Saturday, October 19, 2013

End of Season

After Friday's most excellent Pirates Pizza Night celebration, and having accomplished our goal of 100 days straight of Lake Michigan swimming, it seems as good a time as any to formally end the swim season.

I Patriarch of the Klode Kru do hereby declare the 2013 summer swim season closed.  Any further swims this year will be counted as "Viking" swims, and the participants thereof considered insane.  

Here are some of my highlights of this swim season, please add your own in the comments:
- Those few perfect days when the water was flat calm and clear and the swimming was more like effortless gliding.  Some of those days were July 4th, Big Shoulders, and the Shipwreck Swim.
- On the other hand, those few big wave days when it was fun to just roll and splash in the surf.
- Spectacular sunrises over the lake viewed from the water.
- The great post-swim party at McTwists
- The false alarm that caused the North Shore Fire Department to come to the beach in force looking for a non-existent "swimmer in distress"
- The day a most attractive video journalist from channel 12 shows up looking for the swimmers doing a tribute to Diana Nyad, and Capn's reaction to her and his subsequent TV interview.
- The day a record 40 people came to swim, and the water temp plunged to 40 degrees.
- Watching Mike & Co. swim 5 miles across Whitefish Bay.  
- Kahuna's Skull and Crossbones flag.
- GTGBFTOFB Day (Get the great big freaking tire off our beach day).
- Best quote of the season:  James to Cap'n, "To get swimmers ear you have to be a swimmer"
- Runner up quote:  Showgirl, "Once you go skin, you'll never go back."
- Diablo's record breaking skin swim in 46.9 degree water
- Post swim Pitschs.
- Post Swim Door County Cherry Pancakes at Solly's.  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pirates Pizza Night Moved to Thursday 10/17

My apologies for the last minute date change.  The Patriarch and I are now on the same page and plans are set for Pirates Pizza Night.  Here are the details:

Who:  All Klode Kru members, guests & anyone who's interested in swimming with The Patriarch (...for just $100)
What: Pirates Pizza Night
WhereLisa's Pizza  - 2961 N Oakland Ave 
When:  Thursday October 17th @7pm

Why:  To drink grog, eat some pizza & share tales of our 2013 adventures

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pirates Pizza Night Thursday

Pirates Pizza Night - Thursday October 10th @ 7pm - Lisa's Pizza

Next Swim:
   TBD - post a comment if you plan to go

Last Swims:
   Sunday October 6th @ 10:30am
      Water Temp: 51.2
      Air Temp: 63 & sunny
      Waves: flat
      Clarity: crystal
      Crew: Diablo, Gumdrop, Geoffrey, Capt'n
      Skin Count: 3
      Suit Count: 1

   Saturday October 5th @ 1pm
      Water Temp:  52.8
      Air Temp: 69 & cloudy
      Waves: low rollers from south
      Clarity: clear
      Crew: Diablo, Gumdrop (early), Showgirl, Geoffrey, Capt'n
      Skin Count: 1
      Suit Count: 4

Who's in for Pirates Pizza Night Thursday at Lisa's?  Please post a comment if you are so we can save you a seat!

The water doesn't seem to be warming up and the mornings/days keep getting colder and darker.  As a result the Kru's next swim remains TBD.

The 51 degree water Sunday didn't stop Diablo, Gumdrop and I from logging a skin swim.  Even more impressive was Diablo who swam up to Cedar Grove and back!  Not quite as brave...but not to be out done....I logged two loops to Garage and back from Klode's NE beach so that I could exit the water along with Diablo.  ( swim time was nearly 25 minutes...)  Tapering for the upcoming cooler water and air temps Gumdrop opted just to log just a brisk swim up to Garage and back.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Consecutive Day Streak Ends at 100

Next Swims:
   Saturday October 5th @ 1pm
   Sunday October 6th @ 10:30 (cheer Kahuna at Klode from 10-10:30am)

Last Swim:
   Thursday October 3rd @ 6:15am
      Water Temp:
         48.4 (macho meter)
         9.6 C = 49.3 F (scientific)
      Air Temp: 56 & cloudy
      Waves: frequent low rollers
      Clarity: clear
      Crew: Diablo, Gumdrop, Showgirl, Mr. Amazing, Panini, Capt'n with Special Guest Appearance by WonderWoman
      Skin Count: 2
      Suit Count: 4

   Friday October 4th @ 6:15am
         Water Temp:  47.1 (macho meter)
         Air Temp: 62 & thick fog
         Waves: none
         Clarity: clear
         Crew: no swim / special guest appearances by Diablo, Showgirl, Capt'n

We did it!!  100 consecutive days of swimming in Lake Michigan!  The Lady of the Lake sure didn't make it easy the past few days...and Mother Nature threatened to really test our determination with Thunderstorms Thursday morning.  Fortunately for us the storms held off and the water warmed nearly 5 degrees for consecutive swim day 100.

Thick fog and icy water greeted us Friday.  Nothing we haven't swum in before...but with our 100 day milestone in the bank and earning interest the Kru lacked sufficient motivation to walk the plank.  Saturday the plan is to swim at 1pm.  Sunday the plan is to cheer Kahuna on as he passes mile 19 of the Lakefront Marathon...which is near the Klode parking lot.  Per my calculations this should occur between 10-10:30am.  Obviously with the marathon proceeding along the roads that lead to the Klode parking lot you will need to park a few blocks west of Klode and walk in for Sunday morning's swim.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Next Swims:
   Wednesday 10/2 @ ??? (post comment with time if interested)
   Thursday 10/3 @ 6:15am
   Friday 10/4 @ 6:15am

Last Swim:
   Wednesday 10/2 @ 6:15am
      Water Temp:
         44.4 (macho meter)
         7.3 C = 45.1 F (scientific)
      Air Temp: 54 & cloudless/sunny
      Waves: flat
      Clarity: crystal
      Crew: Diablo (skin!!!), Gumdrop, Capt'n with valiant attempts by Showgirl and Mr. Amazing

Consecutive Day #99....the Lady of the Lake sure isn't making it easy for us to extend our consecutive days of swimming to 100.  The verdict is still out as to whether Mother Nature should be added to the list of adversaries to our goal of reaching 100.  We all agree though that conditions certainly could have been worse this morning.

After 14+ days of waves and turbulent swim conditions this morning's glass like lake surface was a very pleasant surprise.  The cloudless sky, calm winds and air temps in the mid-50's were also a pleasant reprieve from the mid-40's and breezy conditions we had the past 2 mornings.  Also encouraging the Kru this morning was a spectacular crimson glow on the horizon and the promise of a warm summer like day that's been forecast.

Yes...your eyes are not deceiving you regarding the reference above to Diablo swimming skin this morning.  He not only swam skin but got his money's worth out of the 1/4+mile picnic table and back journey.  Without hesitation Diablo walked the plank, methodically swam south to the picnic table and then proceeded to take a very round about route return trip by swimming further out from shore than Gumdrop and I.  Consequently, while we did not record an official swim time this morning Diablo arguably spent more time in the water than the rest of us. 

Another noteworthy point for the record...without the benefit of knowing the water temp this morning Gumdrop actually swam a few minutes earlier than the rest of us.  It probably goes without saying that it's a lot easier embarking on an insane adventure when you already know Gumdrop has completed it.  :)

PS.  For those that are interested...the record coldest 'official' Klode Kru swim is 41 recorded on 12/5/2009.  Diablo's skin swim at 45.1 is a record! 'official' Klode Kru swim is at least 1/4 mile.

PPS.  It's not looking good for Pirates Pizza night Thursday or for the rest of this week.  (...should have checked The Patriarch's schedule before posting....)  Perhaps we can connect next week to celebrate our season?  Please post a comment if you have a preferred evening.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pirates Pizza Night Thursday?

Next Swims:
   Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (10/2-10/4) @ 6:15am

Last Swims:
   Tuesday October 1st @ 6:15am
      Water Temp: 52
      Air Temp: 57 & sunny
      Waves:  occasional low roller
      Clarity: clear
      Crew: Diablo (skin!), Gumdrop, Kahuna, Showgirl, Capt'n

   Monday September 30th @ 6:15am
      Water Temp: 52
      Air Temp: 47 &  sunny
      Waves: flat  (first time in 2 weeks!)
      Clarity: crystal
      Crew: Diablo (skin!), Capt'n with special guest appearances by The Patriarch and Panini

We are now just 2 swim days away from logging our 100th consecutive day of swimming!  How about we celebrate and share some of our favorite stories of 2013 over Pizza & Beer Thursday night?  How about 7pm at Lisa's pizza?

What say ya.....Arr ya' in fer a Pirates Pizza night Thursday?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Is there an alternative?

Next Swims: Mon 9/30, Tue 10/1, Wed 10/2, 6:15 AM all three days

Last Swims: Sunday 9/29 noon
Water Temp: 52!
Waves: Small
Water Clarity:  OK
Crew: Cap'n, Patriarch, Diablo, Geoffrey, Gumdrop and special guest Lorraine
Wetsuit/Skin Count: 4/1
Pitsch Count: 4

Saturday 9/28 noon
Water Temp: 61
Waves: 2-3 feet
Water Clarity:  Good further out
Crew: Mike, Andy, Sketch, Nemo, Diablo, Geoffery, Cap'n, Lorraine, Panini, Showgirl, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin Count: 8/3
Pitsch Count: 7

These are the times that try men's souls.  Or at least their desire to swim.

After holding steady in the 60's for the last couple weeks, the water temp fell to the low 50s today.  Tomorrow morning the air temp is predicted to be 48, and the water temp will likely be only a couple degrees warmer.  Is it really worth dragging my sorry ass out of a warm bed in the pitch dark?

