Thursday, August 29, 2013


Next Swims:  Today Thursday 8/29 6PM, followed by our attempt to Get The Great Big F***ing Tire Off The Beach (see yesterday's post and comments for details)

Friday 8/30: Our usual 6AM swim, and also a 6PM Swim followed by a fish fry (place to be determined, open for suggestions)

Weekend Plans:  TBD, open for suggestions, it should be great swimming this weekend

Last Swims:  Thu 8/29 6AM
Water Temp: 65
Waves: small rollers
Water Clarity:  Clear in some spots, cloudy in others
Crew: Showgirl, Big Show, Liz, Brent, David, Robodoc, Sir James, Bubba, Nanook, Diablo, Cap'n, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin Count: 6/6

Wed 8/28 PM
Water Temp: 65
Waves:  1 foot
Water Clarity:  OK
Crew: Showgirl, Cap'n, Patriarch, Diablo

A magnificent sunrise and an exceptionally good swim this morning.

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