Sunday, August 9, 2009


Beach: Klode
Water temp: 54ish (mostly on the minus of 54....but...warmer further out?)
Waves: gentle rollers
Current: slight from the south
Clarity: cloudy....or was it our goggles that were fogging up?
Crew: The Patriarch, Sandie, Margie, Steve, ???, Capt'n
Next swim: Monday 6AM Klode

Air temps pushing 90, plentiful sunshine, high humidity...ahhh, a perfect summer day! A great day for a refreshing dip in the lake, right?

The visual Caribbean appearance of the lake was very appealing...and the first dip of the toe along the shoreline was very inviting. But after that you're depiction of the lake being 'refreshing' this morning may differ.

The top few inches of surface water measured 57 on The Patriarch's thermometer. Below that the temps plunged to the low 50's. Buoyed by thoughts that the sunshine, air temps and the possibility that the rolling waves may be bringing in warmer water we all walked the plank clad in our warmest gear....a strange sight on a beach where everyone was looking to remove as much clothing as possible.

Keeping our faces in the water was challenging but I think we all manged to swim face down at some point.....with constantly fogging goggles due to the frigid water temp and the hot./humid air temps it was difficult to see much without standing up and removing your goggles....which consequently encouraged you to swim further as you would instantly unthaw the moment your skin hit the air.

In the end our swim lasted approximately 20 minutes and took us from Klode's southeast beach up to the garage and back. On the way back The Patriarch and I ventured out a bit deeper in search of warmer water....which we did actually find...or perhaps we were just being optimistic?

Plan is to swim again at 6am Monday. We'll be keeping a close eye on the lake temps map. If it appears the lake has warmed we may try again at 6pm Sunday. Interested? Post a comment.

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