Saturday, May 23, 2015

2015 Klode Kru Swim Season is Officially Open!

Next Swims:
    Sunday May 24th @ 1pm
    Monday (Memorial Day) May 25th @ 1pm
Last Swim:
    Saturday May 23rd @ 1pm
        Water Temp:  49.4 (macho-meter-2000) / 50.0 (Patriarch-o-meter)
        Air Temp:  Sunny 68 & light SE winds
        Waves:  slight to moderate chop from SE
        Water Clarity:  crystal clear
        Crew:  The Patriarch, Kahuna, Gumdrop, Showgirl, Panini, Mr. Anonymous, Andy, Jamie, Capt'n
        Suit / Skin Count:  9 / 0
        Pitsch Count:  8

Brilliant blue and crystal clear water along with sunny skies greeted the Klode Kru this afternoon for our first official swim of 2015.  Both the Lady of the Lake and Mother Nature appeared to be delighted to see us.  The Lady of the Lake's playful chop challenged our southward swim progress and tested our determination to reach our 'official swim' marker at south-south beach and Mother Nature teased us by hiding the sun on those instances where the warmth of the sun was needed most to provide a respite from the Lady's bone chilling embrace.  Despite the challenges, all Kru members succeeded in accomplishing an official swim.

For those interested in stats & records....Today's official water temp reading of 49.4 set a record as the coldest recorded season opening swim temp.  Also, today's Kru size of 9 was a record for a season opening swim.  Thinking that season opening swims are always bone chilling cold?  Think again....last year the Kru swam skin with a water temp nearing 60...and that was after a really, really cold winter!  Coincidentally the 2010 water temp for our season opening swim was 60.

Here are a few pictures from today's adventure:

Saving 2014 Counts:
Total Lake Swims: 141
Streak: 94 days
Skin Streak: 4 days (was 64 days)
Swim Days: 113
Wetsuit Plank Counter: 426
Skin Plank Counter: 544
Shots of Killepitsch poured: 262


Kahuna said...

It will get warmer, right? And even if it doesn't, or even if it takes unusually long for that to occur, each time we defy what every cell of exposed skin (and them some) is telling us not to do, it will get easier, right? Or at least that's my prayer. Forecast for Sunday and Monday look better than they did. Light winds. Maybe the rain will hold off on Sunday until after the swim. And maybe the rain will end by noon on Monday.

Gumdrop said...

Shut up and swim.

Kahuna said...

Check radar.