Somebody help me out and give me an alternative.  Can anyone swim mid-day instead?  It will be sunny and 70 at noon.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Weekend Swims at Noon

Next Swims: Sat 9/28 and Sun 9/29, noon both days

Last Swims:
Wed 9/25, Thu 9/26, Fri 9/27, 6:15AM all three days
Water Temps:  Holding steady in low 60's
Waves:  1-3 feet (there hasn't been calm water in over a week!)
Water Clarity: varying, OK to excellent
Wed Crew: Panini, Cap'n, Diablo, Showgirl, Gumdrop, Patriach
Wed Wetsuit/Skin Count: 3/3
Thu Crew: Showgirl, Patriarch, Kahuna, David, Diablo, Gumdrop, Cap'n
Thu Wetsuit/Skin Count: 4/3
Fri Crew: Cap'n, Showgirl, Diablo, Kahuna, McTwist, Gumdrop
Fri Wetsuit/Skin Count: 4/2

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Imagination...friend or foe?

Next Swims:
   Wed-Fri 9/25-9/27 @ 6:15am
   Possibly a 6PM swim on Thursday, please comment if interested

Last Swim:
   Tuesday 9/24 @ 6:15
      Water Temp: 64
      Air Temp: 52 & sunny
      Waves: frequent 1-3ft w/ occasional 4-5ft
      Clarity: clear outside of sandbars
      Crew: The Patriarch, Diablo, Showgirl, W.U. Doc, Capt'n
      Skin Count: 1
      Suit Count: 4

The occasional thunder of waves crashing into the Klode rock piles could be heard this morning from the parking lot.  Upon reaching the beach the onslaught of frequent 1-5ft waves rolling into shore dared you to walk the plank into what appeared to be swift current moving from south to north.  Needless to say it didn't take much imagination to come to the conclusion that walking the plank this morning would certainly provide a thrill.

As intimidating as the conditions appeared from the shoreline the waves outside of the sandbars just off the rock piles were more akin to slumbering giants rolling into shore than the wicked serpents that were simultaneously pummeling the rock piles.  While the waves and visual appearance of a swift  current may have looked formidable prior to embarking on this morning's adventure the actual adventure this morning to me felt more like a day at Noah's Ark than riding the roller coasters at Six Flags.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Three Pebbles on a Flip Flop

Next Swims:  Tue 9/24, Wed 9/25, Thu, 9/26 at 6:15AM all three days

Last Swims:  Sat 9/21 noon
Water Temp: 60
Waves: one foot
Water Clarity:  OK
Crew: Cap'n, Diablo, Gumdrop, Panini, Showgirl, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin: 2/4

Sun 9/22 noon
Water Temp: 64
Waves: 2-3 feet
Water Clarity: Good
Crew: Geoffery, Phil, Diablo, Gumdrop, Cap'n, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin: 3/3
Pitsch Count: 5

Mon 9/23 6:15AM
Water Temp: 62
Waves: 1-2 feet chop on top of swells
Water Clarity: OK
Crew:  Gumdrop, Showgirl, Cap'n Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin: 4/0

Four of us swam this morning, me, Cap'n, Showgirl and Gumdrop.  Cap'n and me swam the furthest, and when we returned to the beach the others had gone.  But we noticed that someone had neatly arranged three pebbles on both of our right flip flops.  Who placed them there?  Gumdrop?  Showgirl?  Someone else?  And why?  What does it mean?  A warning?  A joke?  An invitation?  A curse?  Art?  An unspoken desire? My imagination runs wild.  But as we all know, Capn's imagination runs even wilder, but always in the same direction, so whoever did this beware!  

Friday, September 20, 2013

Streaking into Fall

Next Swims:
   Saturday September 21st @ noon
   Sunday September 22nd @ 3:30pm

Last Swims:
   Friday September 20th @ 6:15am
      Water Temp:  66
      Air Temp: 67 & cloudy
      Waves:  occasional swell from southeast
      Clarity:  slightly cloudy / clear
      Crew:  The Patriarch, Kahuna, Showgirl, Capt'n
      Skin Count: 4

   Thursday September 19th @ 6:15am
      Water Temp: 66
      Air Temp:  71 & mostly sunny
      Waves: slight chop from south
      Clarity: cloudy
      Crew: The Patriarch, Gumdrop, Kahuna, Showgirl, David, Capt'n
      Skin Count: 5
      Suit Count: 1

   Wednesday September 18 @ 6:15am
      Water Temp:  63
      Air Temp:  64 & mostly sunny
      Waves: 1-2ft
      Clarity: still improving
      Crew:  Gumdrop, Nivens McTwisp, The Patriarch, Kahuna, Showgirl, Capt'n
      Skin Count: 5
      Suit Count: 1

   Tuesday September 17th @ 6pm
   ( reported by Lorraine...)
      Water Temp: low 60's
      Air Temp: low 60's
      Waves: 1-3ft
      Clarity: no report
      Crew: Lorraine, Zoom-Zoom, Andy
      Skin Count: 1
      Suit Count: 2

Hard to believe that according to the calendar we have nearly reached the end of summer (....the Astronomical Summer...) and that fall officially starts Sunday.  Of course that doesn't mean that we've reached the end of our Lake Michigan swim season.  Currently we have some fairly impressive streaks going.  Today marked the 87th consecutive day of Lake Michigan swimming and the 62nd consecutive day where we've at least had one skin swimmer  (...of course it took very valiant efforts by Diablo and Nanook on August 27th to maintain that streak in 46 degree water!)  Typically while the fall does usher in considerably cooler air temps it does not always translate into drastically cooler water temps.  Past experiences have been that water temps will only gradually decline by a degree or two every few days....but then again....we know better than to try and predict lake temps, right?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Late Season Blues

Correction:  this post has been corrected, the swim times for Thursday and Friday are 6:15AM, not 6:15 PM

Next Swims: Tue 9/17 6PM, Thursday and Friday 9/18 & 9/19, 6:15AM both days

Last Swims: Mon 9/16 6PM
Water Temp: 64
Waves: 2-4 feet
Water Clarity:  Zero
Crew: Nanook, Zoom Zoom, Monika, Cap'n, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin Count: 2/3
Pitsch Count: 5

Tue: 9/17 6:15AM
Water Temp: 62
Waves: 1-3 feet
Water Clarity:  Improving
Crew: David, Showgirl, Cap'n, Patriarch, with excellent wetsuit assistance from Panini
Wetsuit/Skin Count: 2/2

It's pitch dark when I get up and a blast of cold air wakens me when I go out the door.  Back inside for a fleece a jacket and a hat.  The car smells like an algae covered beach.  Drive to Klode on deserted streets.  The crew is small and quiet.   The waves are large the water is cold and the sun still isn't up.  After a lot of hemming and hawing we skip the morning swim and decide to come back later.  Yeah I'm singing the late season blues.  Where has summer gone?  Oh won't you stay just a little bit longer?  Please please please please, just a little bit longer.

Here's a picture from our swim in the rain on Sunday.    Left to right:  Cap'n, McTwist, Showgirl, Nanook, and someone wearing a Gumdrop hoodie.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Mother Nature vs The Lady of the Lake

Next Swims:
   Monday September 16th @ 6pm
   Tuesday September 17th @ 6:15am
   Tuesday September 17 @ 6pm

Latest Conditions:
   Monday September 16th @ 6:15am
      Water Temp: 62
      Air Temp:  44 & mostly sunny
      Waves:  3-6ft every 2-3 seconds
      Clarity: unknown
      Crew:  Appearances by The Patriarch, Diablo, Showgirl, Tsunami (Monika), Capt'n

Last Swim:
   Sunday September 15th @ 11am
      Water Temp:  66+ (70ish offshore)
      Air Temp: 56 & rain
      Waves:  flat with slight current from south
      Clarity: picturesque turquoise blue hue
      Crew:  The Patriarch, Diablo, Gumdrop, Nivens McTwisp, Nanook, Lorraine, Capt'n plus one more
      Skin Count: 6
      Suit Count: 2
      Pitsch Count: 7

This is the time of year when it appears as if the Lady of the Lake and Mother Nature have a little competition to see who can test our determination to swim more.  Sunday the Lady of the Lake once again provided some of the best swim conditions of the year with flat beautiful turquoise blue water and consistently warm warm water that felt 70ish away from the Klode rocks.  By comparison Mother Nature threw at us periods of rain and an air temp in the 50's.  Needless to say Sunday was one of those rare swims where I think we actually spent more time toasting the exceptional swim conditions following the swim than we did preparing for the swim.  (...I think McTwisp may have actually got into his wetsuit faster than he typically gets out of it during a triathlon....)

This morning Mother Nature provided some challenging swim conditions with air temps struggling to reach the mid-40's.  Certainly swimmable conditions for those who are determined.  Raising the ante the Lady of the Lake threw at us frequent 3-6ft waves.  Again, certainly swimmable conditions for those who are determined.  But with this afternoon's forecast calling for improving conditions from both Mother Nature and the Lady of the Lake we figured why not just come back this evening?  So that's the plan....return at 6pm for a swim!  Who's in?


Sunday, September 15, 2013


Next Swims: Sunday 9/15 11AM
Mon & Tue 9/17 & 9/17 6:15AM (later starting time due to later sunrise)

Last Swims: Saturday 9/14 1PM
Water Temp: 70
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew: Diablo, Nanook, Kahuna, Gumdrop, Scooby, Sarah, Patriarch, Cap'n
Wetsuit/Skin Count: 0/8
Pitsch Count: 8

Friday 9/13: 4:30PM
Water Temp: 66 on shore but much warmer offshore
Waves: 3-4 feet, with an occasional 5-6 footer
Water Clarity: None
Crew: Gumdrop, Cap'n, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin Count: 2/1

If Friday morning was a nightmare, Saturday was wonderful.  A beautiful day with warm clear flat water.  And something I haven't seen in a long time.  We were swimming through brilliant translucent turquoise water, the way it used to be many years ago before mussels and algae.  The water appears transparent and clear close up, but at about 8-10 feet everything dissolves into gorgeous shades of blue.  I'm not sure what causes that (plankton?), but whatever it is I hope we get more of it.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Das Schreckgespenst at Klode!!

