Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fantastic Post Swim Party at the McTwists!

Next Swims:  Mon & Tue July 8&9, 6AM

Last Swims: Sat & Sun July 6&7 noon

Water Temp: 62
Waves:  Choppy
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew: Jim from Chicago, Brian, Neo, Lorraine, Kahuna, Diablo, Phil, Elle, David, Cap'n, Patriarch
Wetsuit Count: 6
Skin Count: 5
Pitsch Count: 11

Water Temp 61
Waves: 1 ft chop
Water Clarity: Excellent
Crew: Nivens McTwist, Smartass, Sir James, Rip Tide, Big Show, Ron, Kahuna, Don, Garret, Anna, Dave, Kristen (Kirsten?), Erun, Blondie, Scott, Gumdrop, Crash, Shrieking Eel, Trina, Matt, Cap'n, Patriarch
Wetsuit Count: 16
Skin Count: 6
Pitsch Count: 12

Holy Cow!  Swimmers I haven't seen for a year!  Swimmers I haven't seen for two years!  Swimmers I've never met before!  Was it the great weather?  The holiday weekend?  Water temps finally above 60?  The promise of post-swim food and drink at the McTwists?  Well whatever the reason it was good to see so many old faces, and meet some new ones.  It seems like we're in high gear now and full blown summer has finally started.

Special thanks to Nivens, Blackstone, Smartass and Little Fish McTwist for hosting an outstanding post swim party today.  The food was great, the bar has been raised.  Thank you!


Guy in Mid 20's said...
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Carl said...

Where do you guys meet exactly?

Kahuna said...

See the website for details as to when and where the next swim is, but we tend to meeta few minutes before the appointed hour at the East end in Klode Park parking lot (look for people carrying wetsuits, or carring tri bags), and then walk down together to the beach. If you arrive late, just go down to the beach, and we are on the South end of the beach (can't miss us). I encourage you to come out and try swimming with us. It can be addicting in a good way.

Kristen Kamm said...

Thanks for a fun swim and for welcoming a new little guppy like me. See you kids again soon!