Monday, August 12, 2013

Double Dip Monday

Next Swims: Today Monday Aug 12, 6PM
Tue & Wed Aug 13 &14, 6AM

Last Swim: Mon Aug 12, 6AM
Water Temp: 67
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew:  Cap'n, Diablo, Patriarch
Suit/Skin Count: 0/3

When my iPhone starting buzzing at me at 5AM this morning it was dark foggy and drizzling.  I very nearly pulled the covers over my head and went back to sleep.  I'm glad I didn't because it turned out to be an exceptionally good morning to swim.  Warm flat clear water with a crimson sun rising between the clouds.  Cap'n and I were inspired to declare this Double Dip Monday.  We'll be back at 6PM, please join us.


Lorraine said...

I'll try to make it at 6pm.

Kristen Kamm said...

I plan on coming up.

Monika said...

Hi, I am new to open water swimming and am training for an event and ran across this site. Do you mind if beginners join in?

Capt'n said...

Come on out Monika...all are welcome to join us! And no worries about being a beginner...some of the regulars still swim like one. :)