Next Swims:
   Friday the 13th @ 4:30pm
   Saturday the 14th @ 1pm
   Sunday the 15th @ 11am

Latest Swim Conditions:
   Friday 9/13 @ 6am
      Water Temp:  64
      Air Temp:  47 & sunny
      Waves:  frequent 3-5ft (every 2-3 seconds)
      Clarity:  unknown
      Spectators:  The Patriarch, Diablo, Showgirl, Capt'n

Last Swim:
   Thursday 9/12 @ 6am
      Water Temp: 64
      Air Temp:  68 & sunny
      Waves:  flat
      Clarity:  crystal clear
      Crew:  The Patriarch, Diablo, Showgirl, Bubba, David, Panini, Capt'n

Frequent big waves pummeling the Klode rock piles greeted us as we arrived on the beach this morning.  A fitting nightmarish scene considering it's Friday the 13th.  Rather than charge into battle against the onslaught of monsterous waves we opted to reconvene at 4:30 this afternoon when the air temps most certainly will be warmer and the seas should be calmer.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Next Swim:  Possibly tonight Wednesday 9/11 at 6PM, if interested please comment
Thursday & Friday 9/12 and 9/13 at 6AM

Last Swims:
Wed 9/11 6AM
Water temp: 65
Waves:  a little choppy
Water Clarity:  Good except some cloudiness and gunk near the beach rock piles
Crew: Showgirl, Bubba, McTwist, Diablo, Cap'n, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin Count: 1/5

Tue 9/10 6PM
Water Temp: all over the place, pockets of warm and cold
Waves: calm
Water Clarity: excellent
Crew: Scooby, Diablo, Cap'n, Ron, Zoom Zoom, Sketch, Brent, Monika, Lorraine, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin Count: 3/7

Tue 9/10 6AM
Water Temp: 67 at the beach, but warmer offshore
Waves:  Calm
Water Clarity:  Very Good
Crew:  Scooby, Diablo, Showgirl, David, Cap'n, Showgirl, Patriarchd
Wetsuit/Skin Count: 1/5

Pockets of warm water.  Pockets of cold water.  Swarms of beautiful dragonflies eating even larger swarms of nasty biting flies.  Clear calm water offshore.  Smelly gunky water near the beach.  Beautiful stunning gorgeous sunrises.  Sad news about a longtime friend.   Even worse news from another.  

Monday, September 9, 2013

Still Going Strong

Next Swims:  Tuesday September 10th 6AM and 6PM, Wednesday 9/11 6AM

Last Swims:
Monday 9/9 6AM
Water Temp: 68
Waves: 2-4 feet
Water Clarity:  Good
Crew: Showgirl, Diablo, Kahuna, Monika, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin Count: 3/3

Monday 9/9 6PM
Water Temp: 71
Waves: 1-2 feet
Water Clarity: poor
Crew:  Lorraine, Cap'n, Patriarch, Gumdrop, and He Whose Name I can't Remember
Special Guest Appearance by Sir James
Wetsuit/Skin Count 2/3
Pitsch Count: 3

It may be mid-September, and Big Shoulders and Ironman are memories, but there's still excellent swimming.  Come and enjoy it while it lasts.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Big Shoulders Report

Next Swims:  Monday September 9th, 6AM & 6PM

Big Shoulders, Sat September 7, Ohio Street Beach, Chicago
Water Temp: 71
Waves:  Calm
Water Clarity:  OK
5K Crew:  Sir James, Bubba, Nanook
2.5K Crew: Jack Frost, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin Count: 0/5

Rookies beware!  Don't expect to see conditions this nice again.  I've done at least seven Big Shoulders and I can't remember one this benign.  A warm sunny day with flat 71 degree water.  Almost too easy.

Sir James smoked a 1:04 good for 9th overall, 3rd in his age group (that's one tough age group).  I hate to mention this but James was 1:20 behind archenemy Megan who was second female overall. Rookie Nanook swam an awesome 1:22 good for 10th in the very competitive 18-24 age group.  Bubba was not far behind at 1:26, 23rd in age group.  In the 2.5K, Jack Frost swam 43 min, good for 3rd in age group.  I swam an hour flat which would have been good for 6th in age group but they didn't score it that way because I signed up in the wetsuit category and they marked it that way even though I didn't wear a wetsuit because the water was so warm.

Sunday September 8th 8AM
Water temp:  66
Waves: 2-4 feet
Water Clarity: Not good, but at least the smelly gunky stuff is gone
Crew:  Brent and Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin Count:  2/0

Friday, September 6, 2013

Good Luck to Big Shoulders and Ironman Participants!

Next Swims:  Although many of us have events this weekend there will still be swimming at Klode
Saturday and Sunday 9/7 and 9/8, 8AM both days

Last Swims:  Thursday 9/5 6AM and 6PM
Water Temp:  67
Waves:  2-3 feet, very choppy and irregular
Water Clarity:  Mucky gunky and skunky near shore, better further out
Crew:  Diablo, Showgirl, Bubba, Brent, Big Show, David, Cap'n, Patriarch, and Sir James on his own at 6PM
Wetsuit/ Skin Count: 2/7

Friday 9/6 6AM
Water Temp: 66 at the beach, but it seemed much warmer further out
Waves:  gentle rollers
Water Clairity:  Still gunky near shore, but clearer and improving offshore
Crew: Nivens McTwist, Showgirl, Cap'n, Diablo, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin Count 1/4

Good luck to all those participating in Big Shoulders and Ironman this weekend.  This may be the climax of the swim season for some, but there still should be lots of good swimming left.  See you on the beach.  

P.S.  I am driving down to Big Shoulders early Saturday morning with Jack Frost.  If anyone else needs a ride let me know.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Klode Kru in the News

Next Swims:  Thursday 9/5 6AM, Friday 9/6 6AM

Last Swims:  Tue 9/3 6AM
Water Temp: 65
Waves:  small swells
Water Clarity:  poor
Crew: Diablo, Kahuna, Showgirl, Bubba, Patriarch, Cap'n
Wetsuit/Skin Count: 0/6

Tue: 9/3 6PM
Water Temp: 70
Waves:  small swells
Water Clarity:  Very Poor
Crew: Not Dave's Wife, Nanook, Lorraine, Sketch, Sir James, Gumdrop, Patriarch with special guest appearance by Cap'n (With my apologies to Cap'n, I can't give him credit for a swim Tuesday evening, see comments below)

Wed: 9/4 6AM
Water Temp: 67
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity:  Improving
Crew: Jadi, McTwist, Jilly Bean, Showgirl, Kahuna, Diablo, Bubba, Panini, Cap'n, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin Count: 4/6

One of the most fun parts of swimming with this group is observing Capn's behavior when a good looking woman shows up.  CBS58 sent a very attractive photojournalist to Klode to do a piece on local open water swimming as part of their coverage of Diana Nyad's swim from Cuba to Florida.  Our glib and swaggering Cap'n turned into a shy red faced stammering yammering high school freshman boy.  He was so enamored that he didn't swim with us, but spent the whole time on the beach talking to her.   Despite talking to her for the better part of an hour he didn't get her name or number.  Cap'n Jellyfish??

But I must admit he managed to pull himself together enough to do a great interview:

Tom Held also did a blog post about us:

And here is a link to the Journal story about our Sunday morning misadventures:

Monday, September 2, 2013

"Not Dave's Wife" Swim Tuesday at 6pm

Next Swims:
   Tuesday September 3rd @ 6am
   Tuesday September 3rd @ 6pm
   Wednesday September 4th @ 6am

Last Swim:
   Labor Day - Monday September 2nd @ noon
      Water Temp: 67
      Air Temp: 69 & partly sunny
      Waves: building 1-3ft
      Clarity: clears outside sandbars
      Crew: The Patriarch, Diablo, Gumdrop, Sir James, The Big Show, Sketch, Don Diego, Sketch, Valley Girl, David, Larry, Lorraine, Panini, Monika, Dean, Ben, Brent, Brent, Capt'n with special guest appearances by Dave and Not Dave's Wife
      Skin Count: 4
      Suit Count: 15
      Pitsch Count: 11

Playful 1-3ft waves greeted the Klode Kru as they arrived at the beach today.  19 total swimmers walked the plank today with several of them clad in Brent Emery's latest and greatest wetsuits that are now available for purchase at his stores.  Everyone clad in these sharp looking wetsuits (...which included Sir James, The Big Show, Panini and Monika...) agreed that they not only felt great to swim in but were a great way to enjoy the cooler lake water.

Upon arriving back to shore we were greeted by Not Dave's Wife and Dave.  Both sadly have been absent from our swims this summer but Not Dave's Wife has promised to swim with us Tuesday evening.  FYI....Rumor has it that Dave may not be present for Tuesday's swim.  :)

Side hand signals were used during the course of this afternoon's swim with Kru members opting to speak loudly their swimming intentions to proceed further or to turn around.  No emergency responders were encountered before, during or following our swim. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

False Alarm

Next Swim:  Labor Day Monday September 2nd Noon

Last Swim: Sunday 9/1, 8AM
Water Temp: 67
Waves: Gentle Rollers
Water Clarity: Variable
Crew: Eric & friend, Gigi & friend, Lorraine, David, Kahuna, Cap'n, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin Count: 7/2

 I was standing on the beach having just completed an awesome swim to flat rock when two fire fighters came running down the beach, responding to a "swimmer in distress" call made by a lady somewhere on shore.  She estimated the swimmer in trouble to be 1,000 feet offshore.

