Monday, August 31, 2009


Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 62 (am), 65 (pm)
Waves: calm (am), choppy (pm)
Current: none (am), southeasterly (pm)
Water Clarity: Stirred up
AM Crew: The Patriarch, Gabriel, Capt'n
PM Crew: The Patriarch, Capt'n
Next Swim: Tuesday 6AM Klode

Yes indeed...we have several reasons to celebrate's the top 5:
5) Today was the 5th consecutive day of swimming
4) The lake temps have continued their upward trend for 5 consecutive days
3) We have been able to log a rock wall (or further) swim each of the last 5 days
2) We actually logged a NO WETSUIT OR BUST swim this afternoon!
1) The Patriarch is now officially retired....from work that is!! :)

Funny how things work out sometimes. We really didn't intend to log one of our infamous 'no wetsuit or bust' swims this afternoon....but when The Patriarch showed up this afternoon minus a wetsuit there was no doubt we were going to christen The Patriarch's first few minutes of retirement in style.

The Lady of the Lake joined in on the fun greeting The Patriarch with the warmest temps of the month and a hardy smack on the back (from a wave crashing into steal barrier separating Klode's south and southeast beaches) that nearly left him soaked head to toe as he measured the water temp....while this may not sound funny, trust me, the sight and the expression on The Patriarch's face from the unexpected greeting was priceless! :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Swimming Large

Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 62
Waves: 3 feet and building
Water Clarity:  Stirred Up near shore, translucent turquoise further out
Crew: Sandie, Brad, Gabriel, Mike, Gumdrop, Cap'n, Patriarch
Next Swim: Monday 6AM Klode

There we were, bobbing in three foot waves two hundred meters offshore on a beautiful sunny day, while Sandie tells a Swen and Ole joke about dragging up a long dead body in a snowmobile suit from the bottom of the lake and trying to administer CPR.  What could be more fun than that?  Well, maybe you had to be there to truly appreciate the moment.

Today was the first whitecap day of the season.  Here's an idea of how rough it was: it took us 25 minutes to swim the half mile to rockpile, but only 12 minutes back. My favorite part is when a big wave catches me from behind, throwing my feet up and head down, while my arms are flailing in air, and angry white foam breaks over me.  What a rush!

Brad's squeeze Sarah took a picture of the waterlogged crew as we staggered on the beach after the swim.  Hopefully she'll send it to me so I can post that memory of an awesome swim.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Beach: Klode
Temp: 61
Waves: calm
Water Clarity: cloudy nearshore, great offshore
Crew: The Patriarch, Gumdrop, Capt'n
Next Swim: Sunday Noon Klode

Cloudy skies, an air temp in the low 60's and a strong northwest wind was prevalent as we strolled down to the Klode beach this afternoon. All the ingredients for a change in direction of our recent trend in water temps. Once again though, the Lady of the Lake showcased how unpredictable she can be.

The Patriarch's thermometer read a consistent 61 along the Klode shoreline. The recent upward trend of water temps has now stayed true to form for 3 consecutive days. We've got our fingers crossed for more of the same tomorrow.

Being one of the best swimming condition days of October...err, I mean August....we weren't about to let it go to waste. Our journey today covered approximately 2 miles taking us from Klode's southeast beach up to three piers and back. The water within the first 25-50 of shore was a cloudy mix of white sand and sky blue water. Further out the clarity improved considerably to the point where the lake bottom appeared to be only a few feet below.

Of notable interest with today's swim was nothing. No fish, no weeds, no rocks, nothing floating in the water....only a slight ripple of the lake surface. it was as if the entire bay were an 'etch-a-sketch' that had just been wiped clean.

The plan is to swim at noon Sunday. Forecast is calling for sunny skies and (slightly) warmer air temps. A great day for a swim? :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

on the up and up

Beach: Klode
Temp: 59
Waves: 1-2ft
Water Clarity: murky near shore, good offshore
Crew: The Patriarch, Sandie, Capt'n
Next Swim: Saturday Noon Klode, Sunday Noon Klode

The size of the waves rolling ashore weren't the only thing heading in an upward trend since yesterday, so was the water temp. Everything else this morning was nearly identical to yesterday's swim.

