Monday, November 16, 2009


Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 46.2
Air Temp: 50
Waves: 1ft
Crew: Dewdrop, Diablo, Hook with special guest Dewdrop Jr.
Next Swim: TBD

Cold....REALLY COLD!!! Simply put, that was our swim experience on Sunday. Despite a water temp 2 degrees colder than our record coldest swim from the day before we still swam....from Klode's southeast beach up past the north beach downspout and back.

Despite Diablo's remarks that he would not swim in water under the 48 degree mark he still swam and appeared to fare much better than Dewdrop and I. To be honest...I'm not sure he was even phased by the water temp as he was clearly the faster swimmer on the return trip from the downspout.....he also stayed in the water the longest. My ego would like to say that it was the fact that I had to wait around at the down spout for the others to arrive that led to my eventual frozen feet and hands and consequently resulted in my being the first to exit the water that's the story I'm sticking with. :)

Dewdrop still contends that we should be able to swim in water that's 10 degrees colder than our coldest skin swim. With that logic, we have 1 degree to spare before having to hangup our wetsuits for the season. While common sense dictates never to listen to Dewdrop's logic...I think I might just invest in a second pair of aqua socks before our next swim.


Gumdrop said...

Anyone else jonseing for that 45 degree swim, or am I now loco uno?

Gumdrop said...

Do my ears deceive me, or have I heard the song sung of a convening of the brethern court, if there be a Captain left, that is?

Gabriel said...

All hands on deck... Call to quarters... Are we in to visit the Lady of the Lake or I smell mutiny?
Where is Hook? Probably in the arms of a mermaid from that place that he calls pool... The water is getting colder and we need to walk the plank.