But all our swimmers were either on shore or visible returning to the beach.  None was in any kind of distress, and if they had been they could have simply stood up and walked to shore as they were in shallow water close to shore, no where close to 1,000 feet out.

So it's not clear what prompted the call, but the response was massive.  The North Shore Fire and Rescue had men and women at several points on the shore.  The Rescue squad, the Sheriff and Coast Guard all had boats in the water, and the Coast Guard helicopter was in the air.   After speaking with us, the alert was called off.

I can only come up with two possible explanations:  a) someone else besides us (swimmer, kayaker, surfer, paddle boarder) was in the water although we didn't see anyone or b) something we did or said was misinterpreted to be a distress signal.

Perhaps we should be more careful about what we say and do.  No waving arms, no jokes about missing swimmers, no saying "I don't see so and so", etc.  Anything that might lead someone on shore to think we had a problem.

Anyhow, other than that, it was a great swim.  Lorraine completed her first "Big Bay and Back" swim.  Ted and Kahuna also did Big Bay and Back, although Kahuna's achievement has been challenged by Lorraine and Cap'n on the grounds that he stopped 100 meters short.  I wasn't there, so I'm staying out of it.  The rest of us made flat rock or close to it.      

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Big Bay & Back Sunday at 8am?

Next Swims:
   Sunday September 1st @ 8am
   Monday (Labor Day) September 2nd @ noon

Last Swims:
   Friday August 30th @ 8am
      Water Temp:  64.8
      Air Temp: 71 & sunny
      Waves: flat
      Clarity: clear
      Crew: The Patriarch, Diablo, Kahuna, Bubba, Sir James, The Big Show, Nanook, Jillybean, Ben, Pat, Eric, Panini, Capt'n
      Skin Count: 8
      Suit Count: 5

   Friday August 30th @ 6pm
      Water Temp:  60.9
      Air Temp: 78 & cloudy
      Waves: slight chop from east
      Clarity: stirred up
      Crew: The Patriarch, Gumdrop, Crash, Zoom-Zoom, Capt'n
      Skin Count: 4
      Suit Count: 1
      Pitsch Count: 4

   Saturday August 31st @ 8am
      Water Temp: 66.4
      Air Temp: 69 fog/sun
      Waves: moderate chop & current from northeast
      Clarity:  stirred up near shore / clear further out
      Crew:  The Patriarch, Diablo, Kahuna, Nivens McTwisp, Bo, Neo, Nanook, David, Phil, Capt'n with guest appearances by Steph, Gigi, Gumdrop, Sir James, The Big Show, The Fine Wench, Mike and many more...
      Skin Count: 5
      Suit Count: 5

Today's conditions would have made for a fairly challenging Big Bay and back swim so we're hoping to give it another go Sunday morning at 8am.  This morning the Kru opted for a Deadwood (Mudslide) and back swim instead.  Swimming north there were a few instances where you felt like you were going nowhere...but going south felt nearly effortless.  The water was considerably clearer and warmer further out from shore.  With the east winds and waves rolling in perhaps the warmer water will grace our swim tomorrow.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Next Swims:
   Friday 8/30 @ 6am
   Friday 8/30 @ 6pm (Fish Fry or Blue Sombrero after?)
   Saturday 8/31 @ 8am (Klode to Big Bay & Back?)

Last Swim:
   Thursday 8/29 @ 6pm
      Water Temp: 73!!!
      Air Temp: 78 & sunny
      Waves: slight chop from south
      Clarity: clear
      Crew: The Patriarch, Diablo, Showgirl, Kahuna, Sir James, Sketch, Zoom-Zoom, David, Beth, Christine, Ashly, Capt'n with cameo by Gumdrop
      Skin Count:10
      Suit Count: 2
      Pitsch Count:8

What an amazing day!!  6am swim highlighted by an amazing sunrise while we were in the water and a 6pm swim with crystal clear water conditions and a water temp comfortably in the mid-to-upper 70's!  ...and to top it all off the Klode Kru succeeded in Getting That Great Big Fracking Tire Off The Beach!  :)
Here are the photo highlights:

The GTGBFTOTB Mastermind....

Sir James shows us how they did it in the Navy....

Phase 1 of the project passes inspection....

Proof positive that a picture is worth at least 1,000 words...

The Kru discovers and removes the offspring of the GBFT...


Next Swims:  Today Thursday 8/29 6PM, followed by our attempt to Get The Great Big F***ing Tire Off The Beach (see yesterday's post and comments for details)

Friday 8/30: Our usual 6AM swim, and also a 6PM Swim followed by a fish fry (place to be determined, open for suggestions)

Weekend Plans:  TBD, open for suggestions, it should be great swimming this weekend

Last Swims:  Thu 8/29 6AM
Water Temp: 65
Waves: small rollers
Water Clarity:  Clear in some spots, cloudy in others
Crew: Showgirl, Big Show, Liz, Brent, David, Robodoc, Sir James, Bubba, Nanook, Diablo, Cap'n, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin Count: 6/6

Wed 8/28 PM
Water Temp: 65
Waves:  1 foot
Water Clarity:  OK
Crew: Showgirl, Cap'n, Patriarch, Diablo

A magnificent sunrise and an exceptionally good swim this morning.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Death Ride

Next Swims: Today Wednesday 8/28 4:30PM
Thursday & Friday 8/29 & 8/30 6AM

Also:  GTGBFTOTB DAY Thursday (see below)


Last Swim:  Wed 8/28 6AM
Water Temp: 49
Waves:  1 foot, building on a northeast wind
Crew:  Cap'n, Bubba, Geoffery
Wetsuit Count: 3
Wimps Watching From Shore: Patriarch, Showgirl, Diablo, Nanook, Monika

On our way back up the bluff we ran into a couple heading down.  They quickly returned, saying that to swim in the cold water would be a "Death Ride".  The good news is that the wind has shifted.  Theoretically today's northeast breeze should bring in warmer water.  We'll be back at 4:30 to test that theory out.


Thursday is Get The Great Big Fricking Tire Off The Beach Day.  Meet to swim at 6PM.  Post swim, those who are willing will GTGBFTOTB.

THE PROBLEM:  Folks have probably noticed the large tire on the beach, about 50 yards north of down spot. It’s an eye sore on our beloved beach.  The tire is large (it says on it "logging, construction, mining," so it probably was used on an off road dump truck, or earth mover), measuring about 5 feet in circumference and about 20” – 24” wide on the tread surface.  It’s a thick heavy thing, so removal is not a two or three man job.  Currently, there is a good deal of sand and water in it (probably adding 100 to 200 pounds of weight to the tire).  Kahuna and Ryan tried to remove some on Sunday, and move the tire, but couldn’t budge it.

TOOLS/METHOD OF REMOVAL:  Here is what Kahuna estimates we likely will need to get it off the beach: (1) a crew of 6 or so dedicated workers, willing to work at this task perhaps up to an hour; (2)  shovels, round spades and hand trowels to dig out the tire, and get as much sand and water out of the tire as possible (getting as much sand and water as possible out of a beached tire makes the tire much easier to roll/move); and (3) one to three levers and fulcrums (to get the tire tipped up, so we can get it stood up, and moved out of the water).  Note, getting sand out of the tire involves working in a somewhat confined space, so part of the removal crew may find themselves sitting around while the sand/water removal is completed.  Kahuna has one stout lever he can bring (a Big Mutt), and there should be some logs in the woods that can be used as fulcrums.  Anybody go any stout steel rods about 8’ long that we could use as additional levers?  Or a ratchet lever hoist (also called a come along) might be useful.   Kahuna can bring a shovel, a spade and two hand trowels.  The plan is to get the tire off the sand, and then let WFB DPW deal with it from there.  There is also an old normal sized tire at downspout, which we’d also like to get off the beach.  Work gloves may also be a good idea.

TO VOLUNTEER:  If you want to and are willing to help out with this project, please leave a reply comment indicating such, and if you have any steel rod levers or a come along that may be of use.  Thanks.   

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More of the same

Next Swims:
   Wednesday August 28th @ 6am
   Thursday August 29th @ 6am

Last Swim:
   Tuesday August 27th @ 6pm
      Water Temp:
         47.4 - macho meter
         8.8C (47.4) - Traceable Platinum Scientific Meter
      Air Temp: 94 & sunny
      Waves: flat
      Clarity: crystal clear
      Crew: Capt'n with guest appearances by Sir James, Jack Frost & the Frost Family
      Skin Count: 1

This evening marked the 3rd swim where I've used the Traceable Platinum Scientific Meter to measure the water temp in addition to the Macho Meter 2000.  Up until this evening the Macho Meter had been recording a water temp approx. 1.5 degrees colder than the Traceable.  Oddly the two meters were in sync this evening....although one could argue that once the water temp goes below 50 does it really matter?

Hard to say "no" to a skin swim opportunity when the air temp is on the plus side of of course I didn't.  Similar to the last two swims, this evening's voyage took me from Klode's northeast beach up to The Garage and back.

Now that the strong west winds have subsided perhaps our warm(er) water will have a chance to return?  Stay tuned....

