Monday, August 12, 2013

A good call!

Next Swims:
   Tuesday August 13th @ 6am
   Wednesday August 14th @ 6am

Last Swim:
   Monday August 12th @ 6pm
      Water Temp:  71
      Air Temp:  72 & Mostly Sunny with brief shower/rainbow at 7pm
      Waves: none
      Clarity:  crystal clear
      Kru:  The Patriarch, Gumdrop, Kahuna, Jack Frost, Lorraine, Matt, Elias, Dave, Kristen, Kristi, Kristina, Kapt'n
      Skin Count: 11
      Suit Count:1
      Pitsch Count: 13

The Patriarch's Double Dip day declaration from this morning turned out to be a dandy one as warm, crystal clear and calm water greeted the Klode Kru this evening. All but one Kru member walked the plank skin and several swam all the way up to Three Piers before returning to shore for a few boastful rounds of Pitsch.'s not often the Pitsch count exceeds the number Kru members!

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