Monday, May 27, 2013

Remembering our best swims

Next Swim:  TBD next weekend

Memorial Day (5/27) Conditions:
   Air Temp:  49.2 & cloudy
   Water Temp:  51.4
   Waves:  1-3ft
   Crew:  Diablo, Gumdrop, Capt'n with special guests #5, #8 & Cousin
   Pitch Count: 3

On this Memorial day the Klode Kru took a moment (..or two...or three...) to recall some of our most memorable the time when we swam and The Patriarch declared that we were Knuckleheads.  ...and the time when we swam after The Patriarch had officially declared an end to the swim season and he proclaimed our new nicknames to be Dewdrip, Hook and Diablo.  (...some names just stick I guess...) ...or the time when The Patriarch and I rushed into the lake on a wavy day only to get knocked flat on our asses and spit back out.  ...ahhhh....the days of Dos Locos....those were the days!  Since then we've had Tres Locos...Quarto Locos...Cinco Locos...and We're All Locos!

Also highlighting today's Klode Kru Conversations were "Pimp Gumdrop's new ride" and "Diablo's birth control tips for preventing #10".  Of course today's most interesting conversation followed our traditional round of Pitch.  (...go figure....)  Stay tuned for more details on our newest up coming event..."The Macho-Man" and "The Girly-Man":!  :)

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