Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Swim the USAT course Friday

Next Swims:  Thursday 8/8 6AM
Friday August 9 11AM at Discovery World to swim the USAT course.  Here are maps:

The USAT championships this weekend features a 1500 swim course behind the break wall in an area adjacent to Discovery World, Lakeshore Park, and Summerfest.  The course is open for practice from 11AM - 1PM, and we are hoping that they will allow non-participants to swim.  Normally this area is closed to swimming, so this will be a new experience for everyone.  Meet at 11AM at the swim start on the south side of Discovery World.  I am going to bike there on the bike path from Shorewood, if anyone wants to join me.

Last Swims: Tue 8/6 6AM
Water Temp: 61
Waves: gentle rollers
Water Clarity: Good
Crew: Gumdrop, Showgirl, Bubba, Diablo, Patriarch, Cap'n
Suit/Skin Count: 1/5

Wed 8/7 6AM
Water Temp: 64
Waves: Choppy
Water Clarity: Good
Crew: Showgirl, Diablo, Cap'n, Patriarch
Suit/Skin Count: 0/4

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Jadi Falaschi said...

FYI - the entire USAT swim course will not be open for practice on Friday. Only the start to the bridge.