Sunday, November 8, 2009

Indian Summer Swim

Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 49
Air Temp: 70!
Waves: none
Water Clarity: cloudy
Crew: Dewdrop, Diablo, Hook
Next Swim: Klode 11AM Sunday

Indian summer has finally arrived and the Klode beach was hoppin'. It was almost as if we had travelled back in time...was it August? No wait, did the air temp ever hit 70 in August this year?

Initial temperature readings Saturday placed the water temp at 50.0 and 50.1 while the sensor rested on the lake bottom about 5 ft from shore. Holding the sensor closer to the lake surface resulted in a water temp of 49.4. Taking the water temp was just a formality though. With sunny skies and an air temp hovering around 70 the only question today was whether we'd go skin or not. ...funny how none of us even mentioned the word 'skin' today...

We swam northward first up to the garage and then onward to Cedar Grove. Dewdrop, not content at how slow he was swimming in his new Desoto wetsuit opted to continue his journey up to the landslide....apparently hoping he would at some point magically get faster. Sadly, I think Dewdrop has started to figure out that sometimes it's the engine that matters most and not the wetsuit. :)

With the nice weather sticking around for another day we plan to return at 11am on Sunday. All are welcome to celebrate (or swim) with us!

1 comment:

Gumdrop said...

Don't go hating on me now, just because I outlast you and you cant go the distance :-)

Peace out Bra