Sunday, August 23, 2009

No Plunderin' for us Pirates

Arrrrrrg...we be a bit disappointed this mornin'. A mighty fine crew assembled for what was sure to be one of the best swimmin' events of the summer....the Pirates Plunge. The Lady of the Lake would have no Plunderin' by us here pirates tho. The water temp at Bradford this mornin' measured a meager 49.

1-2ft waves continue to roll ashore though...the optimist in me be thinkin' this must be a good sign as these here waves may be draggin' some of that warmer offshore water with it. Pirate Steve mentioned they may give the Pirates Plunge another swing next Sunday...stay tuned to their website for updates. (see link on the right)

Next attempt for us is planned for 4:30pm Monday.

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Gabriel said...

Went down to McKinley beach this afternoon. The water was definetely warmer, perhaps 60's.