Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wetsuit swim 101 / Strip & Dip 2

Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 46.2
Air Temp: 48 & Sunny
Clarity: clear
Waves: none
Crew: Dewdrop, Diablo & Hook with special guest Dewdrop Jr.
Next Swim: Klode noon Sunday

We were blessed once again today with an abundant supply of sunshine. While the air temp registered only 48, the sun made it feel a whole lot warmer. The water temp, though, was a different story. Today's reading of 46.2 tied our record coldest swim temp.

...always looking to one up our records we joked briefly about following up our swim with our second ever Strip & Dip. Now I know there's a difference between joking and reality but for some reason our crew appears to be cognitively challenged on that front.

...along the lines of 'one uping our records'...despite the record cold water temp: Diablo still swam without socks unlike the last time when he wore socks; Dewdrop swam without a neoprene cap and ditched his socks and gloves; Hook...umm, didn't change a thing...well actually I did, I wore a second pair of socks.

This afternoon's swim took us up to the garage and back. Diablo and I ventured quite a ways from shore while Dewdrop followed a route that was closer to shore. Unphased by the water temp we followed up our swim adventure with a hearty Strip & Dip. The goal was to swim at least 25 meters before returning to shore....which of course we all succeeded in doing.

...on a different but perhaps related topic....Crazy??? It's funny, but when ever that question was raised in the past the immediate reply from The Patriarch or Diablo has been, "Crazy? No not me...the Captn's the crazy one!" Hmmm...perhaps we should play a little game of: "YOU MAKE THE CALL!" Here are the facts:

  • Diablo - bikes to and from Klode in his sandals, swims with a neoprene cap but does not wear socks or gloves.
  • Dewdrop - swam at 46.2 without a neoprene cap and no socks or gloves.
  • Hook - talks constantly about setting new records and that if we keep swimming someday were bound to find a mermaid or three. :)~
  • The Patriarch - claims to be currently eating gumbo while dining outside in 70 degree air temps.

So there you have it. Now it's time for YOU to make the call. Just comment with your vote...or come on out Sunday and let us know in person what you think. :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Wetsuit Swim 100

Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 47
Air Temp: 42
Water Clarity: clear
Waves: gentle 1-2 footers
Crew: Dewdrop, Diablo, Hook
Next Swims: Klode Saturday & Sunday Noon

It was an absolutely beautiful day to log our 100th wetsuit swim of the season. The skies were sunny which made the temp feel a lot warmer than 42...especially with our wetsuits on. I'm not quite sure what's more amazing to me...the fact that we just logged our 100th wetsuit swim of the year or that it's November 27th and we're still swimming in the lake. It feels like just yesterday we were shooting to log our 100th swim in the lake for the season.

Speaking of amazing...before I forget...Diablo is still logging his swims without the assistance of socks or gloves...and too boot he bikes to and from Klode. Perhaps there's more to his 'Diablo' nickname than just a name? :)

Today's swim was similar to yesterday's minus the unexpected pummelling by waves. We journeyed up to the garage and back....pausing at both points to enjoy the conditions and celebrate our new milestone.

Plan is to return to Klode Saturday and Sunday at noon to log our next adventures. Perhaps we'll see a new face or two one of these times?

First Annual(?) Turkey Day Swim

Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 47.3
Air Temp: 41
Waves: 1-3ft
Clarity: clear
Current: from the northeast
Crew: Dewdrop, Diablo, Hook
Next Swims: Klode Friday 1PM, Saturday noon, Sunday noon

Despite a delayed start by 30 minutes due to my Turkey Day 10K in Sheboygan our first ever Turkey Day swim went amazingly well. The showers from earlier in the day had moved out and occasionally the sun would peak out from behind the wintery looking clouds. Thankfully, the forecasted snow showers stayed well south of us.

A strong northwesterly wind made for a few waves but thanks to the configuration of the Klode bay and the high bluff we were for the most part protected from the brunt of the 15-20 mph winds. The Lady of the Lake still provided a few thrills for us as we swam past Klode's north beach en route to the garage. Surprisingly for Dewdrop and I, despite swimming quite a ways from shore, we were pummelled by a couple of waves that appeared to crest higher than 3ft over the outer sandbars. Diablo, showcasing his veteran navigational skills, opted to swim further out to avoid the possibility of being surprised by a freak monster wave or two.