Record breaking skin swim debate

Next Swim:
   Tuesday August 27th @ 5pm? 6pm? (post comment if interested)
   Wednesday August 28th @ 6am
   Thursday August 29th @ 6am

Last Swims:
   Monday August 26th @ 6pm
      Water Temp:
         46.2 - macho meter
         8.8 C (47.8) - Traceable Platinum Scientific Thermometer
      Air Temp:  87 & Sunny
      Waves: none
      Clarity: crystal clear
      Crew: Gumdrop (skin), Nanook (skin), Andy (suit), Capt'n (skin) with guest appearance by Zoom-Zoom
      Skin Count: 3
      Suit Count: 1

   Tuesday August 27th @ 6am
      Water Temp:
         45.3 - macho meter
         8.3 C (46.9) - Traceable Platinum Scientific Thermometer
      Air Temp: 74 & mostly cloudy
      Waves: none
      Clarity: crystal clear
      Crew: Diablo (skin), Nanook (skin), Bubba (suit), David (suit) with special guest appearance by Capt'n
      Skin Count: 2
      Suit Count: 2

Prior to our last two swims the coldest recorded official skin swim was 47.4 set on June 20th, 2012.  The remarkable accomplishment was achieved by Diablo, Gumdrop and Kahuna.  More than a year later this mark has now been bested twice in less that 12 hours.  Under nearly ideal conditions last night (i.e flat water, clear skies and air temps in the upper 80's) both Gumdrop and I logged separate swims up to garage and back from Klode's northeast beach.  Nanook's skin swim took her half way between the north downspout and Garage.

Not to be outdone both Diablo and Nanook logged skin swims this morning from Klode's northeast beach up to Garage and back....but at a water temperature that was nearly a degree cooler than last night and an air temp that was approximately 15 degrees cooler.  Just for the record....Bubba logged a similar swim to Diablo's but clad in his favorite superhero digs.

While there should be little debate that this morning's skin swim set the Klode Kru record for the coldest skin swim...the question remains as to what to record the official water temp as.  All 3 record cold skin swims have been recorded using the same 'macho meter' but arguably it's a low budget meter that is now on it's 3rd set of batteries and has seen a great deal of action.  The Traceable Platinum Scientific Meter is arguably the most accurate thermometer we've ever used but it wasn't available for the original record and it's unlikely this beast of a device will see much action.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Record Crew receives chilly welcome

Next Swims:
   Monday August 26th @ 6pm
   Tuesday August 27th @ 6am
   Wednesday August 28th @ 6am

Last Swims:
   Sunday August 25th @ noon
      Water Temp: 49.8 - 55.2
      Air Temp:  88 & sunny with strong west wind
      Waves: rippled surface
      Clarity:  clear away from sandbar
      Crew: (40!)  
         (pictured below) - Kahuna, Showgirl, Sir James, The Big Show, Neo, eRun, Ele, Crash, Zoom-Zoom, Don Diego, PrimeTime, Gigi, Diamond Dave, Kate, Ron, Phil, Beth, Chris, Dave, Kristen, Sarah, Steph, Ruth, Scott, Scott, Colleen, Bill, John, John, Capt'n + 8 others
         (not pictured) - Gumdrop, Panini
         Special Guest Appearances: Blondie, Megan, Jim
      Skin Count: 8
      Suit Count: 32

   Monday August 26th @ 6am
      Water Temp:  44.8 - 47.7
      Air Temp:  74 & sunny
      Waves: flat
      Clarity: clear
      Crew: Showgirl, Geoffrey, Capt'n with Guest Appearances by Bubba, Kristi, David, Monika
      Suit Count: 3

Strong west winds arrived overnight Saturday night and with it so did the cooler water temps.  The hot sun and warm air temps combined with a near shore temperature reading in the mid 50's to tempt the record size crew to venture out for a swim.  It didn't take long for those wading out past the Klode rock piles to realize that the mid-50 degree water was more the exception today than the norm.  Still several Kru members logged impressive swims in the cold water.  I counted at least 12 who made the 1 mile round trip journey up to Deadwood and back....4 of which were skin.  On a very impressive note Sir James logged at 41 minute skin swim up to 3 Piers and back.

Not to be out done, the Monday morning Kru logged a garage and back swim in the bone chilling 44.8 degree water....which may qualify for one of the top 5 coldest swims ever!

The plan is to return at 6pm this evening to see if the water temps have rebounded similar to last Thursday.  So far Showgirl, Kristi and myself are in.  Anyone else?

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Big Show's Big Show

Next Swims:
   Sunday 8/25 @ noon (picnic at Estabrook to follow)
   Monday 8/26 @ 6am

Last Swim:
   Saturday 8/24 @ 8am
      Water Temp:  65.6 (+)
      Air Temp:  low 70's & sunny
      Waves: occasional <1ft p="" swell="">      Clarity:  clear
      Crew: Diablo, Gumdrop, Sir James, Big Show, Bubba, Showgirl, Jack Frost, Neo, Geoffrey, David, Kim, Lorraine, Beth, Capt'n
      Skin Count: 9
      Suit Count: 5

Indeed it was a dandy day for a swim!  Just about every crew member found a reason to swim a little further this morning with most reaching 3 piers before returning to shore   ...and some nearly going to 3 piers and back twice! 

Perhaps it was the abundant sunshine, warm air temps, pristine blue waters and occasional warm (70+?) pockets of water that motivated the Kru this morning.  For Bubba his motivation may have actually resulted from the schools of fish that were taunting him as they swam circles around him. 

Strangely though, there were a few Kru members that were enticed not to swim longer than usual....but to swim faster.  No names will be mentioned here but for anyone who caught a glimpse of The Big Show's Big Show it's probably not too difficult to figure out the motivation of these Kru members.  ...of course I'm alluding to The Big Show's amazing ability to swim on her back as fast (...if not faster...) than most can swim on their stomach.  While getting dropped by someone swimming on their back may put a frown on your face catching a glimpse of The Big Show's post swim show will surely turn your frown upside down!  :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Continuing to improve

Next Swims:
   Saturday August 24th @ 8am
   Sunday August 25th @ noon (followed by picnic at Estabrook Biergarden)

Last Swim:
   Friday August 23rd @ 6am
      Water Temp:  62.5 (+)
      Air Temp:  58 & sunny
      Waves:  1ft rollers
      Clarity: crystal clear
      Crew: Diablo, Kahuna, Showgirl, Bubba, Sir James, Big Show, Nivens McTwisp, Erin, Panini, Capt'n
      Skin Count: 3
      Suit Count: 7

The water temp just a few feet from the Klode beach measured a consistent 62.5 but the water away from the beach felt more like the upper 60's than the low 60's.  Combine these conditions with the forecast for plentiful sunshine, warm air temps and the warm water that's been rolling in since Thursday morning and we should hopefully have all the right ingredients for an exceptional weekend to swim in the lake.

Congratulations to the Klode Kru mates who participated in last night's Aquathon.  Here's how the Kru fared:

Name Place Finish Run Swim Trans
Matt Ammman 1 32:41:00 18:08 13:50 0:44
Riptide 5 35:49:00 18:56 16:10 0:44
Kungfu 6 36:14:00 20:13 15:23 0:39
Kevin Baseheart 7 36:37:00 22:37 13:36 0:25
Sir James 9 38:02:00 24:36:00 12:55 0:33
The Big Show 10 38:07:00 22:29 14:59 0:41
Capt'n 11 38:18:00 19:45 17:48 0:46
Karen Kimple 12 38:31:00 20:48 16:57 0:47
Gumdrop 15 38:48:00 19:20 18:26 1:03
Kimberly Gebauer 66 58:06:00 33:52:00 23:32 0:43
Harini Aiyer 70 1:05:29 - 33:53:00 -

Complete results can be found at:

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rapid Improvement!

Next Swim:
   Friday 8/23 @ 6am

Last Swim:
   Thursday 8/22 @ 5pm
      Water Temp:  60.4
      Air Temp: 72 & sunny
      Waves: slight chop from north
      Clarity: clear
      Crew: Diablo, Capt'n with guest appearances by Kristen and Diablo Jr's x 4
      Skin Count: 2

Wow...what a remarkable turnaround!  Over the past 36 hours the lake temp has dropped 20 degrees and then gained nearly 13 of it back.

20 degree drop!

Next Swims:
   Thursday 8/22 @ 5pm (special swim to assess conditions)
    (Menomonee Park Aquathon Thursday @ 7:15pm
   Friday 8/23 @ 6am

Last Swim:
   Thursday 8/22 @ 6am
      Water Temp:  47.8
      Air Temp:  71 & sunny
      Waves: 1ft rollers
      Clarity: clear
      Crew:  Gumdrop with guest appearances by Diablo, Showgirl, Bubba, Panini, Capt'n
      Wetsuit Count: 1 (sleeveless)

Yesterday's big west wind appears to have taken its toll on our water temps.  This morning's 20 degree temperature plunge while unexpected is actually not uncommon.  Despite the hot summer we had last year this phenomenon actually occurred twice.  Fortunately for us the warm water last year always returned within 24 hours.  I plan to return at 5pm this evening to reassess the water temp and to possibly swim.  (....which admittedly is much easier with a hot sun beating on your back than the conditions Gumdrop swam with this morning.)

