Friday, May 31, 2013

Next Swim & Aquathon #1 Results

Next Swim:  Saturday June 1st @ 1pm

Congratulations to all the Klode Kru members who rocked at Aquathon Race #1 out at Lannon on Thursday evening!  Turned out to be a perfect evening for the event with the rain holding off until just about everyone had left the park.

Menomonee Park race time conditions:
Water Temp:  72.4
Waves: none
Air Temp: 76 & humid
Skies:  partly sunny

Klode Kru Results:

Riptide 19:00 16:39 1:40 0:54 36:32:00
Capt'n 18:53 18:02 1:49 0:53 37:47:00
Sir James 24:41:00 13:49 1:23 0:40 39:09:00
Karen Kimple 21:40 16:41 1:41 0:55 39:15:00
Beth Drolet 21:30 15:59 1:36 1:54 39:21:00
Gumdrop 20:08 20:37 2:04 1:04 41:48:00
Kevin Baseheart 28:40:00 13:48 1:23 0:47 43:13:00
Erin Wichtoski 22:27 21:02 2:07 1:52 45:21:00
Amy Rider 28:45:00 20:47 2:05 1:49 51:20:00
Showgirl 33:16:00 27:06:00 2:43 1:58 1:02:19

Full Results:

Monday, May 27, 2013

Remembering our best swims

Next Swim:  TBD next weekend

Memorial Day (5/27) Conditions:
   Air Temp:  49.2 & cloudy
   Water Temp:  51.4
   Waves:  1-3ft
   Crew:  Diablo, Gumdrop, Capt'n with special guests #5, #8 & Cousin
   Pitch Count: 3

On this Memorial day the Klode Kru took a moment (..or two...or three...) to recall some of our most memorable the time when we swam and The Patriarch declared that we were Knuckleheads.  ...and the time when we swam after The Patriarch had officially declared an end to the swim season and he proclaimed our new nicknames to be Dewdrip, Hook and Diablo.  (...some names just stick I guess...) ...or the time when The Patriarch and I rushed into the lake on a wavy day only to get knocked flat on our asses and spit back out.  ...ahhhh....the days of Dos Locos....those were the days!  Since then we've had Tres Locos...Quarto Locos...Cinco Locos...and We're All Locos!

Also highlighting today's Klode Kru Conversations were "Pimp Gumdrop's new ride" and "Diablo's birth control tips for preventing #10".  Of course today's most interesting conversation followed our traditional round of Pitch.  (...go figure....)  Stay tuned for more details on our newest up coming event..."The Macho-Man" and "The Girly-Man":!  :)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Making it look easy

Next Swim: 1pm Monday May 27th

Last Swim: 1:30pm Sunday May 26th 
Water Temp: 53.1
Air Temp: 58 & partly sunny
Waves: slight chop from northeast
Clarity:  cloudy
Crew: Diablo, Gumdrop, Kahuna, Neo, Nivens McTwisp, Capt'n with special guest appearances from #5
Pitsch Count: 6

 The official Captn-o-meter reading today was on the plus side of 53...a whopping half a degree warmer than yesterday.  To spice things up a bit the Lady of the Lake even through in a slight chop to make things interesting.  Still the Kru didn't bat an eye when it came time to walk the plank...and nobody even seriously contemplated turning around at the north beach down spout.

Today's swim adventure lasted 25 minutes and took us up to Cedar Grove and back.  Kudos to the entire Kru for making it look easy.  Diablo even swam in a sleeveless suit....and nar a soul had so much as a shiver or a twitch as they threw down their shot of Pitsch!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

No cheapie

Next Swim: 1:30pm Sunday May 26th

Last Swim: 1pm Saturday May 25th
Water Temp: 52.6+
Air Temp: 57 & partly sunny
Waves: none - rippled surface
Clarity:  cloudy
Crew: Neo (Ryan), Amy, Capt'n with special guest appearances from Nivens McTwisp and Diablo
Pitsch Count: 5

The official Captin-o-meter reading from Klode's northeast beach read just 52.6 making this one of our colder opening day swims.  As a result our expectations just prior to walking the plank was that this would be a brief 5 minute swim up to the north down spout or perhaps garage if we were feeling hearty. 

Much to our surprise, after getting up to the north downspout we found ourselves acclimating to the cooler water temp...or perhaps the water was just plain warmer away from the Klode rock piles.  Regardless our total swim time today was on the plus side of 20 minutes and took us up to Garage and back down past Klode's south beach before returning to our launch site at the northeast beach.  Kudos to Amy for logging her first ever official swim in Lake Michigan today...especially given the water temp!

Sunday the plan is to swim at 1:30pm to allow additional Kru members to join in on the fun.  Be sure to bring with you any questions or mysteries you may have been pondering since last season....rumor has it Smartass will be joining us to help with all those troubling mysteries than may have resulted in countless hours of lost sleep. :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

52 - itchin' to walk the plank?

Ahoy mates!  I fool ya' not....if yer lookin to warm up outside perhaps ye should consider walkin' the plank.  The air temp on the beach this eve read just 46...but the water temp was holdin' steady on the plus side of 52.

Traditionally we have our first official swim around Memorial Day...but with the Patriarch out of town and consequently unable to officially proclaim the start of the Klode Kru swim season, we may have to consult our Pirate Code books to see if any plank walkin' that may go on this weekend should be counted as official Klode Kru swims.

That said...I will be contemplating walking the plank down on the Klode shores at 1pm both Saturday and Sunday.  If anyone is interested in assisting with said contemplation (...or perhaps enjoying a round of Pitsch with me...)  feel free to come out.  :)