Overcast skies and cooler air temps have persisted ( it really August?) but the lake appears to be determined to climb above the 60 degree mark for this weekend's swim adventures. (Okay, I'm sure we've all learned over the past 3 weeks, predicting lake temps is more pure luck than a science...but you can't blame me for being optimistic, right?)

Speaking of this weekend....the current plan is to swim both Saturday and Sunday at noon. If you have a preference for a different time, please comment.

Hope to see you on the beach this weekend!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Beach: Klode
Temp: 57
Waves: 1ft
Water Clarity: murky near shore, good offshore
Crew: The Patriarch, Capt'n
Next Swim: Friday 6AM Klode, (perhaps 4PM Thursday)

It had been 10 days since we last swam in the could you fault The Patriarch and I for having thoughts of swimming in another lake? Following our Wednesday morning rejection we began making plans for possibly heading out to Big Cedar to swim Thursday evening if we were again turned away by the Lady of the Lake.

This morning our fortunes made an unexpected about face as we were greeted with a water temp of 57. Cold yes, but warm enough to support a rock pile and back swim this morning.

The water along the Klode shoreline this morning was saturated with sand making it nearly impossible to see your hands even if they were right in front of your face. Approximately 50 meters offshore though the water clarity improved considerably allowing occasional glimpses of the sandy lake bottom.

Depending on weather conditions we may attempt to swim again at 4pm....for sure if the water temps continue their upward trend today. We'll for sure be back at 6am Friday.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Finally Catching a Break?

This morning's water temp was 53.
Next swim attempt: Thursday morning 6AM

We didn't swim today, but finally, finally, the pattern is changing.  After a whole month of persistent offshore winds and relatively calm water, we have a prediction of three days of onshore winds, and big waves.  If this doesn't warm things up, nothing will.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

same story....different day....

Beach: Klode
Crew: The Patriarch, Gabriel, Capt'n
Temp: 49 (this morning), 53 (4:30pm Monday)
Next Attempt: Wednesday 6AM Klode

It feels like forever since we last swam in the lake. I'm reluctant to even look through our blog entries to find out just how many days its been since our last swim. I do know that it's been 25 days now since we last saw a reading above 60...which is nothing like we've ever seen before at this time of year.

Despite this prolonged rut we remain optimistic that pleasant conditions will return....after all, it is still August.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

No Plunderin' for us Pirates

Arrrrrrg...we be a bit disappointed this mornin'. A mighty fine crew assembled for what was sure to be one of the best swimmin' events of the summer....the Pirates Plunge. The Lady of the Lake would have no Plunderin' by us here pirates tho. The water temp at Bradford this mornin' measured a meager 49.

1-2ft waves continue to roll ashore though...the optimist in me be thinkin' this must be a good sign as these here waves may be draggin' some of that warmer offshore water with it. Pirate Steve mentioned they may give the Pirates Plunge another swing next Sunday...stay tuned to their website for updates. (see link on the right)

Next attempt for us is planned for 4:30pm Monday.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pirates Plunge Tomorrow

Next swim:  Pirates Plunge, we're going to meet at Bradford Beach at 6:30 AM Sunday to take a temp reading and decide whether we want to attempt this one mile swim.

The water temperature at Klode this afternoon was 51, but apparently Sandie and Gumdrop went swimming anyway (see comment on previous post).  You guys are crazy.

Scott and Cap'n and me did the 2.4 mile swim in Lake Monona this morning, it was great.  

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Siege Continues...

Next Swim Attempt: Friday 4PM

The crazed look in The Patriarch's eyes and the anxious twitch of his whiskers is becoming more noticeable these days. I too am am becoming a little unglued... By my count we're now on day 20 of this Siege. On July 31st the lake temp was at 69. Since that point we've struggled to crack 60. When will it end??? this really August?

Good news is this afternoon's temp of 53 was a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday at this time...which was two degrees warmer than the previous day.... Temps are heading in the right direction, its just a matter of time....


Car Pool to Madison Saturday?

Next Swim: We'll try again this afternoon (Thursday) at 4:30

The unusally cold water temps continue. 51 at Klode last night, and 50 at Bradford Beach this morning. We did not swim.

Cap'n and me are desperate to do a long non-wetsuit swim, so we signed up for the 1.2/2.4 mile swim on the ironman course on Lake Monona on Saturday. Anyone interested in car pooling with us should contact us or post a comment. A link to their website is included on our web links section. You need to sign up in advance. The meet starts at 8, we'll need to be on the road by 5:30 or 6:00.

