Monday, May 31, 2010

Svetlana, Svetlana, Svetlana

Next Swims: Tuesday June 1st, 5:45 AM (ugh!) Klode

Last Swim: Monday 5/29 noon
Beach: Klode
Water Temp: between 60 and 65, depending on where you measured it
Air Temp: seventies
Waves: flat calm
Clarity: perfectly clear
Crew: Diablo, Capt'n, Patriarch, Sandie, Robin

Like a love smitten teenager, all Sandie could talk about was Svetlana. Svetlana, Svetlana, Svetlana. Svetlana was the name he gave to a topless woman he supposedly saw on his way down to the beach. I say "supposedly" because Cap'n and me were right behind him and didn't see anything, and also because Klode is a busy public beach and the people of Whitefish Bay are not generally known for their liberal attitudes about nudity.

So it seems unlikely, although Diablo did confirm Sandie's story, but then again Diablo can hardly be considered to be a reliable source. Another thing, the story kept changing. At first topless Svetlana was hinted to be a beautiful young woman (making it even more unlikely that Cap'n and me didn't see her), but later Svetlana was a fat old lady. So which was it? Gorgeous nymph? Fat old lay? Hallucination? I'm not sure we'll ever know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Anyhow, it was a great day for a swim. We were dragging a bit after this morning's Guardian Angel run, but as always a plunge into the cool water energized us. We wore wetsuits because there were pockets of very cold water. We managed our longest swim of the year so far, over a mile and a half.

After that, it was over to my place for beer, brats, burgers, and of course a round of Killipitsch. A most excellent day!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Next Swims: Memorial Day, noon , Klode
To be followed by a cookout at my house. Brats, burgers, beer, soda, and a shot (or two) of Killepitsch.

Last Swim: Sunday 5/29 noon
Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 67
Air Temp: eighties
Waves: small rollers
Clarity: perfectly clear
Crew: Gumdrop, Diablo, Capt'n, Patriarch, Sandie, Robin, and on the beach, Gumdrop Jr, and Diablo's horde.

Crowded beach, warm sun, perfectly clear water, what could be better? It was a degree colder than yesterday, but it felt warmer, it must have been the bright sun. We made it to "Cedar Grove" and back without wetsuits, almost a mile.

All are invited to my house for a post swim cookout after the holiday swim. Bring a friend.

P.S. The Guardian Angel run is at 8:30 tomorrow morning, not 9:30.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

REAL Breakfast

Next Swims: Sunday & Memorial Day, noon both days, Klode
Possibly a cookout at my house following Monday's swim, if there is interest and it doesn't rain

Last Swim: Saturday 5/29 noon
Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 68!! (in May?? Holy Cow!)
Air Temp: seventies
Waves: small chop
Clarity: somewhat cloudy, but a beautiful turquoise
Crew: Gumdrop, Diablo, Capt'n, Patriarch, Sandie, Diamond Dave

Diamond Dave did his usual fine job of coordinating this morning's Splash and Dash at the Schroeder pool. Afterwards Cap'n, Diablo and me joined Dave and some others for post race coffee and muffins. After much bellyaching from Diablo who complained that a muffin was not a "real" breakfast we stopped for breakfast #2 of omelets, pancakes, etc.

An hour later we were at Klode, joined by Gumdrop and Sandie for a great skin swim in unbelievably warm (for May) 68 degree water. What a treat. It should be good Sunday and Monday too!

If the weather is good and people are interested, we can have a cookout at my house following Monday's swim. Although if Diablo and his family shows up, there may not be enough brats in Milwaukee to feed them all.

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Record Breaking May

Next Swim: Saturday 5/28 noon, Klode
We'll be swimming Sunday and Monday too, time to be determined, if you have a preference, post it in comments

Last Swims: 5PM Thursday 5/27 - 6AM Friday 5/28
Beach: Klode
Water Temp: Thursday afternoon: 65!, Wed morning 60
Air Temp: seventies
Waves: Thursday afternoon one foot chop, Friday morning gentle rollers
Clarity: crystal clear
Crew: Gumdrop, Diablo, Capt'n, Patriarch

I hate getting up before sunrise, especially now that I'm retired, and even more so when the first things I have to look at are the ugly unshaven mugs of Cap'n, Gumdrop and Diablo. But the gloom lifted after a fantastic sunrise swim, followed by a leisurely breakfast of toast and eggs.

The swimming has been unbelievable. I've never swum in Lake Michigan in May before, much less without a wetsuit, but the 65 degree water last night made it easy. Whatever slight chill we felt was quickly dissipated by a post-swim shot of Killepitsch, also a first for the year.

