Saturday, May 29, 2010

REAL Breakfast

Next Swims: Sunday & Memorial Day, noon both days, Klode
Possibly a cookout at my house following Monday's swim, if there is interest and it doesn't rain

Last Swim: Saturday 5/29 noon
Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 68!! (in May?? Holy Cow!)
Air Temp: seventies
Waves: small chop
Clarity: somewhat cloudy, but a beautiful turquoise
Crew: Gumdrop, Diablo, Capt'n, Patriarch, Sandie, Diamond Dave

Diamond Dave did his usual fine job of coordinating this morning's Splash and Dash at the Schroeder pool. Afterwards Cap'n, Diablo and me joined Dave and some others for post race coffee and muffins. After much bellyaching from Diablo who complained that a muffin was not a "real" breakfast we stopped for breakfast #2 of omelets, pancakes, etc.

An hour later we were at Klode, joined by Gumdrop and Sandie for a great skin swim in unbelievably warm (for May) 68 degree water. What a treat. It should be good Sunday and Monday too!

If the weather is good and people are interested, we can have a cookout at my house following Monday's swim. Although if Diablo and his family shows up, there may not be enough brats in Milwaukee to feed them all.

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Diablo said...

Lessons learned:
If the Patriarch tells you that you are going out for breakfast, eat breakfast at home first. Otherwise you will get something else (a muffin?)not even close to a real breakfast. You can always count on the Captain for a good breakfast place thanks to his russian connection.
Also, I have learned that a 50 meters size pool is much, much longer than the 25 yards at the High school or the 100 meters "Cold Cox" swims.
My first aquathlon, Splash and Dash, was a lot of fun so count on me for next year. Thanks Diamond Dave, the other Dave and other people at Schroeder for organizing the event.
Patriarch you better be nice or my family will be eating all brats and more... Although, what's your idea of a "real" cookout? Is it the same idea as your "real" breakfats?
See you at the beach.