We're also signed up to do the Pirates Plunge on Sunday. Their website says the current water temp is 57, but I don't know where they are taking their readings. I don't doubt them, temps can be very different from one spot to the next. But it certainly doesn't line up with my readings or any of the websites which all show very cold water all up and down the shore and well into the lake. But there is lots of warm water on the other side of the lake, all we need is a big east wind and the right currents to bring it here. It could happen. Cross your fingers. It will be an awesome event if they can pull it off.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Global Warming My Ass

Next (attempt) to swim: Wednesday 4:30PM

No swimming today.  I'm more than a bit cranky, the 48 degree reading on my water thermometer makes me feel like a pirate without a ship, a lush without a drink.

But I'm a pussy cat compared to Cap'n.  He's getting downright crazy spitting mean.  He was ranting about attacking the Trolls, and sacrificing virgins.  God knows what he might do.  I'd stay away from him if I were you, at least until we get some warmer water.    

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Next swim: Monday 4:30PM Klode

The water was too cold to swim today, 53 this morning, 52 this evening.  It's been cold like this for over two weeks. I'm sure I've spent more time getting in and out of my wetsuit than actually swimming.  

So I have to remind myself why I don't give up and swim in the pool or an inland lake:  Because no other swimming hole within a thousand miles can match the adventure, the wildness, the beauty, and the challenge of swimming in a Great Lake.  And if there are many days when we can't swim, it just makes the days we can even more special.

See you on the beach!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'll Go In If You Go In

Friday Night Swim: Doctors Park, 60 degrees, murky seaweed filled water, Cap'n & Patriarch.

Saturday Sunrise Swim: Doctors Park, Very cold (don't know exact temp), Cap'n, Gabriel, Sandie

Saturday 10AM Swim: Klode park, 52 degrees (yikes!), crystal clear water, Patriarch, Eileen, David, David, Margie

Next Swim:  Sunday 11AM Klode

With all the cold water the last two weeks we've been playing a lot of our favorite game, "I'll go in if you go in".  Trouble is, nobody can figure out how to win.  Either you're a wimp or you're a popsicle.

We tested Sandie's theory that the water would be warmer if we got out of the bay and onto a point.  Klode sits in Whitefish Bay, so we ventured north to Doctors Park which sits on Fox Point.  On Friday evening his theory proved correct, it was 53 at Klode and 60 at Doctors, but this morning there was no difference.  Go figure.

David made us jealous with his tales of swimming in 72 degree water in Saugatuck, directly opposite us on the Michigan shore.  It's a pity such luxury is wasted on Trolls.  (Definition:  Troll, noun, a member of the inferior race that resides "below the bridge").

Friday, August 14, 2009

Stuck in a rut...

Beach: Klode
Water temp: 60 last night, 53 this morning
Waves: choppy last night, calm this morning
Current: from the south last night
Water Clarity: good
Crew: The Patriarch, John, Capt'n last night; The Patriarch, Sandie, Gabriel, Capt'n this morning
Next swims:
4:30PM Friday
6:00AM Saturday: Cap'n and Sandie will be swimming early
10AM Saturday: The Patriarch and Robin will be swimming at a more civilized time.
11:00AM or 12:00PM Sunday (preference? Please comment)

Morning temps continued to be on the cool side today. Considering the average surface temp of the lake is now 70 its been a bit disheartening to have now encountered temps in the low to mid 50's for the past two weeks.

Persistence pays off though, and our return trips in the evening have been more successful recently. Yesterday, the trend of warmer evening temps continued....of course warm is a relative term....the upward trend in afternoon temps is promising. We swam from Klode's south beach into a stiff / choppy current down to the sewer pipe before turning around and being swept back to Klode.

Weekend swim plans are still shaping up. If you have a preference, please comment.

Hope to see you on the beach!

