Monday, August 31, 2009


Beach: Klode
Water Temp: 62 (am), 65 (pm)
Waves: calm (am), choppy (pm)
Current: none (am), southeasterly (pm)
Water Clarity: Stirred up
AM Crew: The Patriarch, Gabriel, Capt'n
PM Crew: The Patriarch, Capt'n
Next Swim: Tuesday 6AM Klode

Yes indeed...we have several reasons to celebrate's the top 5:
5) Today was the 5th consecutive day of swimming
4) The lake temps have continued their upward trend for 5 consecutive days
3) We have been able to log a rock wall (or further) swim each of the last 5 days
2) We actually logged a NO WETSUIT OR BUST swim this afternoon!
1) The Patriarch is now officially retired....from work that is!! :)

Funny how things work out sometimes. We really didn't intend to log one of our infamous 'no wetsuit or bust' swims this afternoon....but when The Patriarch showed up this afternoon minus a wetsuit there was no doubt we were going to christen The Patriarch's first few minutes of retirement in style.

The Lady of the Lake joined in on the fun greeting The Patriarch with the warmest temps of the month and a hardy smack on the back (from a wave crashing into steal barrier separating Klode's south and southeast beaches) that nearly left him soaked head to toe as he measured the water temp....while this may not sound funny, trust me, the sight and the expression on The Patriarch's face from the unexpected greeting was priceless! :)

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