Friday, November 13, 2009

Stories of another place...

Water Temp: 49
Air Temp: 51
Waves: choppy
Current: from the south
Crew: Dewdrop, Diablo, Hook with special guest appearance from The Patriarch
Next Swims: Klode 1PM Saturday, 12PM Sunday

Even though he hasn't swam with us for over a month now and despite our violation of his official decree (....and subsequent banishment of our names...) we were graced by the presence of The Patriarch Thursday evening.

His great wisdom and guidance has always been appreciated and today he had a special treat for us....stories from a place where the water is about 30 degrees warmer, the workouts challenging and women who still wear swim suits...even though it is now the middle of November. As appealing as this place he talks about is, for Dewdrop, Diablo and I our first and only love still remains the Lady of the Lake. Even though her shores are now barren and her embrace cold she still maintains our undivided attention....although I must admit the part about The Patriarch's stories regarding women clad in swim suits did distract my attention for a moment or two. :)

With the limited amount of daylight and a pretty descent chop from the south our swim Thursday evening consisted of crisscrossing journey down to south-south beach and back. With the chop tossing us around and the growing shadows along the shoreline maintaining a straight line proved to be quite a challenge.

Our plan is to return at 4:15PM on Friday. Most likely we will also swim through the weekend as well. Perhaps 1pm Saturday and Noon Sunday? If you have a preference, please comment.

Hope to see you on the beach!

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