Friday, August 28, 2009

on the up and up

Beach: Klode
Temp: 59
Waves: 1-2ft
Water Clarity: murky near shore, good offshore
Crew: The Patriarch, Sandie, Capt'n
Next Swim: Saturday Noon Klode, Sunday Noon Klode

The size of the waves rolling ashore weren't the only thing heading in an upward trend since yesterday, so was the water temp. Everything else this morning was nearly identical to yesterday's swim.

Overcast skies and cooler air temps have persisted ( it really August?) but the lake appears to be determined to climb above the 60 degree mark for this weekend's swim adventures. (Okay, I'm sure we've all learned over the past 3 weeks, predicting lake temps is more pure luck than a science...but you can't blame me for being optimistic, right?)

Speaking of this weekend....the current plan is to swim both Saturday and Sunday at noon. If you have a preference for a different time, please comment.

Hope to see you on the beach this weekend!

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