Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Beach: Klode
Water temp: 48
Waves: dead calm
Crew: The Patriarch, Capt'n
Next swim: Tuesday 4:30PM Klode?

It was an eerie sight this morning as The Patriarch and I slumbered down to the beach. A thick fog lay on the horizon with a bright orange sun climbing up over it into the clear blue sky. Looking north across the bay the water was dead calm with only the tree tops visible over the billowing fog.

Of notable interest were 4 rather large objects floating about 200-800 meters straight off of the Klode shore. What could they be? Perhaps sunkin treasure that had surfaced after centuries at the lake bottom? Or perhaps crates of Killepitsch that had been swept overboard during the recent storms?

A feverish urge to swim out to them swept over us, but with each dip of the toes in the water we were instantly reminded that the water temp was only.....48. :(

We'll keep checking the water temp websites and hopefully get in the water at either 4:30 or 7pm. The warm water is out there....average lake surface temp currently reads 68. If we're at 48 that must mean the rest of the lake is REALLY warm. :)

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