Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wetsuit swim 101 / Strip & Dip 2

Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 46.2
Air Temp: 48 & Sunny
Clarity: clear
Waves: none
Crew: Dewdrop, Diablo & Hook with special guest Dewdrop Jr.
Next Swim: Klode noon Sunday

We were blessed once again today with an abundant supply of sunshine. While the air temp registered only 48, the sun made it feel a whole lot warmer. The water temp, though, was a different story. Today's reading of 46.2 tied our record coldest swim temp.

...always looking to one up our records we joked briefly about following up our swim with our second ever Strip & Dip. Now I know there's a difference between joking and reality but for some reason our crew appears to be cognitively challenged on that front.

...along the lines of 'one uping our records'...despite the record cold water temp: Diablo still swam without socks unlike the last time when he wore socks; Dewdrop swam without a neoprene cap and ditched his socks and gloves; Hook...umm, didn't change a thing...well actually I did, I wore a second pair of socks.

This afternoon's swim took us up to the garage and back. Diablo and I ventured quite a ways from shore while Dewdrop followed a route that was closer to shore. Unphased by the water temp we followed up our swim adventure with a hearty Strip & Dip. The goal was to swim at least 25 meters before returning to shore....which of course we all succeeded in doing.

...on a different but perhaps related topic....Crazy??? It's funny, but when ever that question was raised in the past the immediate reply from The Patriarch or Diablo has been, "Crazy? No not me...the Captn's the crazy one!" Hmmm...perhaps we should play a little game of: "YOU MAKE THE CALL!" Here are the facts:

  • Diablo - bikes to and from Klode in his sandals, swims with a neoprene cap but does not wear socks or gloves.
  • Dewdrop - swam at 46.2 without a neoprene cap and no socks or gloves.
  • Hook - talks constantly about setting new records and that if we keep swimming someday were bound to find a mermaid or three. :)~
  • The Patriarch - claims to be currently eating gumbo while dining outside in 70 degree air temps.

So there you have it. Now it's time for YOU to make the call. Just comment with your vote...or come on out Sunday and let us know in person what you think. :)


Gumdrop said...

Well, obviously the patriarch is the crazy one. What kind of loon fly’s south when there’s still good cold water in the lake to swim in, and why is he eating gumbo, what did gumbo ever do to him?

Gabriel said...

Well... I could agree with Dewdrop about the Patriarch being the crazy one. Face it, that Gumbo sounds more like a cell mate in the sanitarium, and the 70 degree could be the shock treatment he is getting in that confined place.
But definetly Hook is the crazy one. Who else is looking for mermaids? Who else carries a cooler full of hot water? Who else wears plastic bags and two pairs of socks when swimming? Who else drives around town wearing a wetsuit? What else is on his book of records... a December swim... that's crazy...
One more thing for the records, Dewdrop is next on the crazy race. Why someone will be punching the water while swimming?
I am only there to watch them so they don't do something crazier.

Petra said...

A December swim for Hook? I admire all those who not only swim during Summer. Just on Friday I was by the lake and thinking how I would never went for a swim in November (water temperature about 10 degrees Celsius) let alone December or even January.
Here is some thoughts of people who are also "crazy" and will be swimming in January,,about_wwsc/more

Gumdrop said...

I am happy to report my first December evening lake swim. As the twilight gave way to the almost full moon and the twinkling of some stars on a clear evening with a smear of cloud every now and then to cut the skyline. Moon beam beckoning me out to brake the surface of a smooth but textured water surface between the 2 rock barriers, the entrance to and from the sandy beach. On the way out I could sight several house lights for guidance. On the way back it was a pleasure to look out upon the surface of the moon lit dark blue lake, with a star to sight from. Upon arrival back several more stars provided a welcoming greeting at the beach. Water temp felt like mid forties, air temp was high forties, almost perfect conditions for December swimming. I swam to the garage and back (about ½ mile) without much difficulty. It was interesting to feel the effects of current on my body without actually being able to see the current in the dark. Tomorrow may prove irresistible also, with a full moon and possible snow flurries, though air temp forecasted to be in the thirties may prove troublesome. Any takers?