Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Landmark Swim - Swim Day 122!

Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 49
Air Temp: 56
Waves: choppy from the north
Water Clarity: Clear? (hard to tell without daylight)
Crew: Dewdrop, Diablo, Hook
Next Swim: Klode 4:15PM Thursday

Man, what a drag daylight saving is. Instead of enjoying our third day of Indian Summer this evening's swim was unfortunately limited by day light...or lack there of. Upon our arrival at 4:30pm the sun was already setting. By the time we got out of the water the street lights were on and reading your watch required use of the Indiglo light.

What a difference a degree makes. The water temp was a whopping degree warmer today and my toes were definitely thankful. Our swim to the garage and back, although very challenging due to a heavy chop from the north, was at least minus the set of throbbing toes that were experienced yesterday.

For those keeping score at was another landmark milestone day. We logged our 122 day of swimming. We can now say we've swam in the lake for 1/3 of the year! :)

Next swim is planned for Thursday at schedule permitting. :)

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