If the forecast is right, the fun should continue this holiday weekend. We'll swim Saturday at noon. Times for Sunday and Monday to be determined, stay tuned. Although mornings are most convenient, water temps have been roughly five degrees warmer in the afternoon, so probably somewhere midday to later, but we're flexible, if anybody has a preference, post a comment.

See you on the beach!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunset, Sunrise

Next Swim: Thursday 5/27, 5PM, Klode

Last Swims: 6:30PM Tue 5/26 -- 6AM Wed 5/27
Beach: Klode
Water Temp: Tuesday night: 63, Wed morning 58
Air Temp: seventies
Waves: Calm
Clarity: crystal clear
Tuesday Crew: Gumdrop, Diablo, Capt'n, Patriarch, Alex, Gui, Megan and cheering from shore: Robin, Julie, Mike
(I feel like I'm forgetting someone, if so, please accept the apologies of this senile old man.)
Wednesday morning crew: Gumdrop, Diablo, Cap'n, Patriarch

It's great to be back in the swim of things, and even better to see old friends we haven't seen for a while, especially Gui, who came all the way from Brazil just to swim with us.

Last night the water was warm enough that Gui and Megan swam without wetsuits for twenty minutes. The rest of us were wimpy and warm in our wetsuits. The sun sank over the bluff as we made our way to Cedar Grove and back. Afterwards some of us celebrated the new season at the Pizza Kitchen.

This morning we were back at it. The lake had cooled off at least five degrees during the evening (hard to say exactly how much as there were pockets of warmer and cooler water, so it depended on where it was measured). For a longer swim, wetsuits were pretty much mandatory.

Cap'n and me rediscovered the "cannon" off south-south beach. We first found it a couple years ago in about ten feet of water, but last year it must have disappeared under the sand because we couldn't find it. But now it's back. We call it a cannon because it has two large metal wheels and some sort of cable or pipe between them, which when half buried in the sand looks very much like a cannon. But what exactly is it? And why is it a hundred meters or so offshore? Just one of the many mysteries of the lake.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wow! 60 Degree Water in May!

Date / Time: 5PM, Monday May 24th
Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 60
Air Temp: 85
Waves: Calm
Clarity: crystal clear
Crew: Gumdrop, Diablo, Capt'n, Linda, David, Patriarch
Next Swim: Tuesday, 6:30PM, Klode

I can hardly believe the lake was not just swimmable, but downright comfortable (in a wetsuit) on the 24th of May. We intended to do a short easy swim for the first outing of the year, but it felt so good we made it to "rockpile" and back, a little over a mile.

Maybe we're being sucker punched? Like last year, when there was great swimming early in the season, and then we got the cold shoulder from the lady for most of August. She wouldn't do that to us again, would she?

Yesterday, the Cap'n took the liberty of putting words in my mouth (I agree with the sentiment, but I never what he wrote). So, today I feel no guilt for speaking for him: "Hear ye, Hear ye, the Cap'n pronounces that if Robin shows up tomorrow, he will buy her and everyone else pizza after the swim." I will bring the Killepitsch to toast the new season.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Official 2010 Swim Announced...5pm Monday 5/23!!

Date / Time: 12pm Sunday May 23, 2010
Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 58.2
Air Temp: 85
Waves: None
Clarity: crystal clear
Crew: Gumdrop, Diablo, Capt'n

Summer has arrived....or at least for today it has. Sunny & 85 OUTSTANDING degrees! Considering the conditions we endured last August the water condition today were also summer like.

As today's swim wasn't officially announced ahead of time it may not count as our first 'official' swim but it will certainly be recorded as an official "Skin Swim". Yes, that's right folks...a SKIN SWIM. Why a Skin Swim? Let's take a moment to become familiar with the rules:

To be considered an official swim the rule is must swim at least 400 meters. If said person swims the 400 without the assistance of a wetsuit the swim will be considered a "skin swim". A swim shorter than 400 but without a wetsuit is considered a "Cold Cox" swim. (To be honest I prefer "Polar Bear" but alas I got out voted on this one.) where were we??? Oh's skin swim. Yes that's right, Gumdrop and Diablo celebrated today's exceptional conditions by swimming from Klode's southeast beach to the garage and back without a wetsuit. So consequently, today's swim will be officially recorded as a Skin Swim. Now who'd a thunk the first official swim of 2010 would be in May....and a skin swim to boot!?!?

As today's superb conditions are expected to stay around for another day The Patriarch has made the following decree: "Hear ye, hear ye....let it be known that The Patriarch has declared that the first official swim of the 2010 swim season shall occur at 5pm on Monday May 24th at Klode. Ya don't need ta be crazy to swim...but it may help!"