The forecast this weekend is looking exceptional for November. We plan to swim each of the next 3 days. If all goes according to plan we will set a new record Friday....wetsuit swim number 100 for the season. We are also now just 5 days away from logging our first ever December swim.

Come on out and be a part of history...the water's great! :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sunday 11/22 Swim Report & Turkey Day Swim Plans

Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 47.1
Air Temp: 56
Water Clarity: crystal clear
Waves: moderate chop from the south
Crew: Dewdrop, Diablo, Hook
Next Swim: Klode 12PM Thursday

Sunday was a beautiful day for a swim....especially for November 22nd! Sunny skies and an air temp in the mid 50's made for conditions far better than most of our October swims. With the current and a moderate chop pushing up from the south we swam down to south-south beach and back. Total swim time was 16 minutes...including our traditional leisurely celebratory splash around at the turn around point and again upon returning to the Klode bay.

Plans are set for our first ever Thanksgiving day swim. Planned rondevu time in the Klode parking lot is set for noon. Come on out and join in on the fun! :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Getting Easier?

Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 47.8
Air Temp: 52
Waves: none
Current: slight from the south
Crew: Dewdrop, Diablo, Hook
Next Swim: Klode 11am Sunday

The temp this afternoon was a whopping 1.6 degrees warmer than last Sunday. Perhaps a result of the sunny skies? Today we displayed our mastery of sub 48 degree water temps. Diablo amazingly swam sockless while all three of us logged multiple swim loops.

Our first loop took us from Klode's southeast beach up past the north beach down spout and back. Not content with ending our journey there we swam back up past north beach before returning and calling it a day. In total we spent 16 minutes in the water...some of it admittedly was spent doing a leisurely back stroke and celebrating the exceptional conditions.

We plan to return tomorrow at 11am to log wetsuit swim number 98 for the season. If the forecast holds out for sunny skies and an air temp in the mid 50's we might just also throw in a strip and dip to boot following our swim.

Any takers? :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Next Swims Set

Beach: Klode
Current Temp: 47.4
Waves: none
On Board for Next Swim: Dewdrop, Diablo, Hook
Next Swims: Klode 1pm Saturday & 11am Sunday

Monday, November 16, 2009


Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 46.2
Air Temp: 50
Waves: 1ft
Crew: Dewdrop, Diablo, Hook with special guest Dewdrop Jr.
Next Swim: TBD

Cold....REALLY COLD!!! Simply put, that was our swim experience on Sunday. Despite a water temp 2 degrees colder than our record coldest swim from the day before we still swam....from Klode's southeast beach up past the north beach downspout and back.

Despite Diablo's remarks that he would not swim in water under the 48 degree mark he still swam and appeared to fare much better than Dewdrop and I. To be honest...I'm not sure he was even phased by the water temp as he was clearly the faster swimmer on the return trip from the downspout.....he also stayed in the water the longest. My ego would like to say that it was the fact that I had to wait around at the down spout for the others to arrive that led to my eventual frozen feet and hands and consequently resulted in my being the first to exit the water that's the story I'm sticking with. :)

Dewdrop still contends that we should be able to swim in water that's 10 degrees colder than our coldest skin swim. With that logic, we have 1 degree to spare before having to hangup our wetsuits for the season. While common sense dictates never to listen to Dewdrop's logic...I think I might just invest in a second pair of aqua socks before our next swim.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Eyeing up new records?

Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 48 (48.3)
Air Temp: 59
Waves: slight chop from south
Crew: Dewdrop, Diablo, Hook with special guest Dewdrop jr.
Next Swim: Klode 11AM Sunday

Note the new swim time for Sunday...due to Dewdrop Jr's birthday pizza place celebration (...NOT at Chuck's Family Smackdown joint...) we've moved up the start time for Sunday swim.

Today marked another record for us as the water temp inched closer to the sub 48 mark. In the spirit of setting records we began to contemplate our next milestone...the 100 wetsuit swim mark. Shortly following that mark would be an amazing shot at a Thanksgiving day swim and soon there after (...just 3 days) a totally unbelievable shot at logging a December swim!! ...could it really be possible???

