Sunday, July 21, 2013

Warm Water Returns!

Next Swims:
   Monday July 22nd @ 6am & 6pm
   Tuesday July 23rd @ 6am

Last Swims:
   Sunday July 21st @ 1pm
      Water Temp:  68+
      Air Temp: 75 & Sunny
      Waves: 1-3ft chop from east
      Clarity: slightly cloudy
      Crew:  The Patriarch, Diablo, Gumdrop, Sir James, Neo, Ron, Andrew, Don, Elias, JoWee, Capt'n with Special Guest Appearance by Blondie
      Skin Count: 8
      Suit Count: 3
      Pitsch Count: 9

   Saturday July 20th @ 1pm
      Water Temp:  48.5
      Air Temp: 81 & Sunny
      Waves: slight chop from east
      Clarity: clear
      Crew: Gumdrop, Showgirl, Mike, Capt'n with guest appearances by The Patriarch, Diablo and Elias
      Suit Count:  4
      Pitsch Count: 7

Wow....what a difference 24 hours can make!  24 hours ago the Kru's streak of 24 consecutive days of swimming in the lake nearly came to an end when both the Patriarch-o-Meter 101 and the Captn's Macho Meter 2000 failed to reach 49 degrees.   Weren't it for one of Showgirls best performances in recent memory our streak surely would have came to an end!  (Rumor has it she'll be back in action Monday be sure to come out and hear first hand how she saved the day!)

Today, by comparison, the water temp was a whopping 20 degrees warmer...with some spots surely being even warmer than that!  Unfortunately our rapid return of warm water did come at the expense of enduring a few white capped but playful sea serpents during our swim this afternoon.  But with Blondie volunteering for the role of Bay Watch Beach Babe / Life Guard our Kru of all male swimmers showed absolutely no reluctance to walk the plank.  Under Blondie's watchful eye the Kru returned no worse for the wear....which likely could be attributed to her keen inspection of the Kru as they prepared for battle. ...or was it that she was only keenly inspecting one Kru member in particular?


Gumdrop said...

Full moon tomorrow, but is should be pretty full this evening also.

Avery Wilson said...

My husband is so concerned with finding movers in Michigan he hasn't taken anytime to think about what we are going to do when we get there. He loves to swim and always loves to compete in races. I am going to forward this to him so he knows!