Sunday, September 8, 2013

Big Shoulders Report

Next Swims:  Monday September 9th, 6AM & 6PM

Big Shoulders, Sat September 7, Ohio Street Beach, Chicago
Water Temp: 71
Waves:  Calm
Water Clarity:  OK
5K Crew:  Sir James, Bubba, Nanook
2.5K Crew: Jack Frost, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin Count: 0/5

Rookies beware!  Don't expect to see conditions this nice again.  I've done at least seven Big Shoulders and I can't remember one this benign.  A warm sunny day with flat 71 degree water.  Almost too easy.

Sir James smoked a 1:04 good for 9th overall, 3rd in his age group (that's one tough age group).  I hate to mention this but James was 1:20 behind archenemy Megan who was second female overall. Rookie Nanook swam an awesome 1:22 good for 10th in the very competitive 18-24 age group.  Bubba was not far behind at 1:26, 23rd in age group.  In the 2.5K, Jack Frost swam 43 min, good for 3rd in age group.  I swam an hour flat which would have been good for 6th in age group but they didn't score it that way because I signed up in the wetsuit category and they marked it that way even though I didn't wear a wetsuit because the water was so warm.

Sunday September 8th 8AM
Water temp:  66
Waves: 2-4 feet
Water Clarity: Not good, but at least the smelly gunky stuff is gone
Crew:  Brent and Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin Count:  2/0

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