Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pirates Pizza Night Moved to Thursday 10/17

My apologies for the last minute date change.  The Patriarch and I are now on the same page and plans are set for Pirates Pizza Night.  Here are the details:

Who:  All Klode Kru members, guests & anyone who's interested in swimming with The Patriarch (...for just $100)
What: Pirates Pizza Night
WhereLisa's Pizza  - 2961 N Oakland Ave 
When:  Thursday October 17th @7pm

Why:  To drink grog, eat some pizza & share tales of our 2013 adventures


Gumdrop said...
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Gumdrop said...

The Patriarch has as of yet to declare and celebrate the closing of the warm season for swimming.
Therefore I will be logging another this afternoon at approx. 3:45.

P.S the Gumdrop package can now be had at a seasonal discount of $150 ! :-)

Kahuna said...

The Gumdrop Package: Return to Sender.

Gumdrop said...

Yea, thats right, I'm swimmin tomorrow, don't know why though. Maybe just because I can, maybe cause i love it,whatever. And I'll do it when I wanna.


Gumdrop said...

Conditions today @ noon were sunny, lots of blue sky and sapphire colored clear water. Water temp had that cold water bite that takes a few moments to warm up to but makes you feel so good and glad you did it afterwards. In a word-beautiful. Crew present; I (or not)

Next swim 3 PM tomorrow

Gumdrop said...

Surfer braves 30 foot waves

Gumdrop said...

I plan on a skin swim tonight (6:
PM), on this likely last day of the season, as to be proclaimed by Patriarch. Which will most likely make me once again the last swimmer swimming.