Nothing much to report on today's swim....just a trip up to the garage and back. Perhaps the only thing notable today is what didn't happen...

....Diablo DIDN'T bring his towel today. As he rode his bike to Klode he figured he would just drip dry. As he put it..."hey, I'm I need to say anything more?"

...Dewdrop DIDN'T wear his neoprene cap today. While Diablo and I weren't exactly sure why Dewdrop swam minus his neoprene cap we suspect it had something to do with The Patriarch's story about your inner ear bone growing over your ear in response to being subjected to cold water. why would Dewdrop want his inner ear growing shut? :)

....and Hook? He DIDN'T instigate this talk about swimming on Thanksgiving and on into December....that was.....errr...DIABLO....after all, why do you think he's called DIABLO?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Stories of another place...

Water Temp: 49
Air Temp: 51
Waves: choppy
Current: from the south
Crew: Dewdrop, Diablo, Hook with special guest appearance from The Patriarch
Next Swims: Klode 1PM Saturday, 12PM Sunday

Even though he hasn't swam with us for over a month now and despite our violation of his official decree (....and subsequent banishment of our names...) we were graced by the presence of The Patriarch Thursday evening.

His great wisdom and guidance has always been appreciated and today he had a special treat for us....stories from a place where the water is about 30 degrees warmer, the workouts challenging and women who still wear swim suits...even though it is now the middle of November. As appealing as this place he talks about is, for Dewdrop, Diablo and I our first and only love still remains the Lady of the Lake. Even though her shores are now barren and her embrace cold she still maintains our undivided attention....although I must admit the part about The Patriarch's stories regarding women clad in swim suits did distract my attention for a moment or two. :)

With the limited amount of daylight and a pretty descent chop from the south our swim Thursday evening consisted of crisscrossing journey down to south-south beach and back. With the chop tossing us around and the growing shadows along the shoreline maintaining a straight line proved to be quite a challenge.

Our plan is to return at 4:15PM on Friday. Most likely we will also swim through the weekend as well. Perhaps 1pm Saturday and Noon Sunday? If you have a preference, please comment.

Hope to see you on the beach!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Landmark Swim - Swim Day 122!

Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 49
Air Temp: 56
Waves: choppy from the north
Water Clarity: Clear? (hard to tell without daylight)
Crew: Dewdrop, Diablo, Hook
Next Swim: Klode 4:15PM Thursday

Man, what a drag daylight saving is. Instead of enjoying our third day of Indian Summer this evening's swim was unfortunately limited by day light...or lack there of. Upon our arrival at 4:30pm the sun was already setting. By the time we got out of the water the street lights were on and reading your watch required use of the Indiglo light.

What a difference a degree makes. The water temp was a whopping degree warmer today and my toes were definitely thankful. Our swim to the garage and back, although very challenging due to a heavy chop from the north, was at least minus the set of throbbing toes that were experienced yesterday.

For those keeping score at was another landmark milestone day. We logged our 122 day of swimming. We can now say we've swam in the lake for 1/3 of the year! :)

Next swim is planned for Thursday at schedule permitting. :)

Indian Summer Swim 2 & Strip and Dip

Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 48
Air Temp: 63
Waves: none (sheet of glass)
Water Clarity: crystal clear
Crew: Dewdrop, Diablo, Hook
Next Swim: Klode 4:30ish Monday

Amazing! Last August we found it impossible to swim at this water temp...and it wasn't for lack of effort. Just a few minutes in the water back then resulted in a mad rush back to shore using very colorful words to describe how we felt. Now, the story is completely different.

For the second straight day we were treated to very pleasant swim conditions. The skies were mostly sunny and the air temp was a balmy 63. A glass like lake surface combined with a hazy horizon gave the appearance as if the lake went on forever.

Just like yesterday, Diablo and I logged a swim up to Cedar Grove and back. Dewdrop, still hoping to become magically faster in his new wetsuit continued on up to the mudslide before turning back. Sadly though, Dewdrop would once again find out that he was not any faster today.