Anyone interested in joining me at 5pm?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

True Blue Moonrise Swim / Sunrise Swim

Next Swims:
   Thursday 8/22 @ 6am
   (Menomonee Park Aquathon Thursday @ 7:15pm)
   Friday 8/23 @ 6am

Last Swims:
   True Blue Moon Swim Tuesday 8/20 @ 7pm
      Water Temp: 66.4 (-)
      Air Temp:81 & sunny
      Waves: slight chop from south
      Clarity: poor near shore / good further out
         1st wave: Kahuna, Bubba, Jack Frost, Scooby, Sketch, Kristi, Lorraine, David,  Pannini, Capt'n with guest appearance by Liz
         2nd wave: Sir James, The Big Show, Mike, Neo, Gumdrop
      Skin Count: 11
      Suit Count: 4
      Pitsch Count: 10

   Wednesday 8/21 @ 6am
      Water Temp:  65.6 (-)
      Air Temp:  71 & partly sunny
      Waves:  flat
      Clarity: clear
      Crew: Diablo, Gumdrop, Kahuna, Bubba, Showgirl, Nivens McTwisp, Crash,  Jadi, Monika, Jill, Laura, Julie, Capt'n
      Skin Count: 6
      Suit Count: 7
Less than ideal water conditions didn't deter the Klode Kru from taking advantage of Tuesday's True Blue Moonrise.  Unlike a Blue Moon which is defined as the "second full moon during a calendar month" a True Blue Moon is defined as "the third full moon during a summer, fall, winter or spring season that has 4 full moons".  The next True Blue Moon will not occur until July 31, 2015.

While the water temps measured in the mid-60's along the shoreline there were pockets of noticeably cooler away from the Klode beach.  If I had to guess I would place these cooler pockets of water closer to 60.  Also noticeable with both our moonrise and sunrise swims were pockets of smelly sea grass washing ashore.  Swimming further offshore (outside of the sandbars) is definitely recommended for a more pristine swimming experience.

Despite the less than ideal conditions a few crew members did log swims at both the True Blue Moonrise swim and this morning's sunrise swim. (Kahuna, Bubba, Gumdrop, Capt'n)

For those that are interested, Thursday evening is the last Aquathon of the year out at Menomonee Park.  Additional details can be found at:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Full Moon Forecast Looking Fantastic

Next Swims:
   Full Moon Swim Tuesday 8/20 @ 7pm
   Wednesday 8/21 @ 6am
   Thursday 8/22 @ 6am

Last Swims:
   Monday 8/19 @ 6pm
      Water Temp:  69.4 (-)
      Air Temp:  74 & Sunny
      Waves:  occasional low roller from south
      Clarity:  crystal clear
      Crew:  Kahuna, Gumdrop, Scooby, Capt'n
      Skin Count: 4
      Pitsch Count: 4

   Tuesday 8/20 @ 6am
      Water Temp:  66.7 (+)
      Air Temp:  64 & sunny
      Waves:  flat
      Clarity: crystal clear
      Crew:  Diablo, Gumdrop, Bubba, Showgirl, Capt'n
      Skin Count: 5

Clear skies have forecasted for the entire day and evening with air temps reaching the mid 80's.  Combine that with the recent superb water conditions and we have all the right ingredients for a fantastic full moon swim this evening.

A few crew members are also exploring dining/drink options for a post swim outing.  Anyone have any suggestions for a nice location with outdoor seating?

Looking forward to seeing everyone this evening!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Full Moon Swim Tuesday

Next Swims:
   Monday 8/19 @ 6pm (?)
   Tuesday 8/20 @ 6am
   Tuesday 8/20 @ 7pm  (Full Moon rise @ 7:16pm)

Last Swims:
   Sunday 8/18 @ noon
   (as reported by Blondie & The Big Show)
      Water Temp: low 70's
      Air Temp:  sunshine & low 80's
      Waves:  light chop from south
      Clarity:  clear
      Crew:  Diablo, Gumdrop, The Big Show, Sir James, AliKat, Thunder, Don Diego, Sketch, Zoom-Zoom, Kristi, Christina, The Anchor, Lorraine, Crash
      Lifeguards:  Blondi, Beefstick
      Skin Count: 10
      Suit Count: 4
      Pitsch (?) Count: 7

   Monday 8/19 @ 6am
      Water Temp: 67.4
      Air Temp:  61 & sunny
      Waves:  flat
      Clarity:  clear
      Crew: Diablo, Gumdrop, Bubba, Eric, Monika, Panini, Capt'n
      Skin Count: 5
      Suit Count: 2

Our dandy swim conditions have continued through the weekend and into the new week.  Diablo is rumored to be interested in swimming this evening at 6pm.  Anyone else interested?  (Please comment if you are...)

Full moon rises Tuesday at 7:16pm.  Anyone interested in a full moon swim?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Perfect Morning

Next Swims:  Sunday Aug 18 noon, Monday Aug 19 6AM

Last Swim: Saturday Aug 17, 8AM
Water temp: 68
Waves:  Flat as a pancake
Water Clarity:  Crystal Clear
Crew: Lorraine, David, Kahuna, Linda, Kristi, Christina, Drew, John, Big Show, Diablo, Bubba, Cap'n, Patriarch

It couldn't have been better this morning.  We swam at the civilized hour of 8, rather than the god-awful 6.  The water was clear warm and flat and everyone was inspired to swim longer than normal, some went as far as Three Piers (where there are actually four piers, but it makes about as much sense as the names we give to our other landmarks).

Diablo will take over blogging duties Sunday as both Cap'n and I will be gone.  I'm going to my nephew's wedding in Florida and will return next week Thursday.  I'm not sure where Cap'n is headed, he mumbled something about mud wrestling pigs in Iowa, but he'll be back on Monday morning.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Great Swimming Continues

Next Swims:  Saturday August 17, 8AM
Sunday August 18th noon? - both Cap'n and I will be gone so we need someone else to take the lead on Sunday's swim

Last Swims: Thursday 8/15 6PM - Double Dip Double Pitsch Pirates Pizza night
Water Temp: 68
Waves: choppy
Water Clarity: not very good
Crew: Kristi, Sir James, Sketch, Jack Frost, Diablo, Cap'n, Patriarch
Suit/Skin Count: 0/7
Pitsch Count: 8
Extra Large Pizza's consumed: 2

Friday Aug 16, 6AM
Water Temp: 65
Waves: calm
Water Clarity:  finally settling out, much better
Crew: Panini, Monika, Julie, Nivens McTwist, Kristi, Kahuna, Showgirl, Linda, Diablo, Bubba, Cap'n, Patriarch
Suit/Skin Count: 3/9

The swimming has been excellent, come on out while it lasts.

P.S.  I started watching the series "Breaking Bad" on Netflix and there is a character who calls himself Capn Cook, who strangely enough looks and talks and acts a lot like our Cap'n.  Except Capn Cook has a meth lab.  Hmmmmmm..... this could explain a lot.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Double Dip Double Pitsch Pirates Pizza Night!

Next Swims:  Today Thursday August 15, 6PM, followed by (optionally) a Pitsch (or two), followed by a pizza outing to Lisa's (or Pirates Pizza Kitchen or Al Calerone, all good choices

Friday August 16, 6AM
Weekend Swims: TBD - we can discuss tonight

Last Swims:
Thu Aug 15, 6AM
Water Temp:  66
Waves:  Calm
Water Clarity:  Getting better but still stirred up from all the big waves
Crew: David, Kristi, Showgirl, Diablo, Bubba, Cap'n, Patriarch
Suit/Skin Count: 1/6

Wed Aug 14, 6AM
Water Temp: 67
Waves: 2-4 feet
Water Clarity:  terrible
Crew: Kristi, Bubba, Showgirl, Monika, Cap'n, Patriarch
Suit/Skin Count: 1/5

Tue Aug 13, 6PM
Water Temp: 69
Waves: 2-4 ft
Water Clarity: none
Crew:  Sir James, Patriarch, with Showgirl observing
Suit/Skin  1/1

After several days battling wind waves and currents how pleasant and effortless to glide over calm water under clear skies and rising sun.  It was such a nice swim that Diablo proposed a "Double Dipping Day" (sic).  (Having said this, he better show up tonight or face a bombardment of "LOSER!" text messages.)  I'll double down by proposing a (optional) double Pitsch, and the cherry on top will be an outing for pizza.

P.S. I don't know what to say about this other than yikes!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Big Waves

Next Swims:  Today, Tuesday August 13th 6PM
Wed, Thu, Fri August 14-16, 6AM

Last Swim:  Tuesday Aug 13, 6AM
Water Temp:  66 on shore, but much warmer further out
Waves:  3-5 ft, with a huge current
Water Clarity:  zero, all stirred up
Crew: Pat, Bubba, Cap'n and Kristi in the water, while Showgirl, Diablo and I watched from shore

Last night's calm water was transformed into a raging caldron of white foam, our first really big waves of the season.  The waves and current were big enough that some of us, including me, decided to be spectators rather than participants.

The most difficult parts are the breakers and undertows near shore.  The worst place to be is on the sandbar just offshore, that's where the waves and undertow are most powerful.  Once past the breakers the swimming becomes much easier.  When going out the trick is to keep moving forward, diving under the whitecaps.  Coming in, it helps to time your exit between the waves and get out when the lake lets you get out.  Don't stand up because the undertow will suck you backwards

We'll be back at 6PM today (Tuesday) to give it another shot.  The wind and waves are expected to diminish somewhat, but they will still probably be big.  

Monday, August 12, 2013

A good call!

Next Swims:
   Tuesday August 13th @ 6am
   Wednesday August 14th @ 6am

Last Swim:
   Monday August 12th @ 6pm
      Water Temp:  71
      Air Temp:  72 & Mostly Sunny with brief shower/rainbow at 7pm
      Waves: none
      Clarity:  crystal clear
      Kru:  The Patriarch, Gumdrop, Kahuna, Jack Frost, Lorraine, Matt, Elias, Dave, Kristen, Kristi, Kristina, Kapt'n
      Skin Count: 11
      Suit Count:1
      Pitsch Count: 13

The Patriarch's Double Dip day declaration from this morning turned out to be a dandy one as warm, crystal clear and calm water greeted the Klode Kru this evening. All but one Kru member walked the plank skin and several swam all the way up to Three Piers before returning to shore for a few boastful rounds of Pitsch.'s not often the Pitsch count exceeds the number Kru members!

