Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things you won't experience in a pool....

Beach: Klode
Water temp: 63
Waves: Rolling 1-2ft and building
Water Clarity: hazy
The Crew: The Patriarch, Gumdrop, Sandie, Scott, Capt'n
Next Swim: Thursday 6AM Klode

Rolling 1-2ft waves took center stage at this morning's swim from Klode. A very unique experience that you most certainly wouldn't experience in a pool...and probably not even with most inland lakes. The sensation is unmistakable when you finish your swim and close your eyes...even 4 hours after this morning's swim I can still feel my body drift from side to side when I calmly close my eyes.

Opportunities to swim with rolling waves have been few and far between so far this year. Looking to enjoy the unique conditions, The Patriarch and I opted to climb into our wetsuits...

This morning's swim took us from Klode's southeast beach up to the rock wall and back. The waves have stirred up the water clarity a bit but the sandy lake bottom could still be seen in 10-15ft of water....just good enough to witness an occasional school of the lake minnows swimming along the bottom.

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B Vila said...

I'll ride the waves with the 5:30 sunrise