Saturday, August 1, 2009

Refreshing (i.e. Froze Our Butts Off)

Beach: Klode
Water temp:  58!! (and it felt even colder away from shore)
Waves: small swells
Clarity: crystal clear 
Crew:  Steve, Kimberly, Cap'n, Patriarch
Next Swim: Sunday 5PM Klode

Once again the lake showed how gorgeous, how wild, how unpredictable, and how erratic she can be.  Which is why we find her endlessly fascinating.

Yesterday morning the water temperature was 60, yesterday evening 69, and this morning 58.   I can only hope that last night's warm water blew across the lake to Traverse Bay where James is competing in the 10K open water championship.

We managed what we would consider to be the minimum distance for it to count as an official swim:  to the private beach a couple hundred meters down the shore, and back.  We easily spent more time getting in and our of our wetsuits than we did swimming.  Maybe we'll see warmer water tomorrow, at least I hope so, especially for the sake of the Bradford Beach Tri competitors.  

Good luck James in the 10K!
Good luck Kimberly in the Muddy Buddy!
Good Luck Cap'n and Robin and Sandie in the Ripon tri!!

Two exciting Lake Michigan swim events are coming up, the Pirates Plunge (Aug 23) and Big Shoulders (Sept 12).  We have a number of people that will be doing one or both.  See the web links section on the right hand side of this blog for more info.

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