Patriarch's note: Cap'n and Sandie need to swim early Saturday and they tried to tempt me into joining them with an offer of breakfast. Sorry boys, I got a better offer to swim with Robin at 10AM, so I can sleep late and swim under a nice warm sun.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Heading in the right direction

Beach: Klode
Water temp: 57 last night, 55 this morning
Waves: calm
Water Clarity: Very clear
Crew: The Patriarch last night; The Patriarch, Gabriel, Capt'n this morning
Next swims: 4:30PM Thursday; 6:00AM Friday

A spring in The Patriarch's step was evident this morning....most likely the result of his evening swim fix on Wednesday. Having missed the opportunity last night I must admit that I'm a wee bit jealous....but glad to see the upwards trend in temps.

The warm-up has been slow...but the good news is temps have continued a steady trend upwards. The morning temps this week have been 46, 48, 52 & 55. Today's forecast for southerly winds are also a good sign as the maps indicate the water temps down in Chicago are around 80.

With the lure of the possibility that warmer water will arrive this afternoon (...afternoon temps have frequently this summer averaged 5-7 degrees warmer than the morning...) we decided to forgo this morning's chilly swim for hopefully a delightfully warm one this afternoon. I'll be counting down the minutes until 4:30 and another chance to get out for a swim.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wanted: Exorcist

Beach: Klode
Water temp: 55 last night, 52 this morning
Waves: 1 foot chop last night, calm this morning
Water Clarity: Very clear
Crew: Cap'n & Patriarch last night; Cap'n, Patriarch, Sandie, Gabriel, Mike this morning
Next swims: 7:30PM Wednesday, 6AM Thursday

Last night the water temperature was just about at our lower limit, so we managed to swim almost a mile, but it was cold.

This morning it was even colder, so we skipped this morning, and decided to try again tonight.

This cold water has been happening for over a week now. The frustrating part is that the lake as a whole is very warm, there's just a thin strip on the west shore that's cold.

I would think all the sun and warm weather would eventually have an effect, but my predictions are always wrong, so I'm ready to try Sandie's idea and hire an exorcist, or maybe a voodoo witch doctor.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Beach: Klode
Water temp: 48
Waves: dead calm
Crew: The Patriarch, Capt'n
Next swim: Tuesday 4:30PM Klode?

It was an eerie sight this morning as The Patriarch and I slumbered down to the beach. A thick fog lay on the horizon with a bright orange sun climbing up over it into the clear blue sky. Looking north across the bay the water was dead calm with only the tree tops visible over the billowing fog.

Of notable interest were 4 rather large objects floating about 200-800 meters straight off of the Klode shore. What could they be? Perhaps sunkin treasure that had surfaced after centuries at the lake bottom? Or perhaps crates of Killepitsch that had been swept overboard during the recent storms?

A feverish urge to swim out to them swept over us, but with each dip of the toes in the water we were instantly reminded that the water temp was only.....48. :(

We'll keep checking the water temp websites and hopefully get in the water at either 4:30 or 7pm. The warm water is out there....average lake surface temp currently reads 68. If we're at 48 that must mean the rest of the lake is REALLY warm. :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Are you kidding me?

Beach: Klode
Water temp: 46 (no, that's not a typo...)
Waves: none
Crew: The Patriarch, Capt'n
Next swim: Monday 4:30PM Klode

Well, we set a new record this morning. Unfortunately it wasn't one we'll be bragging about. This morning's thermometer reading of 46 was the coldest temp we've recorded this summer. Someone please pinch me...I must be having a bad dream.

Ever the optimists though, we plan to try again this afternoon at 4:30. According to the map the warm water is everywhere....except here.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Beach: Klode
Water temp: 54ish (mostly on the minus of 54....but...warmer further out?)
Waves: gentle rollers
Current: slight from the south
Clarity: cloudy....or was it our goggles that were fogging up?
Crew: The Patriarch, Sandie, Margie, Steve, ???, Capt'n
Next swim: Monday 6AM Klode

Air temps pushing 90, plentiful sunshine, high humidity...ahhh, a perfect summer day! A great day for a refreshing dip in the lake, right?

The visual Caribbean appearance of the lake was very appealing...and the first dip of the toe along the shoreline was very inviting. But after that you're depiction of the lake being 'refreshing' this morning may differ.

The top few inches of surface water measured 57 on The Patriarch's thermometer. Below that the temps plunged to the low 50's. Buoyed by thoughts that the sunshine, air temps and the possibility that the rolling waves may be bringing in warmer water we all walked the plank clad in our warmest gear....a strange sight on a beach where everyone was looking to remove as much clothing as possible.

