Thursday, August 20, 2009

Car Pool to Madison Saturday?

Next Swim: We'll try again this afternoon (Thursday) at 4:30

The unusally cold water temps continue. 51 at Klode last night, and 50 at Bradford Beach this morning. We did not swim.

Cap'n and me are desperate to do a long non-wetsuit swim, so we signed up for the 1.2/2.4 mile swim on the ironman course on Lake Monona on Saturday. Anyone interested in car pooling with us should contact us or post a comment. A link to their website is included on our web links section. You need to sign up in advance. The meet starts at 8, we'll need to be on the road by 5:30 or 6:00.

We're also signed up to do the Pirates Plunge on Sunday. Their website says the current water temp is 57, but I don't know where they are taking their readings. I don't doubt them, temps can be very different from one spot to the next. But it certainly doesn't line up with my readings or any of the websites which all show very cold water all up and down the shore and well into the lake. But there is lots of warm water on the other side of the lake, all we need is a big east wind and the right currents to bring it here. It could happen. Cross your fingers. It will be an awesome event if they can pull it off.

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Gabriel said...

It is time to make a sacrifice. Maybe we should burn a wetsuit or we should throw a goat into the lake.