Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'll Go In If You Go In

Friday Night Swim: Doctors Park, 60 degrees, murky seaweed filled water, Cap'n & Patriarch.

Saturday Sunrise Swim: Doctors Park, Very cold (don't know exact temp), Cap'n, Gabriel, Sandie

Saturday 10AM Swim: Klode park, 52 degrees (yikes!), crystal clear water, Patriarch, Eileen, David, David, Margie

Next Swim:  Sunday 11AM Klode

With all the cold water the last two weeks we've been playing a lot of our favorite game, "I'll go in if you go in".  Trouble is, nobody can figure out how to win.  Either you're a wimp or you're a popsicle.

We tested Sandie's theory that the water would be warmer if we got out of the bay and onto a point.  Klode sits in Whitefish Bay, so we ventured north to Doctors Park which sits on Fox Point.  On Friday evening his theory proved correct, it was 53 at Klode and 60 at Doctors, but this morning there was no difference.  Go figure.

David made us jealous with his tales of swimming in 72 degree water in Saugatuck, directly opposite us on the Michigan shore.  It's a pity such luxury is wasted on Trolls.  (Definition:  Troll, noun, a member of the inferior race that resides "below the bridge").


Josh said...

I can't make it Sunday morning - but is there any interest in swimming Sunday late afternoon (such as 4 or 5)?

Josh said...

although it's looking like it might be too cold - maybe we'll see what the temperature is sunday morning?