Keeping our faces in the water was challenging but I think we all manged to swim face down at some point.....with constantly fogging goggles due to the frigid water temp and the hot./humid air temps it was difficult to see much without standing up and removing your goggles....which consequently encouraged you to swim further as you would instantly unthaw the moment your skin hit the air.

In the end our swim lasted approximately 20 minutes and took us from Klode's southeast beach up to the garage and back. On the way back The Patriarch and I ventured out a bit deeper in search of warmer water....which we did actually find...or perhaps we were just being optimistic?

Plan is to swim again at 6am Monday. We'll be keeping a close eye on the lake temps map. If it appears the lake has warmed we may try again at 6pm Sunday. Interested? Post a comment.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mulligan Swim at 6PM

It was too cold to swim this morning, the water temperature was 51.  So we're taking a mulligan and will try again at 6PM.  The good news is that summer has arrived and hot, humid, and sunny conditions are predicted for the next week.  Just what we ordered.

Sunday: 11AM Klode

Friday, August 7, 2009

Crisp, clear & refreshing

Beach: Klode
Water temp: 59
Waves: calm
Current: none
Clarity: Outstanding
Crew: The Patriarch, Gumdrop, Capt'n
Next swim: Saturday 11AM Klode

Simply put....this morning's swim was crisp, crystal clear and very refreshing. Our journey took us from Klode's south beach up to the rock wall and back. A wee bit cool on the face at the start but after a few minutes of swimming the spectacular water clarity and glass like lake surface took your mind off of the cooler water temp.

We've got our fingers crossed that this weekend's summer like temps will make for some spectacular non-wetsuit swims. Plan is to swim at 11am Saturday. If anyone has a preferred swim time for Sunday please comment.

Hope to see you on the beach!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back in Business!

Beach: Klode
Water temp: 60
Waves: slight chop
Current: from the south
Clarity: Outstanding
Crew: The Patriarch, Capt'n
Next swim: Friday 6AM Klode

60 never felt sooo good!! Upon dipping our toes in the water it was as if the stormy clouds instantly parted and the warm rays of the sun shined down upon us....out of the corner of my eye I think I even saw The Patriarch's whiskers leap to attention as if being called back into service.

Yes, the water was a wee bit chilly and took a bit for our faces to adjust to but we were like kids in a candy store....excited to reacquaint ourselves with what felt like a long lost friend. (It was 4 whole days after all that the lake was under seige!)

Water clarity was brilliant and the slight chop and current from the south made the journey from Klode's south beach to the sewer pipe quite a workout. The journey back, though, felt as if we had jet packs strapped to our backs.

In fact, I think The Patriarch mentioned that he may have even out swam an airplane on the way back!! Unfortunately, I failed to witness the spectacle as I became distracted by what appeared to be a school of small fish that numbered into the 1000's. As they all appeared white perhaps this is the fish the bay is named after?

Under Siege - day 4

Beach: Klode
Water temp: 52
Crew: The Patriarch, Gumdrop, Capt'n
Next swim: Thursday, 4:30PM Klode

The cold water siege of the Klode shoreline continued this morning. For a lake that seems to pride itself on its unpredictability you have to tip your hat to the Lady of the Lake for her consistency this week.

Despite the toe numbing conditions we remain optimistic that this freak occurrence of consistency will end soon. Today's forecast for westerly winds may not bode well for a warm-up but sunshine and air temps in the 80's give us hope that we'll be whistling Dixie soon.

We plan to give it a go again later this afternoon to get our swim fix in for the day....stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Beach: Klode
Water temp: 54
Waves: small
Clarity:  Excellent
Crew: Cap'n & Patriarch
Next swim: Thursday 6AM Klode

In this morning's blog Cap'n said we were "stubborner" than the lake.  If that's a word, then so is stubbornerness, which was our attitude this afternoon. We were determined to swim no matter what.  And we did. But it was tough. Especially the first couple minutes. It was difficult to keep our faces in the water.  It is August, isn't it? 


Beach: Klode
Water temp: 51
Crew: The Patriarch, Capt'n
Next swim: Wednesday, 4:30PM Klode

It's now been over 60 hours since we were last able to swim in the lake. The Lady of the Lake is certainly being stubborn. On the plus side though, these conditions are what I would call 'no doubters' it is extremely difficult to keep even your feet in the water for more than 10 seconds without your toes becoming painfully numb, there is little doubt in our minds of whether or not we'd be able to log an official swim.

