Monday, August 26, 2013

Record Crew receives chilly welcome

Next Swims:
   Monday August 26th @ 6pm
   Tuesday August 27th @ 6am
   Wednesday August 28th @ 6am

Last Swims:
   Sunday August 25th @ noon
      Water Temp: 49.8 - 55.2
      Air Temp:  88 & sunny with strong west wind
      Waves: rippled surface
      Clarity:  clear away from sandbar
      Crew: (40!)  
         (pictured below) - Kahuna, Showgirl, Sir James, The Big Show, Neo, eRun, Ele, Crash, Zoom-Zoom, Don Diego, PrimeTime, Gigi, Diamond Dave, Kate, Ron, Phil, Beth, Chris, Dave, Kristen, Sarah, Steph, Ruth, Scott, Scott, Colleen, Bill, John, John, Capt'n + 8 others
         (not pictured) - Gumdrop, Panini
         Special Guest Appearances: Blondie, Megan, Jim
      Skin Count: 8
      Suit Count: 32

   Monday August 26th @ 6am
      Water Temp:  44.8 - 47.7
      Air Temp:  74 & sunny
      Waves: flat
      Clarity: clear
      Crew: Showgirl, Geoffrey, Capt'n with Guest Appearances by Bubba, Kristi, David, Monika
      Suit Count: 3

Strong west winds arrived overnight Saturday night and with it so did the cooler water temps.  The hot sun and warm air temps combined with a near shore temperature reading in the mid 50's to tempt the record size crew to venture out for a swim.  It didn't take long for those wading out past the Klode rock piles to realize that the mid-50 degree water was more the exception today than the norm.  Still several Kru members logged impressive swims in the cold water.  I counted at least 12 who made the 1 mile round trip journey up to Deadwood and back....4 of which were skin.  On a very impressive note Sir James logged at 41 minute skin swim up to 3 Piers and back.

Not to be out done, the Monday morning Kru logged a garage and back swim in the bone chilling 44.8 degree water....which may qualify for one of the top 5 coldest swims ever!

The plan is to return at 6pm this evening to see if the water temps have rebounded similar to last Thursday.  So far Showgirl, Kristi and myself are in.  Anyone else?

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