Thursday, August 15, 2013

Double Dip Double Pitsch Pirates Pizza Night!

Next Swims:  Today Thursday August 15, 6PM, followed by (optionally) a Pitsch (or two), followed by a pizza outing to Lisa's (or Pirates Pizza Kitchen or Al Calerone, all good choices

Friday August 16, 6AM
Weekend Swims: TBD - we can discuss tonight

Last Swims:
Thu Aug 15, 6AM
Water Temp:  66
Waves:  Calm
Water Clarity:  Getting better but still stirred up from all the big waves
Crew: David, Kristi, Showgirl, Diablo, Bubba, Cap'n, Patriarch
Suit/Skin Count: 1/6

Wed Aug 14, 6AM
Water Temp: 67
Waves: 2-4 feet
Water Clarity:  terrible
Crew: Kristi, Bubba, Showgirl, Monika, Cap'n, Patriarch
Suit/Skin Count: 1/5

Tue Aug 13, 6PM
Water Temp: 69
Waves: 2-4 ft
Water Clarity: none
Crew:  Sir James, Patriarch, with Showgirl observing
Suit/Skin  1/1

After several days battling wind waves and currents how pleasant and effortless to glide over calm water under clear skies and rising sun.  It was such a nice swim that Diablo proposed a "Double Dipping Day" (sic).  (Having said this, he better show up tonight or face a bombardment of "LOSER!" text messages.)  I'll double down by proposing a (optional) double Pitsch, and the cherry on top will be an outing for pizza.

P.S. I don't know what to say about this other than yikes!

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