Friday, August 26, 2016

Change of Fortune

Next Swims:
   Saturday August 27th - Noon
   Sunday August 28th - 11am (Estabrook Beer Garden 1pm)

Last Swims:
   Thursday August 25th - 6pm
      Water Temp: 56
      Clarity: Clear
      Crew: Itch

   Friday August 26th - 6am
      Water Temp: Baltic  (47)
      Clarity: Clear
      Waves: Calm
      Crew: Diablo, Gumdrop, Itch, Panini, The Patriarch, Capt'n

Unlike my arrivals on Monday and Wednesday morning's to an empty parking lot devoid of cars, bikes....or any sign of life for that matter....this morning I was greeted by a parking lot full of cars, bikes and scantily clad women enthusiastically jumping up and down.  (Clearly there were celebrating my arrival, no?)

Unfortunately this was the extent of my change of fortune.  Once again the water temperature failed to reach the plus side of 50 for our 6am swim.  I am told by Itch though that the water temp was 56 last night.  The buoys indicate warmer water just offshore so perhaps today's easterly winds will change our trend of cooler water temps?

Following Sunday's 11am swim all are welcome to join us and TriWisconsin at the Estabrook Beer Garden.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Secret Messages???

Next Swims:  Thurs- Fri, Aug 25-26, 6AM
If you are interested in 6PM swims please post so others know they will not be swimming alone.

Last Swim:  Wednesday Aug 24th - 6am
Temp: 72 (air) / 48 (water)
Waves: One foot rollers
Clarity: Excellent
Crew: Diablo, Hot Stuff, Crisscross, Capt'n

What the what???  Where is everybody?  Was there a secret text message about "swim skip morning" that I didn't receive?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Where's The Enthusiasm?

Next Swims:  Wed - Fri, Aug 24-26, 6AM
If you are interested in 6PM swims please post so others know they will not be swimming alone.

Last Swim:  Tuesday Aug 23rd
Water Temp: I measured 61near shore, but pockets of much warmer and much cooler
Waves: One foot rollers
Clarity: Excellent
Crew: Mr. Anonymous, Kahuna, Niven's McTwist, Patriarch

Ahh, these are perfect conditions for a wetsuit, I thought as I swam along without one, the lake slapping me in the face as I hit the cold pockets.  Aww quit yer blubbering ya wuss.  A couple a months ago you'd be delighted at 60 degree water, you've gone lazy and soft.  Toughen up buttercup.  Still it's been a while since I shivered as much.

Anyhow, here is something that has nothing to do with swimming, but I can't resist.  So the last few days we're in San Francisco visiting our son, and one day we decide to take the trolley down to the Ferry Building.  The F-Line Trolleys (Market/Embarcadero) are even more fun than the cable cars in my opinion. To catch one we took a bus from Noe Valley to Castro Station (aka Harvey Milk Plaza).  The Castro is the gayest place on earth with more rainbow flags per square inch than anywhere on the planet.  But I digress.  When we get to Castro there is a huge and boisterous crowd in the plaza, so we go over to see what is happening.  Here is what we saw:
 The plaque at the bottom reads:  The Emperor has no balls.  Only in San Francisco I thought, but apparently these have been popping up all over.  I couldn't help but laugh even though I think it's throughly disgusting at the same time.

Monday, August 22, 2016

What's wrong with this picture???

Next Swims: 
   Tuesday - Friday (8/23-8/26) @ 6am
   (M-F 6PM, though check back in the comments)

Last Swim:  Monday August 22nd, 6am
   Water Temp:  Decent!  (64+)
   Waves:  Calm
   Clarity: Crystal Clear
   Crew:  Diablo(?), Capt'n

This Picture was taken a few minutes after 6am this morning.  One car in the parking lot and no bikes....what the what???  ...did I miss a memo?  :( 

...did I just dream that I swam this morning?  Was Diablo really there?  ...or did I just imagine that he swam along side of me, stroke for stroke, all the way to Deadwood and back?

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lake Michigan: No salt, no sharks, no worries

Next Swims:
M-F 6PM, though check back in the comments

Last Swim:
Sunday 12 noon.
Water: low 50's near shore, warmer away from shore, flat, clear, lovely
Crew: Itch, Kahuna, Crash, Panini, Showgirl We'taco, Diablo, Dragonfly, Mitch
Skin/Suit: 5/3

Well, well, well.  Well.  You may have noticed how the weather became cool today?  The water became cool also.  It was beautiful. It was flat. It was clear. It was cold.

It was a dramatic drop from the 70-something we swam in yesterday.

I think most of us arrived at the beach feeling disgruntled and disappointed about the water temp. We reluctantly put on caps, goggles, and a few wetsuits. But then, as so often happens, a swim that began with reluctance, became something great.  Though the water around the rock piles was frigid, the further-out water was... warmer than frigid.  And so, most swam to birches, and a few swam further, and all agreed that it was wonderful.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Swimming Rain or Shine.... Rain AND Shine

Next Swims: Sunday August 21st - 6AM & Noon
(6am swim followed by a 100mi ride)

Mon-Fri 6am and, if the weather holds, 6pm.

Last Swim: Saturday 1PM
Water: 70-ish, with chop out of the south
Clarity: cloudy but clearer in some areas
Crew: Nanook, Cap'n, Gumdrop, Diablo, Firefly, We'taco, Crash, Handyman Hank, Showgirl
Bonus Guests: Squeeze o'showgirl, Mary & Greg from Oak Park IL

Under cloudy skies we swam south into the chop.

Several of us slogged our way south to the staircase.  As we headed back, I noticed even more than my usual self-inflicted splashing... it was raining.  We've swam in rain before, but this was a LOT of rain.  As the dark clouds loomed over the shore, we all agreed later that we were keeping an eye out for lightening streaks.

After we made it back to shore, it felt good to stand in the water under the warm rain. And then we took shelter under the roof and thanks to Itch, via Panini, we all had a lovely shot of Pitsch.

Friday, August 19, 2016

6am Friday August 19th Swim Report

Next Swims:
    Saturday August 20th - 1PM
    Sunday August 21st - 6AM & Noon
     (6am swim followed by a 100mi ride)

Last Swim:  6am Friday August 19th
    Water Temp: 69.9 as measured by the Capt'n-o-meter (warmer water offshore)
    Waves: slow rollers < 1ft
    Water Clarity:  clear
    Crew:  Itch, Scooby, Crash, Snap, Capt'n