Double Dip Monday

Next Swims: Today Monday Aug 12, 6PM
Tue & Wed Aug 13 &14, 6AM

Last Swim: Mon Aug 12, 6AM
Water Temp: 67
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew:  Cap'n, Diablo, Patriarch
Suit/Skin Count: 0/3

When my iPhone starting buzzing at me at 5AM this morning it was dark foggy and drizzling.  I very nearly pulled the covers over my head and went back to sleep.  I'm glad I didn't because it turned out to be an exceptionally good morning to swim.  Warm flat clear water with a crimson sun rising between the clouds.  Cap'n and I were inspired to declare this Double Dip Monday.  We'll be back at 6PM, please join us.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Great Swimming

Next Swims:  Mon Aug 12 6AM (and maybe 6PM?), Tue Aug 13 AM

Last Swims:
Sat 8/10 noon
Water Temp: 69
Waves:  small
Water Clarity: Good
Crew: Ron, Ron's twin Karen, Tim, Brian, Sir James, Geoffery, Jack Frost, Diablo, Patriarch
Suit/Ski Count: 4/5

Sun 8/11
Water Temp: 68
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: Good
Crew:  Scooby, Diablo, Kahuna, Patriarch
Suit/Skin Count: 1/3

A great swim on Saturday and great weather.  A little light rain on Sunday, but near perfect conditions in the water.  And it was nice to see Kahuna and Scooby again.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Open the Inlet!

Next Swims: Saturday Aug 10 noon, Sunday Aug 11 noon

Last Swims: Thu 8/8 6AM
Water Temp: 64
Waves:  2 ft very choppy and irregular, difficult swimming
Water Clarity: poor
Crew: Showgirl, Bubba, Gumdrop, Diablo, Cap'n, Patriarch
Am I missing someone?
Suit/Skin Count 0/6

Fri: 8/9 11AM at Discovery World
Water Temp: 69 off the Discovery World dock, warmer in the inlet between Lakeshore Park and Summerfest
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity:  Water was clear and clean but bottom not visible
Crew: Don, Bubba, Cap'n, Patriarch
Suit/Skin Count: 0/4

Finally, we got a chance to swim next to Discovery World and in the inlet between Lakeshore State Park and Summerfest.  A great place to swim!  The full Olympic distance swim course was not open, just the sprint course so we swam it three times.  The water was clear clean and warm, and because it's protected from the open lake it was calm.  Its a wonderful location next to summerfest with the downtown skyline in view.  It's an inviting and obvious place to swim.

This brings up the question:  why is swimming normally not allowed in that area?  It seems like a tremendous resource just being wasted.  Sure, there are no lifeguards, but that's true of many state and county beaches.

Open the Inlet!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Swim the USAT course Friday

Next Swims:  Thursday 8/8 6AM
Friday August 9 11AM at Discovery World to swim the USAT course.  Here are maps:

The USAT championships this weekend features a 1500 swim course behind the break wall in an area adjacent to Discovery World, Lakeshore Park, and Summerfest.  The course is open for practice from 11AM - 1PM, and we are hoping that they will allow non-participants to swim.  Normally this area is closed to swimming, so this will be a new experience for everyone.  Meet at 11AM at the swim start on the south side of Discovery World.  I am going to bike there on the bike path from Shorewood, if anyone wants to join me.

Last Swims: Tue 8/6 6AM
Water Temp: 61
Waves: gentle rollers
Water Clarity: Good
Crew: Gumdrop, Showgirl, Bubba, Diablo, Patriarch, Cap'n
Suit/Skin Count: 1/5

Wed 8/7 6AM
Water Temp: 64
Waves: Choppy
Water Clarity: Good
Crew: Showgirl, Diablo, Cap'n, Patriarch
Suit/Skin Count: 0/4

Monday, August 5, 2013

Pleasant Conditions Returning?

Next Swims:
   Tuesday August 6th @ 6am
   Wednesday August 6th @ 6am

Last Swims:
   Saturday August 3rd @ noon
   Sunday August 4th @ noon
   Monday August 5th @ 6am

Conditions Sat. 8/3:
   Water Temp:  66+
   Air Temp:  74 @ sunny
   Waves:  slight chop from northeast
   Clarity:  clear
   Crew: The Patriarch, Diablo, Ele, Neo, Anna, Sarah, Erin, Capt'n
   Skin Count: 6
   Suit Count: 2
   Pitsch Count: 5

Conditions Sun. 8/4:
   Water Temp:  69+
   Air Temp:  72 @ Sunny
   Waves:  1-2ft
   Clarity:  clear outside of sandbars
   Crew:  The Patriarch, Diablo, Ele, Mr. Amazing, Kung Fu, Sir James, Rachel, Blondie, Thunder, Beefstick, Matt, Paul, Mike, Joann, Sarah, Rick, Grace, Janine, Doug, Pete, Leo, Capt'n with guest appearances by Ingrid and Kim
   Skin Count: 9
   Suit Count: 13
   Pitsch Count: 7

Conditions Mon. 8/5
   Water Temp:  67
   Air Temp:  60 & cloudy
   Waves:  occasional roller
   Clarity: clear in spots
   Crew:  The Patriarch, Gumdrop, Bubba, Capt'n
   Skin Count: 4

The east winds appear to have brought back our pleasant water temps and the pleasant air temps appear to have brought out near record crew sizes.  Sunday's crew size of 22 was our largest of the year and may have tied our record for largest crew without having a special event (...such an advertised rare appearance by the Fine Wench...).  Pockets of warmer water (70+?) were encountered during both swims over the weekend.  Perhaps a sign of what's to come?

...also noteworthy from our weekend swims....with Saturday's swim, for the first time this year our total skin count for the year has surpassed the total wetsuit count.  Following this morning's swim the counts stand at:  Skin Count 230 / Suit Count 227.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Good to Be Back

Next Swims:  Sat 8/3 noon & Sun 8/4 noon

Last Swim:  Fri 8/2 6AM
Water Temp: 63
Waves:  Calm
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew: Patriarch, Cap'n, Diablo, Gumdrop, Showgirl, Matt, Mr. Amazing, Geoffery, Jill, Laura and special guest Ingrid, Mr. Amazing's fiance
Suit/Skin Count: 5/5

I had a great canoe trip to the Boundary Waters, but it's also good to be back.  One of our campsites was less than a 100 yards from the Canadian side, so I swam across the border where I was hotly pursued by Dudley Do-Right of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (or maybe I imagined that part).

Cap'n seemed unusually chipper this morning, his mood buoyed I suspect by his takedown of James at the very end of last night's aquathon.

Also it was good to see Mr. Amazing visiting from Vegas, and meet his fiancé Ingrid.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

technically continuing streak

Next Swims:
      Friday August 2nd @ 6am
      Saturday August 3rd @ noon
      Sunday August 4th @ noon

(Aquathon Thursday August 1st @ 7:15pm - Menomonee Park)

Last Swims:
   Thursday August 1st @ 6am
      Water Temp:  62.2
      Air Temp:  61 @ sunny
      Waves: sheet of glass
      Clarity:  crystal
      Crew:   Diablo, Showgirl, Bubba, David, Capt'n
      Skin Count:  4
      Suit Count: 1

   Wednesday July 31st @ 6am
      Water Temp:  64.5
      Air Temp:  64 & drizzle
      Waves: calm
      Clarity:  clear
      Crew:  Diablo, Showgirl, Bubba, Nivens McTwisp, Littlefish, Jadi, Capt'n
      Skin Count:  4
      Suit Count: 3  

Technically our streak of consecutive swims where the water temps have been warmer than the air temp is now at 5.  Without the benefit of having an evening swim the past two nights it's hard to say for sure whether our recent trend would have continued this long.  With the spectacular weekend weather forecast it appears likely that this streak will come to end with our weekend swims.  Both swims are currently planned for noon.  As always, please post a comment if you have a preference for an earlier/later swim time.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

3 in row

Next Swims:
   Wednesday July 31st @ 6am
   Thursday August 1st @ 6am
   (Aquathon Thursday @ 7:15pm in Menomonee Park)

Last Swim:
   Tuesday July 30th @ 6am
      Water Temp:  62.2
      Air Temp:  56 & sunny
      Waves:  calm
      Clarity: clear with occasional cloudy patch
      Crew:  Showgirl, Bubba, David, Capt'n
      Skin Count: 3
      Suit Count: 1

If this streak continues I may need to add this as a stat in our Killepitch counts.  This morning marked the 3rd swim in a row where the water temp registered higher than the air temp.  On the minus side the gap between the air and water temp has increased.  On the plus side this gap is partially attributed to a warmer water temp than yesterday at this time.  Also on the plus side this morning was a smooth lake surface and a cloudless sky that not only provided for a very scenic swim but also helped to warm us..

Monday, July 29, 2013

Exceptionally Rare

Next Swims:
   Tuesday July 30th @ 6am
   Wednesday July 31st @ 6am

Last Swims:
   Monday July 29th @ 6am & 6pm
      AM Conditions:
      Water Temp: 60.8
      Air Temp:  59 & partly sunny
      Waves: gentle rollers early turning to light chop
      Clarity: clear
      Crew: Diablo, Showgirl, Jadi, Capt'n
      Skin Count: 2
      Suit Count: 2

      PM Conditions:
      Water Temp:  65.2
      Air Temp:  64 & sunny
      Waves: Moderate Chop from south
      Clarity: cloudy
      Crew: Elias, Capt'n
      Skin Count: 1
      Suit Count: 1

Encountering a swim in July where the water temp exceeds the air temp....rare.  Encountering a day in July where the water temp for both an AM and PM swim exceeded the air temp...really rare.  Encountering a day when this occurs where the maximum water temp reading struggles to break 65....exceptionally rare.

