Friday, May 24, 2013

52 - itchin' to walk the plank?

Ahoy mates!  I fool ya' not....if yer lookin to warm up outside perhaps ye should consider walkin' the plank.  The air temp on the beach this eve read just 46...but the water temp was holdin' steady on the plus side of 52.

Traditionally we have our first official swim around Memorial Day...but with the Patriarch out of town and consequently unable to officially proclaim the start of the Klode Kru swim season, we may have to consult our Pirate Code books to see if any plank walkin' that may go on this weekend should be counted as official Klode Kru swims.

That said...I will be contemplating walking the plank down on the Klode shores at 1pm both Saturday and Sunday.  If anyone is interested in assisting with said contemplation (...or perhaps enjoying a round of Pitsch with me...)  feel free to come out.  :)

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