Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Big Waves

Next Swims:  Today, Tuesday August 13th 6PM
Wed, Thu, Fri August 14-16, 6AM

Last Swim:  Tuesday Aug 13, 6AM
Water Temp:  66 on shore, but much warmer further out
Waves:  3-5 ft, with a huge current
Water Clarity:  zero, all stirred up
Crew: Pat, Bubba, Cap'n and Kristi in the water, while Showgirl, Diablo and I watched from shore

Last night's calm water was transformed into a raging caldron of white foam, our first really big waves of the season.  The waves and current were big enough that some of us, including me, decided to be spectators rather than participants.

The most difficult parts are the breakers and undertows near shore.  The worst place to be is on the sandbar just offshore, that's where the waves and undertow are most powerful.  Once past the breakers the swimming becomes much easier.  When going out the trick is to keep moving forward, diving under the whitecaps.  Coming in, it helps to time your exit between the waves and get out when the lake lets you get out.  Don't stand up because the undertow will suck you backwards

We'll be back at 6PM today (Tuesday) to give it another shot.  The wind and waves are expected to diminish somewhat, but they will still probably be big.  

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