Friday, July 26, 2013

Knowing a good value if you see it...

Next Swims:
   Saturday July 27th @ noon
   Sunday July 28th @ 1pm

Last Swim:
   Friday July 26th @ 6am
      Water Temp:65.7
      Air Temp:  68 & partly cloudy
      Waves: none
      Clarity:  mostly clear
      Crew:  Gumdrop, Diablo, Showgirl, Nivens McTwisp, WonderWoman, Matt, Capt'n
      Skin Count: 5
      Suit Count: 2

The Patriarch has declared that a swim with him will now cost $100.  Not to be outdone Gumdrop also seeks a similar amount for his 'Gumdrop package deal'.  Uhg...what's the Kru coming to?  Rather than being asked when our next swim is I'm now inundated with a spectrum of questions ranging from "Does The Patriarch charge extra to make his whiskers twitch?" to "How much extra do I have to pay for Gumdrop to swim in a parka?"

Perhaps my favorite question that's been asked lately is "...with all these options vying for my swimming buck, what's the best value?"  This answer is an easy one.  "Why it's Showgirl's performances.   They are still free!"  Case in point was this morning's performance. Sadly I must admit that despite having an apparent front row seat I missed it this morning....but according to WonderWoman it was quite extraordinaire.  Best part for me though is that it didn't cost me a single dime to miss the show...What a Bargain! 

Of course with any spectacular deal there's always a list of disclaimers.  In this case it should be known that Showgirl does not publish a swim schedule so all patrons are reminded that Showgirl always reserves the right to be a no-show for any swim.  Showgirl's prices are also subject to change at be sure to come out and join the Klode Kru soon before prices increase!

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