Mike and Pool Noodle went a bit past the birches. Mr A swam wearing only his neoprene capris. Badass.

There's more weirdness on the beach. The sewerpipe is almost buried, a strange new structure is visible just after it, and the garage is also weirdly exposed. And of course, the new kayak.  Maybe the foliage will cover all this up again, but I'm hoping Kahuna will organize an excavation of the sewerpipe.

Seems like there are plenty of other random swims to report.  Drangonfly swam at noonish yesterday, and lots of peeps swam in the PM.

I'm happy to be back, in spite of, and because of, the weirdness.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Carbon Copy

Next Swims: Wednesday 4pm, Thursday 6am
Last Swim: Wednesday 6am

Air Temp: mid-60s
Water Temp: 49
Clarity: still pretty murky--waiting for the sandy bottom of the bay to make an appearance
Waves: flat
Kru: Showgirl, North Shore Nancy, Pool Noodle, Amelia, Magic Mike, Handyman Hank, Linda the Lamprey, with shore support from the Kahuna!

Today was almost a carbon copy of yesterday's swim: beautiful summer-like weather at the beach, calm, inviting, and bracingly cold water in the lake. A few more swimmers, still more mild cussing and heavy breathing at the water's edge. Linda and Handyman Hank (above the waist) swam skin --no heavy breathing or cussing from them, badasses! The rest of us wrestled on the neoprene, swam north, returned, and peeled off the neoprene. The benefit comes with those reduced body temps for the first few hours of the day. Another great day for a swim.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Daily Double

Next swim: Wednesday 6am
Last Swim: Tuesday 4:30 pm

Air temp: ~80 degrees, sunny, cooling as the sun got further down
Water temp: 61 per itch-o-meter
Clarity: Pretty good, 2 or 3/10.  Zebra mussels are essential workers
Waves: 8" swells at regular intervals
Kru:  Itch, Brick and Mr. Bubble

Another milestone for 2020!  First time this year there's been a sunrise and evening shift at Klode.  It certainly looked like summer down at the beach this evening.  Quite a few teenagers/20 somethings playing in the water, jumping off the rocks.  61 degrees on the itch-o-meter seemed to good to be true.  Of course, as Itch cautioned, that's just the temp by the shore - probably colder further out.  True dat.  

We all know, Wisconsin weather at the end of May can be a little bi-polar.  Earlier today, Magic Mike reported "This morning was at once a harbinger of summer and a reminder that we are still hanging onto spring...Rachel had a thermometer that did not reach 50 degrees".  Much higher turnout this morning though - looked like a beautiful first sunrise swim 🌞

Weather for 6 am tomorrow looking good - 63, partly cloudy, calm winds.
Weather for tomorrow evening is warmer but 30%-40% chance of rain.  

Morning Swims...

Next swim: Tuesday afternoon, 4:00? 4:30?, Wednesday 6am
Last Swim: Tuesday 6am

Air temp: ~70 degrees, sunny
Water temp: approaching 50 (from below)
Clarity: Hand barely visible at the end of my arm. Diving under water is a very cold, very dark experience.
Waves: calm with very gentle swells

Kru: North Shore Nancy, Rachel, Magic Mike, Sandy(?). Diablo on the early shift (he might have had accompaniment, not sure).

This morning was at once a harbinger of summer and a reminder that we are still hanging onto spring. I woke up for the first time since fall feeling hot and a little uncomfortable, glad for the ceiling fan in my room. It never really cooled off much last night, in the air. The water, on the other hand, managed to cool off. Rachel had a thermometer that did not reach 50 degrees. A good day for neoprene.

It is my intention to get a swim in at this time regularly. I know Eric (Brick?) has a group he brings down at 7:30 fairly regularly. And don't forget, there are evening swims as well. It was great to see people at the weekend swims! It really did feel like the beginning of summer. Perhaps the lady of the lake will embrace summer soon. It was certainly looking pretty good over the weekend! But she is fickle.

Who needs 80 degree pools, when we have this big beautiful lake, with natural social distancing?

See you at the rock piles!