Sunday, November 1, 2009

Patriarch Pronounces Swim Season Over

Cap'n, Gabriel, and Gumdrop accept the Patriarch's end of swim season benediction:

Celebrating a successful swim season with a shot of Killepitsch:

Water temp: 51
Waves: calm
Crew: In the water, Cap'n, Gabriel, Gumdrop. Taking pictures: Patriarch
Next swim: June 2010

Several records were broken today: Latest ever in the year, first ever November swim, coldest water (51), and craziest swim (no explanation required).

As Patriarch, it is my duty to stop these guys before they kill themselves. They'll never stop on their own, as they would rather freeze to death than be the person to suggest it's time quit. Therefore, as the one semi-sane member of the crew, I decree MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, the SWIM SEASON IS COMPLETE. See you next June.


Gumdrop said...

an interesting tidbit-And then, there's Lewis Pugh, who swam 1000m - about 20 minutes - at the North Pole in 2007. An account of his swim read as follows: "Before he dives in, he spends around 15 minutes using mind power alone to superheat his body. His pulse rate shoots up from 70 to 160 a minute and his temperature rises from 37C to 38.4, causing him to sweat profusely. This is all without moving a muscle - and something which would take an ordinary person around 30 minutes of hard exercise to achieve.

He also plays aggressive rap music - Eminem is a particular favourite.

Describing the feeling of swimming in water more suited to seals, whales and polar bears, he said: ‘Before I get in, my body feels like a furnace. I become very aggressive, and my surroundings seem to slow down. Then I hurl myself in.

‘At first, you experience massive hyperventilation. Controlling this is extremely difficult.'

On leaving the water after his swim, his core body temperature had fallen to 36.5 degrees and it dropped further to 35 degrees (95F) 20 minutes later but a warm shower enabled him to return to normal."

Gumdrop said...

Hey wonderful lake lovers,

Thought you might be interested in my recent exploits. Let me start out by saying that I in now way had the intention to run afoul of the Patriarchs kind benediction. that being said, upon the acquisition of a new wet suit recently, I simply could not look at it all winter long without at least putting it through a few lake product tests. Therefore, for the sole purpose of determining the lake worthiness of a new product (which of course has to be done within a certain time frame), I donned said product and preceded to test the only way I really could, by swimming in the lake, yesterday afternoon. Having no temperature gauge, I had only the toe test to determine water temp. I suspect it was about 50, perhaps high 40's. I made it to Mud Face, without goggles (must have packed them away for the winter, thus forgetting they were not in my normal lake bag). Water clarity was outstanding! the surface smooth as silk, and it was nice to feel like I had the lady of the lake all to my self on this solo journey! That being said, it was hard to make the initial entry without my usual partners in crime. Unfortunately the product test did not go well for me. I could discern no difference in pace. However this could have been to several other factors as well, necessitating some additional testing, of course. I feel I must also mention that upon the Captains hearing of my product testing activities, he immediately concluded that I was trying to "one best him". I can only assure all who read this, as I assured him, that this is not the case. Indeed, upon concluding a masters swim with the Patriarch the evening before, I told him of my quandary, and he agreed that of course a product test was in order. Thus receiving his blessing I preceded with the only sensible course of action, a product testing. Now, as mentioned earlier, since it is not my intention to "one up" anyone, or make them look like some sort of paisley cap wearing panty waist, or risk the captains threat of excommunication (for which I'm sure has no real grounds, seeing that I had received the Patriarchs blessing for product testing) for the purpose of product testing, if others wish to assist me to these ends, just let me know, and I'm sure we can arrange a mutually agreeable time of testing, thus avoiding any further unpleasantries. Hope to see you at the beach!