Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Klode Kru Swim Season Officially Opens Saturday May 23rd 1PM

Next Swim:  Saturday May 23rd 1:00, meet in the parking lot overlooking Klode Beach

Depending on what happens Saturday, and the forecast, we may swim again Sunday and/or Memorial Day at 1:00PM, or at least gather for a round of Killepitsch and to tell tall tales of swims past, check back on this blog Saturday afternoon

I can't believe I'm writing this, but I, Patriarch of Klode Kru declare the 2015 Lake Michigan Swim Season Open on Saturday!  Even though water temperatures are in the forties, an irresistible restlessness has taken hold and the Kru is anxious to escape the tyranny of the black line, sick of playing human ping-pong ball in the pool.

Crazy for sure. Our resolve will be severely tested.  Personally, if I actually swim it will be my coldest ever, as the coldest water I can recall is 52 degrees.  Bring every piece of neoprene you've got and probably go buy more.

If we fail at least we'll have a round of Pitsch and renew of old friendships.  But if we succeed it will be a day we talk about for years.  


Showgirl said...

Failure is not an option. I'll be there.

Kahuna said...


leonore faulds said...

ill check this site for swims on Monday. have fun today!!

leonore faulds said...
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