But as stubborn as the lake has been...The Patriarch and I are stubborner! Fueled by our optimism and very favorable weather conditions today (...continued easterly winds, air temps around 80 and sunny skies...) we plan to try again at 4:30pm this afternoon.

Anyone interested?


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Beach: Klode
Water temp: 53 (...the toe test felt much colder...)
Crew: The Patriarch, Robin, Capt'n
Next swim: Wednesday, 6AM Klode

It's now been over 48 hours since our last swim in the lake....withdrawal has set much so The Patriarch was too depressed to blog about today's (non) adventure. Ohhh, woewies us...

Okay....enough of the belly-aching!! The winds be shiftin' round to the east...and ye know wat that be meanin' right!?!? The warm water be here soon! The signs of warm water are already starting to show...a thin band of floating seaweeds is just offshore....surely a sign from the Lady of the Lake that she be ready for us pillage and plunder the lake waters again!

That said, we be plannin' to walk da' plank at 6am Wednesday. Anyone up fer the adventure?


Monday, August 3, 2009


Beach: Klode
Water temp: 50! Holy Cow!
Crew: Cap'n, Kimberly, Patriarch
Next swim: Tuesday afternoon, 7PM Klode
The lake busted our balls today for sure. Even going in up to the knees was painful, swimming was out of the question, even with a wetsuit.

But apparently the organizers of the Bradford Beach Triathlon didn't think so, and the result was predictable:
They're lucky it wasn't worse.

And if that's not depressing enough, here's an article from today's Journal about fecal contamination in Milwaukee lakes and rivers:

In particular, the author says Big Bay is a place where people should not swim.

I've swum at Big Bay dozens of times, and other Lake Michigan beaches hundreds of times and I've never been sick. And I'm not giving it up now. I have no doubt the article is correct and the threat is real.

But I refuse to give in to the endless stream of bad press about the lake. I accept the risks, let common sense be my guide as to when and where to swim, and if makes me sick or worse, so be it, I'm going to have one hell of a time until it does.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

More certified crazy at 54

Beach: Klode
Water temp: 54 (yikes!)
Waves: small swells
Clarity: crystal clear
Crew: The Patriarch, Steve, Nahi, David, Capt'n
Next Swim: Monday 4:30PM Klode was cold. Really cold today. It's August....the skies were sunny, air temp pushing 80, a late afternoon start time...and a water temp of 54? Unreal!

Think that's crazy? Well, believe it or not we still swam...even Nahi! After all, we didn't come down to the beach just to look at it... :)

We didn't stay in long....but we all logged an official swim from Klode's south beach to south-south beach and back. (approx. 400 meters+)

...and as a bonus...we all lived to tell our grand kids about our adventure! :)

We're going to give the Lake a bit to bounce back before we jump in swim adventure is planned for 4:30pm Monday.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Refreshing (i.e. Froze Our Butts Off)

Beach: Klode
Water temp:  58!! (and it felt even colder away from shore)
Waves: small swells
Clarity: crystal clear 
Crew:  Steve, Kimberly, Cap'n, Patriarch
Next Swim: Sunday 5PM Klode

Once again the lake showed how gorgeous, how wild, how unpredictable, and how erratic she can be.  Which is why we find her endlessly fascinating.

Yesterday morning the water temperature was 60, yesterday evening 69, and this morning 58.   I can only hope that last night's warm water blew across the lake to Traverse Bay where James is competing in the 10K open water championship.

We managed what we would consider to be the minimum distance for it to count as an official swim:  to the private beach a couple hundred meters down the shore, and back.  We easily spent more time getting in and our of our wetsuits than we did swimming.  Maybe we'll see warmer water tomorrow, at least I hope so, especially for the sake of the Bradford Beach Tri competitors.  

Good luck James in the 10K!
Good luck Kimberly in the Muddy Buddy!
Good Luck Cap'n and Robin and Sandie in the Ripon tri!!

Two exciting Lake Michigan swim events are coming up, the Pirates Plunge (Aug 23) and Big Shoulders (Sept 12).  We have a number of people that will be doing one or both.  See the web links section on the right hand side of this blog for more info.