Friday, July 31, 2009

Red Herrings

Beach: Klode
Watter temp: 60! it felt even colder
Waves: calm
Water Clarity: crystal clear
Crew: Cap'n, Patriarch
Next swims: Sat 10AM Klode, Sun 5PM Klode
Possibly: A "No Wetsuit or Bust" swim this afternoon - stay tuned.

Check this out!!: I'm signing up!

The water was very cold, very clear, and very calm. It made for a nice brisk refreshing swim to "sewer pipe" and back. (We should think of a better name - there's no sewage - at least I don't think so - it's a storm drain.)

Maybe it was the cold water, or maybe Cap''n had water in his ears, but this was our conversation when we returned to shore:
Cap'n: "Look, a stork"
Patriarch: "It's a blue heron"
Cap'n: "A herring?"
Patriarch: "No a HERON - H-E-R-O-N"
Cap'n: "I've heard of red herrings but not blue herrings"
Patriarch: "A heron, a great blue heron"

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