Saturday, November 14, 2009

Eyeing up new records?

Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 48 (48.3)
Air Temp: 59
Waves: slight chop from south
Crew: Dewdrop, Diablo, Hook with special guest Dewdrop jr.
Next Swim: Klode 11AM Sunday

Note the new swim time for Sunday...due to Dewdrop Jr's birthday pizza place celebration (...NOT at Chuck's Family Smackdown joint...) we've moved up the start time for Sunday swim.

Today marked another record for us as the water temp inched closer to the sub 48 mark. In the spirit of setting records we began to contemplate our next milestone...the 100 wetsuit swim mark. Shortly following that mark would be an amazing shot at a Thanksgiving day swim and soon there after (...just 3 days) a totally unbelievable shot at logging a December swim!! ...could it really be possible???

Nothing much to report on today's swim....just a trip up to the garage and back. Perhaps the only thing notable today is what didn't happen...

....Diablo DIDN'T bring his towel today. As he rode his bike to Klode he figured he would just drip dry. As he put it..."hey, I'm I need to say anything more?"

...Dewdrop DIDN'T wear his neoprene cap today. While Diablo and I weren't exactly sure why Dewdrop swam minus his neoprene cap we suspect it had something to do with The Patriarch's story about your inner ear bone growing over your ear in response to being subjected to cold water. why would Dewdrop want his inner ear growing shut? :)

....and Hook? He DIDN'T instigate this talk about swimming on Thanksgiving and on into December....that was.....errr...DIABLO....after all, why do you think he's called DIABLO?

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