Saturday, October 5, 2013

Consecutive Day Streak Ends at 100

Next Swims:
   Saturday October 5th @ 1pm
   Sunday October 6th @ 10:30 (cheer Kahuna at Klode from 10-10:30am)

Last Swim:
   Thursday October 3rd @ 6:15am
      Water Temp:
         48.4 (macho meter)
         9.6 C = 49.3 F (scientific)
      Air Temp: 56 & cloudy
      Waves: frequent low rollers
      Clarity: clear
      Crew: Diablo, Gumdrop, Showgirl, Mr. Amazing, Panini, Capt'n with Special Guest Appearance by WonderWoman
      Skin Count: 2
      Suit Count: 4

   Friday October 4th @ 6:15am
         Water Temp:  47.1 (macho meter)
         Air Temp: 62 & thick fog
         Waves: none
         Clarity: clear
         Crew: no swim / special guest appearances by Diablo, Showgirl, Capt'n

We did it!!  100 consecutive days of swimming in Lake Michigan!  The Lady of the Lake sure didn't make it easy the past few days...and Mother Nature threatened to really test our determination with Thunderstorms Thursday morning.  Fortunately for us the storms held off and the water warmed nearly 5 degrees for consecutive swim day 100.

Thick fog and icy water greeted us Friday.  Nothing we haven't swum in before...but with our 100 day milestone in the bank and earning interest the Kru lacked sufficient motivation to walk the plank.  Saturday the plan is to swim at 1pm.  Sunday the plan is to cheer Kahuna on as he passes mile 19 of the Lakefront Marathon...which is near the Klode parking lot.  Per my calculations this should occur between 10-10:30am.  Obviously with the marathon proceeding along the roads that lead to the Klode parking lot you will need to park a few blocks west of Klode and walk in for Sunday morning's swim.


Lorraine said...

What was the water temp Sat? The link on the blog indicates it's back in the low 60s - is this accurate?

Showgirl said...

NOT accurate, sad to say.

Low 50's with lots of fog and some waves.

Kahuna said...

Gum Drop -- Good to see you on Sunday Morning. I deployed the lazy-man's approach to qualifying for Boston: if one is so old that one has to run an 8:00 min/mi pace to qualify for Boston, run an average pace of 7:59. Mission accomplished.

Gumdrop said...

Kahuna-Good going, no doubt you could now use a nice invigorating cold water swim. Speaking of which,
The morning swims have seemed to have died out (to dark and nippy for most) but there are still some good fall swims to be had as the trees start to turn color. Time to start doing the afternoon/early evening swims me thinks.