It's the little things like logging a double dipper day in July where the water temp exceeded the air temp for both swims when the water temp barely registered above 65 that help me answer that proverbial question as to why I swim in Lake Michigan every day. least that's story I'm sticking with for today....

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gut Check

Next Swims:
   Monday July 29th @ 6am & 6pm
   Tuesday July 30th @ 6am

Last Swims:
   Sunday July 27th @ 1pm
      Water Temp:  61.5-
      Air Temp: 64 & partly sunny
      Waves: none
      Clarity: clear
      Crew:  Diablo, Gumdrop, Matt, Ron, Simon, Carl, John Kevin, Brian, Capt'n
      Skin Count:  4
      Suit Count: 5
      Commando Count: 1

   Saturday July 26th @ 12pm
      Water Temp:  57.4
      Air Temp:  59 & cloudy
      Waves:  slight chop from north
      Clarity:  stirred up
      Crew:  Neo, Capt'n with guest appearances by Sir James, Anna, Kung Fu & Matt
      Skin Count: 2

Saturday - cloudy with an air temp struggling to hit 60 and a water temp struggling to keep up.  An initial Kru of 6 quickly became 2 when Sir James remembered that Saturday was actually a rest/recovery day which consequently meant that swimming was taboo.  Along the same lines Kung Fu and Matt also remembered the exact same thing within seconds of arriving at the beach.  I think Anna secretly came to swim with The Patriarch (...was it a mere coincidence there was a $100 bill peaking out of her pocket?) but bowed out along with Sir James.

Determined to keep the Kru's consecutive day streak of 32 days alive Neo and I walked the plank skin and logged a swim down to the Silver Spring and back.  Surprisingly despite encountering chilly waters near shore the water out past the sandbars was a bit more hospitable.

Sunday - The air temp wasn't much warmer than Saturday but occasional peaks of sunshine gave the Kru hopes that our fortunes had improved.  The initial reading of 61 and calm waters encouraged several Kru members to embark on an Orange Kayak voyage (1.5 miles).  While the majority of the water encountered this afternoon was mostly likely on the plus side of 60 there were pockets of considerably cooler water.  This resulted in a few Kru members returning to shore early but 6 of the Kru still accomplished their goal of reaching the Orange Kayak.  One noteworthy point...welcome and kudos to Simon today for swimming with us Commando.  (sans a swim cap and goggles)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Knowing a good value if you see it...

Next Swims:
   Saturday July 27th @ noon
   Sunday July 28th @ 1pm

Last Swim:
   Friday July 26th @ 6am
      Water Temp:65.7
      Air Temp:  68 & partly cloudy
      Waves: none
      Clarity:  mostly clear
      Crew:  Gumdrop, Diablo, Showgirl, Nivens McTwisp, WonderWoman, Matt, Capt'n
      Skin Count: 5
      Suit Count: 2

The Patriarch has declared that a swim with him will now cost $100.  Not to be outdone Gumdrop also seeks a similar amount for his 'Gumdrop package deal'.  Uhg...what's the Kru coming to?  Rather than being asked when our next swim is I'm now inundated with a spectrum of questions ranging from "Does The Patriarch charge extra to make his whiskers twitch?" to "How much extra do I have to pay for Gumdrop to swim in a parka?"

Perhaps my favorite question that's been asked lately is "...with all these options vying for my swimming buck, what's the best value?"  This answer is an easy one.  "Why it's Showgirl's performances.   They are still free!"  Case in point was this morning's performance. Sadly I must admit that despite having an apparent front row seat I missed it this morning....but according to WonderWoman it was quite extraordinaire.  Best part for me though is that it didn't cost me a single dime to miss the show...What a Bargain! 

Of course with any spectacular deal there's always a list of disclaimers.  In this case it should be known that Showgirl does not publish a swim schedule so all patrons are reminded that Showgirl always reserves the right to be a no-show for any swim.  Showgirl's prices are also subject to change at be sure to come out and join the Klode Kru soon before prices increase!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Angry Mob

Next Swims:
   Friday 7/26 @ 6am
   Saturday 7/27 @ noon?
   Sunday 7/28 @ 1pm?
   (please post a comment if you have a preferred start time for weekend swims)

Last Swim:
   Thursday 7//25 @ 6am
      Water Temp:  66.8
      Air Temp:  58 & Sunny
      Waves:  calm
      Clarity:  stirred up but clearer further out
      Crew:  Gumdrop, Diablo, Showgirl, David, Phil, Jadi, Capt'n
      Skin Count: 4
      Suit Count: 3

The line of cars waiting to turn into the full Klode parking lot stretched for blocks and street parking nearby was  hard to come by.  A very uncommon sight for our 6am Klode swims.  What could possibly have drawn so many people out to Klode so early on a Thursday morning?  Free Food?  A celebrity appearance?  Free money?

As I approached our traditional Klode Kru swim spot the masses of morning park patrons thickened and I couldn't help but notice the excitement that filled the air...and how many of them carried with them beach/swim related gear....towels, goggles, wetsuits....

Could it be?  No....really?  Oh my...oh my goodness...oh my goodness gracious sakes alive!  ...these people are all here to.....swim with The Patriarch!!!

There was only one problem.... (ok, perhaps there's more than one)  The major problem was The Patriarch was not only not present this morning...but is rumored to have fled for the boarder since offering up the opportunity to swim with him for a mere pittance!

The reactions were mixed around the mass of Patriarch patrons for as they realized their dreams of swimming with him would not come to fruition this morning...disappointed expressions were common on the faces of many with some even appearing to be a bit teary eyed.

This was certainly a sad sight to see for our traditional Klode Kru swimmers as we have never been as popular as we were this morning. unfortunate as this was to see our sorrow quickly turned to fear when Gumdrop declared to this crowd his offer "For just a $100 more, you can have the Gumdrop package-wrapped in the speedo of your choice!"  Sorrow rampantly turned to anger and the crowd began to revolt.  Fearing for our lives I quickly consulted the Pirate Code Book on how to handle situations such as this and took action by declaring "Every man for himself!!" and then running (...not walking...) the plank.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Swim With Patriarch! Only $100!!

Next Swims:  Thursday and Friday 7/25 & 7/26, 6AM both days

Last Swims:  Wed 7/24 6AM
Water Temp: 62
Waves:  1-3 ft rollers spaced 7 sec apart
Water Clarity: Poor
Crew:  Bubba, Cap'n, Patriarch

You asked for it!  You demanded it!  Now here it is:  Swim With Patriarch.  Yes, for only $100 (plus taxes, service charges and extras) you can have the ultimate Cream City Caribbean Coast Adventure:

- Swim with the legendary Patriarch past historic and scenic landmarks like Garage, Sewer Pipe, Staircase, Flat Rock and more!  View underwater marvels such as Treasure Chest, Cannon and Shipwreck (Shipwreck extra).  Patriarch will regale you with endlessly entertaining stories and lake lore.  Meet the colorful local denizens and join them in their primitive rituals (rituals extra).

- Be completely safe as Patriarch protects you from the many aquatic dangers:  sharks, jelly fish, man eating Asian Carp, rip tides, tsunamis, e coli and floating turds.

- Patriarch will guide you on the appropriate procedures for paying ransoms to marauding pirates and brigands.  And ladies, if an exciting encounter with swashbuckling pirate is what you want Patriarch can arrange that too! (For an extra charge.)

- End your adventure with a toast of Killepitsch from the Patriarch.  (Multiple shots extra).  Pictures of your adventure will be offered (for an extra charge).  

- Patriarch merchandise such as signed posters, foot washers, swim caps, orange safety floats available for purchase.

Hurry!  Reservations limited!  Filling fast!      



Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Mysterious Kahuna

Next Swims:  Wed 7/24 6AM, Thu 7/25 6AM
Also:  Some people have asked about a full moon tonight at 8:30 (moonrise at 8:45).  Unfortunately neither Cap'n nor I can make it, but leave a comment if you're interested, maybe there are other like minded souls.

Last Swims:
Mon 7/22 6AM
Water Temp: 65
Waves:  Smooth
Water Clarity:  Good
Crew: Bubba, David, Gumdrop, Diablo, Showgirl, Cap'n, Patriarch
Suit/Skin Count: 2/5

Mon 7/22 6PM
Water Temp: 67
Waves:  Heavy Chop
Water Clarity:  Cloudy, stirred up
Crew:  Ken, Missy, Carl, Elias, Eric, Jack Frost, Wonder Woman, Cap'n, Patriarch, Kahuna?? (see comments below about Kahuna)
Suit/Skin Count: 4/6
Pitsch Count: 6

Tue: 7/21 6AM
Water Temp: 58
Waves: Choppy
Water Clarity: Poor
Crew: Diablo, Gumdrop, Bubba, Showgirl, Bill, Cap'n, Patriarch
Suit/Skin Count: 3/4

You've heard the philosophical question:  "If a Kahuna turns into a tree and falls in the forest, but there's no one there to hear it, does he make a sound?".  This morning on the beach we discussed a similar mystery regarding Kahuna's Monday evening appearance.  We saw him arrive, though he didn't say much.  Nobody actually saw him in the water.  And when we returned from the swim he and all his gear were gone.  So was he really there?

I may have a possible answer.  Long time readers of this blog will recall that last year we had feared that Kahuna had washed up on the beach as a large log of driftwood.  So be on the lookout for drifting logs covered covered in red seaweed.