Always in search of new adventures we decided to start a new tradition today. We call it, "Strip & Dip". The rules are quite simple: (1) log swim with wetsuit. (2) upon returning from swim, remove wetsuit and swim caps (3) return to water and swim out from shore. (4) return to shore. ...we're still debating though if we should place a minimum number of strokes on the swim part...but then again, it is the strip & "dip" so the swim part may be just a formality. Stay tuned.

Next swim is planned for 4:30 Monday at Klode...or perhaps a little earlier if work schedules permit.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Indian Summer Swim

Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 49
Air Temp: 70!
Waves: none
Water Clarity: cloudy
Crew: Dewdrop, Diablo, Hook
Next Swim: Klode 11AM Sunday

Indian summer has finally arrived and the Klode beach was hoppin'. It was almost as if we had travelled back in time...was it August? No wait, did the air temp ever hit 70 in August this year?

Initial temperature readings Saturday placed the water temp at 50.0 and 50.1 while the sensor rested on the lake bottom about 5 ft from shore. Holding the sensor closer to the lake surface resulted in a water temp of 49.4. Taking the water temp was just a formality though. With sunny skies and an air temp hovering around 70 the only question today was whether we'd go skin or not. ...funny how none of us even mentioned the word 'skin' today...

We swam northward first up to the garage and then onward to Cedar Grove. Dewdrop, not content at how slow he was swimming in his new Desoto wetsuit opted to continue his journey up to the landslide....apparently hoping he would at some point magically get faster. Sadly, I think Dewdrop has started to figure out that sometimes it's the engine that matters most and not the wetsuit. :)

With the nice weather sticking around for another day we plan to return at 11am on Sunday. All are welcome to celebrate (or swim) with us!

Friday, November 6, 2009

This Abomination Can Not Go Unpunished

Your swim names have been revoked. Henceforth Gumdrop will be Dewdrop. Gabriel will be Lucifer. Cap'n will be Hook.

Patriarch so decrees.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Sacred Accord has been broken

A Sacred Accord was struck last Sunday to officially call an end to the 2009 swim season. The final three bowed to the wise proclamation of The Patriarch and then affirmed their allegiance to his great wisdom with a solemn vow that would not suffice with just ones signature in blood...but instead required a demonstration of their worthiness by partaking in an unyielding shot of Killepitsch. All was well then. The Lady of the Lake was left to peacefully slumber into her winter hibernation and the Klode crew was left with fond memories of a record setting swim year.

But that was the story has changed. The Accord has been one who has become and shall remain nameless. (...until a new name shall be given that is fitting for his betrayal of the Code!) Rather than to honer our sacred accord to end the swim season he decided to once again partake in the adventures of the high seas on his own.

So here were are...with the Accord now broken Gabriel and I have returned to the shores of Klode. What remains now regretfully appears to be the more traditional spiral to the finish whereby the Lady of the Lake sends us woefully home with a cold slap in the face, a frozen set of toes and a frosty kick in the ass to not come back until next there no sanity in this world?

Here's today's swim report....
Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 50
Air Temp: 49
Waves: glass like lake surface
Water Clarity: crystal clear
Crew: Gabriel, Capt'n
Next Swim: Klode 1PM Saturday

What was odd...besides the fact that we were swimming....was that there was no moon. The sun had set, the stars had risen but there was no moon. Just last night there was a full moon. O-where-o-where is The Patriarch when you need an astronomy lesson? What was also odd was that Gabriel swam without goggles....and I think he may have actually been faster...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Patriarch Pronounces Swim Season Over

Cap'n, Gabriel, and Gumdrop accept the Patriarch's end of swim season benediction:

Celebrating a successful swim season with a shot of Killepitsch:

Water temp: 51
Waves: calm
Crew: In the water, Cap'n, Gabriel, Gumdrop. Taking pictures: Patriarch
Next swim: June 2010

Several records were broken today: Latest ever in the year, first ever November swim, coldest water (51), and craziest swim (no explanation required).

As Patriarch, it is my duty to stop these guys before they kill themselves. They'll never stop on their own, as they would rather freeze to death than be the person to suggest it's time quit. Therefore, as the one semi-sane member of the crew, I decree MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, the SWIM SEASON IS COMPLETE. See you next June.