Thursday, August 27, 2009


Beach: Klode
Temp: 57
Waves: 1ft
Water Clarity: murky near shore, good offshore
Crew: The Patriarch, Capt'n
Next Swim: Friday 6AM Klode, (perhaps 4PM Thursday)

It had been 10 days since we last swam in the could you fault The Patriarch and I for having thoughts of swimming in another lake? Following our Wednesday morning rejection we began making plans for possibly heading out to Big Cedar to swim Thursday evening if we were again turned away by the Lady of the Lake.

This morning our fortunes made an unexpected about face as we were greeted with a water temp of 57. Cold yes, but warm enough to support a rock pile and back swim this morning.

The water along the Klode shoreline this morning was saturated with sand making it nearly impossible to see your hands even if they were right in front of your face. Approximately 50 meters offshore though the water clarity improved considerably allowing occasional glimpses of the sandy lake bottom.

Depending on weather conditions we may attempt to swim again at 4pm....for sure if the water temps continue their upward trend today. We'll for sure be back at 6am Friday.

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