Friday, August 7, 2009

Crisp, clear & refreshing

Beach: Klode
Water temp: 59
Waves: calm
Current: none
Clarity: Outstanding
Crew: The Patriarch, Gumdrop, Capt'n
Next swim: Saturday 11AM Klode

Simply put....this morning's swim was crisp, crystal clear and very refreshing. Our journey took us from Klode's south beach up to the rock wall and back. A wee bit cool on the face at the start but after a few minutes of swimming the spectacular water clarity and glass like lake surface took your mind off of the cooler water temp.

We've got our fingers crossed that this weekend's summer like temps will make for some spectacular non-wetsuit swims. Plan is to swim at 11am Saturday. If anyone has a preferred swim time for Sunday please comment.

Hope to see you on the beach!


Steven said...

I'm up for Sunday, sometime around or before noon.

Margie said...
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Margie said...

I'd like to swim on sunday; I'd prefer 11am or earlier, but I can really do any time;