Sunday, August 16, 2009


Next swim: Monday 4:30PM Klode

The water was too cold to swim today, 53 this morning, 52 this evening.  It's been cold like this for over two weeks. I'm sure I've spent more time getting in and out of my wetsuit than actually swimming.  

So I have to remind myself why I don't give up and swim in the pool or an inland lake:  Because no other swimming hole within a thousand miles can match the adventure, the wildness, the beauty, and the challenge of swimming in a Great Lake.  And if there are many days when we can't swim, it just makes the days we can even more special.

See you on the beach!

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erun said...

How was it on Monday? I'm trying to determine temps to decide if I should pre-register for the Pirate's Plunge on Sunday.